Photographs of documents or tombstones, members would like translated, plus photos they would like identified:

Rosemary Rees would like help identifying the person in a photo:
This photograph was found amongst my late mother's papers. No one in the family can recognise the young man and no one has seen the photograph before. I would be so grateful if anyone was able to date it and even more grateful if he could be given a name. There is a name in the lower right-hand corner, but I am only able to decipher 'Arthur' and that may be wrong! It might be his name, or it might be the name of the photographer.
The young man may, or may not, be Jewish. My mother, Constance Agnes Dawson nee Woolfe (1910-2005) had Jewish roots: her paternal grandfather (Joseph Woolf 1844-1911) was Jewish but married 'out'. My mother was a Londoner: as a child and young woman she lived in Willesden and then after her marriage in 1937, in Pinner, Middlesex. So it is likely than the young man and his photographer were London based. If you can help, please click here to view the photograph.

Judi Conway would like help translating the Hebrew in this marriage authorisation.
Click here to view the authorisation.

Marcy Zaslow would like help in reading the mother's maiden name on this birth certificate. It looks like LOVIES. Does anyone have other ideas or know whether this is likely. The mother was Dutch in origin so it could be a Dutch name or an English variant of a Dutch name. Please click here to view the certificate. Thank you.

We need translation for parents names and the date of the marriage and where the marriage took place.
Click here to view the Ketubah.

I have a photo of Dinah TISMAN (1909-1941) nee RUBINSTEIN, unidentified, Jack TISMAN (1903-1998) and Nat RUBINSTEIN (1889-1944). Dinah and Jack married in 1931, Jubilee Street. Dinah was Nat's niece. The photo was taken in the East End area, possibly at Stepney Way/Oxford Street, Globe Road, Wetherill Street or Victoria Park Road. I'm trying to identify the lady between Dinah and Jack. I think the photo must have been taken in the early 1930's.

Click here to view my photo. Thanks! Naomi Ogin (Australia)

Peter Solomon writes:
I am not familiar with Hebrew so I need everything to be explained to me.If it helps I can tell you the groom was shown as Selig on his birth cert.but later in life used Alexander. His father went by the names Saul Solomons and Solomon Solomons and his father was known as Solomon Davis.The bride was always known as Clara (the surname was Brilleslyper not as spelt on here), her father was Simon and his father Asser. Click here if you can help Peter translate the Hebrew.

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