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29 January 2012
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  Leylands School, Leeds 1902


The Leeds Database started as a project in 2000.
Originally, the intention was to gather data on Leeds Jewish families from the available censuses and absent voterís lists, plus various burial and marriage collections, not then on the internet.

Gradually, it grew and mutated as more and more became available. It started to include Jewish Chronicle notices, items from the London Gazette, naturalisations and the later censuses (1901 and 1911) as they were released. As with any work of this nature it started to go beyond the confines of Leeds and records on families were subsequently added from other areas.

There are undoubtedly errors. Some have come to light during the course of exchanges with list members and non list members about Leeds families. Despite checking of records it is VITAL that you check all records for errors before accepting any data given here.

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