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Surname Village / Town / City Date(s) of Residence Submitter
AARON Birmingham 1718 Alexander
AARON/S London From 1770 Lois Kaufman
AARONS Liverpool From 1840 Lois Kaufman
AARONS London 1775+ Judy Wiles
AARONS London 1810 1900 Baden Dingwell
AARONS London  1795 Alexander
AARONSON (was OFSOVITZ)            London 1880 - 1900 Hazel Lipkie
ABRAHAMS London 1902 Dan Brook
ABRAHAMS London 1860-1886 Tim Goodwin
ABRAHAMS (Julius, Lazarus & Harry) City Of London; East End Of London, Hackney, West Hampstead 1873 onwards Betty Shiel
ADAMS Manchester 1850 Frank Startup
ADDIS Manchester 1881+ Susan McPhedran
ADLER Manchester 1868-2003 Dan Brook
ALEXANDER Deptford, Kent 1818 Alexander
ALEXANDER Exeter 1820-1890 Jackye Sullins
ALEXANDER London 1830 Alexander
ALEXANDER London 1880-1900 Jackye Sullins
ALEXANDER London 1880-1920 Gillian Oliver
ALEXANDER Sheerness 1790-1820 Jackye Sullins
ALLAUN Horwich in Bolton 1850-2003 Dan Brook
ALLAUN Leeds 1850-2003 Dan Brook
ALLAUN Manchester 1850-2003 Dan Brook
ALLWEIS Manchester 1900s Hy Ramm
ALTERESCO London 1890s onward Naomi Ogin
ALTMAN Leeds From 1870 Lois Kaufman
ALTMAN Manchester From 1880 Lois Kaufman
AMIAS London 1890s onwards Caro Holden
AMIAS Manchester  1890s onwards Caro Holden
AMIEL London 1860 Miriam Margolyes
ANDRUSIER  London From 1890 onwards  Sylvia Franks 
ANSELL London 1850-current Judy Wolkovitch
ANTICK Glasgow 1880+ Richard Sinclair
ANTICK Liverpool 1880+ Richard Sinclair
ANTICK London 1880+ Richard Sinclair
ANTICK Manchester 1880+ Richard Sinclair
ARONOWITZ London 1901-???? Russell Vaughan
ARONOWITZ London 1901-1918 Russell Vaughan
BAGGERS London 1860 onwards Stephen Barry
BAIM Leeds 1872-1930s Sherry Landa
BAKER Leeds 1880 - 1970 Theresa Stewart
BAKER Manchester From 1870 Lois Kaufman
BARNETT Birmingham 1800 + Naomi Cream
BARNETT London 1700s to 1900s Keira Lockyer
BARNETT London 1865-1885 David Jacobs
BARNETT Whitechapel 1780+ Judy Wiles
BARNETT Whitechapel 1789-1895 Vanessa Jaffe
BARNETT (originally BERZYNSKI) Leeds 1877 Onwards Naomi Barnett
BARON Birmingham 1900 1940 Roy Ogus
BASCH Sheffield c1854-1873 Shimon Frais
BEAVER  Liverpool 1855 Mimi Katz
BEAVER  Mile End 1881 Mimi Katz
BEAVER  Whitechapel   Mimi Katz
BECOW LONDON 1901-NOW Sue Coleman 
BEGGAR London 1860 onwards Stephen Barry
BEKOFF LONDON  1901-NOW Sue Coleman 
BEKOW LONDON 1901-NOW Sue Coleman 
BELINKIN London abt.1905 - 1968 Joel Blankett
BENDEL London 1890s onward Naomi Ogin
BENJAMIN Brighton 1750 onwards Rebecca Major
BENJAMIN London 1700s to 1900s Keira Lockyer
BENJAMIN Plymouth abt 1775 - 1850 Paula Listzwan
BENJAMIN  Spitalfields/London 1700 - 1820 Tod BENJAMIN
BENNETT Liverpool 1900s Hy Ramm
BENNETT London 1785+ Judy Wiles
BENSABAT London 1850-current Judy Wolkovitch
BERLINSKY London 1875 1900 Baden Dingwell
BERMAN London 1882 Russell Vaughan
BERNSTEIN Leeds 1890+/- Brenda Habshush
BERNSTEIN Liverpool 1890 1910 Sue Coleman
BERNSTEIN London 1901 Russell Vaughan
BERNSTEIN London 1900-1912 Hannah Engelstad  
BERNSTEIN Manchester 1890s Hy Ramm
BERNSTEIN Manchester 1900-1912 Hannah Engelstad  
BESSER London 1873-1930s Sherry Landa
BEVERSHANSKY Birmingham 1880s-1890 Jackye Sullins
BEVERSHANSKY Leeds 1890s-1907 Jackye Sullins
BIREN London 1945 to 1980 Paul Auerbach
BIRENBERG London 1904-1945 Paul Auerbach
BIRK London 1890s onward Naomi Ogin
BLANCKENSEE Bristol, Birmingham Before 1902 Paula Listzwan
BLITZ London From 1910 Lois Kaufman
BLOWMAN (sic) Leeds and London 1870-1930s Sherry Landa
BLUM Liverpool 1890-1910 Maxine Koss
BLUMENTHAL Leeds 1880-1891 Jackye Sullins
BOAS London 1870+ Gaby Laws
BOOKATZ Leeds, London 1895-present Marcia DeVries
BOOKEY London 1890-1920 Bernard Bookey
BRADBURY Cardiff 1860's - ? Darryl  Lipkie
BRADBURY Manchester 1860's - ? Darryl  Lipkie
BRALOWSKY Mile End New Town, London 189?-1906 Michelle Feigen
BRANDENBURG Cardiff 1850's - ? Darryl  Lipkie
BRANDENBURG Manchester 1850's - ? Darryl  Lipkie
BRAUER Leeds, London 1895-present Marcia DeVries
BRESNARK London 1890s onward Naomi Ogin
BRISKI London 1880 Zara Rose
BRISKY London 1880 Zara Rose
BRITSTONE Manchester 1880-2006 Barbara Ferguson
BROOK Manchester 1900-2003 Dan Brook
BROWN Leeds 1908 - ? Darryl  Lipkie
BUKI London 1890-1920 Bernard Bookey
BURSTEIN Birmingham 1900 1940 Roy Ogus
CAIDAN Spitalfields, London 1900- Linda L Anderson
CAMBERG Edinburgh from 1880 Brian Godfrey
CANN Pontypridd 1900-1915 Naomi Cream
CANTOR London after 1750 Mary Ann Graziano
CARDISH Whitechapel, St George In The East, Aldgate, Wales 1870-1930 Betty Shiel
CARDOZA London 1690s to present Elizabeth Cardoza Taylor
CARDOZO London 1690s to present Elizabeth Cardoza Taylor
CASRIL Hull  1850 onwards Carol Meggitt
CASRIL Manchester 1850 onwards Carol Meggitt
CHAVENSON Swansea 1895-1910 Menahem LEWIS LUZ
CHAVESHON Glasgow 1914-1941 Menahem LEWIS LUZ
CHERNOSKY London 1890s onward Naomi Ogin
CITRON  Spitalfields, London 1885 approx Barbara Lester
CLASS Leeds 1890 onwards Caro Holden
CLOZENBURG London    1873 Bryan Diamond
COHEN Brighton 1780 onwards Rebecca Major
COHEN Lambeth, Surrey 1815-1854 Dinah Harvey
COHEN Leeds 1870's - 1900's Darryl  Lipkie
COHEN Leeds 1880-1890 Jackye Sullins
COHEN Leeds, Yorkshire, UK 1887-1936 Angie Elfassi
COHEN Liverpool 1880+ Susanne Barton
COHEN Liverpool 1900-1960 Sue Coleman
COHEN Liverpool 1900s Hy Ramm
COHEN Liverpool From 1840 Lois Kaufman
COHEN Liverpool   1890s + Monica McMullin
COHEN London 1865-? David Jacobs
COHEN London 1883 to present Jan Peppler
COHEN London From 1800 Lois Kaufman
COHEN Manchester 1880 Naomi Barnett
COHEN Manchester 1870's - 1900's Darryl  Lipkie
COHEN Manchester 1879-1921 Annette Young
COHEN (Rachel) South Hackney 1870-1939 Betty Shiel
COHEN became SCOTT Leeds until 1940s Angie Elfassi
COHEN became SCOTT London from 1940s Angie Elfassi
COHEN/KASSIMOFF Leeds, Yorkshire, UK 1906-1957 Angie Elfassi
COHEN-LASK Leeds 189?-???? Russell Vaughan
COHEN-LASK Whitechapel, London 1890-1917 Russell Vaughan
COLLIER London 1900 Stan Rose
COLLINS London 1830 Angela Wilkinson
COOPER London 1945 to present Paul Auerbach
COSTER Sarratt, Hertfordshire 1720-1768 Patience Coster
COVERMAN London 1890s onward Naomi Ogin
CRONSON Glasgow 1870-1910 Bernard Bookey
CRONSON Manchester  1870-1910 Bernard Bookey
CROWN/COHEN London 1900-current Judy Wolkovitch

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