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Every month I receive several enquiries from people about individuals or families in the database. Most are very polite and happy to share/exchange information. A few, less so. I am just one person, who works full time at a very challenging job. My aim is to help people FOR FREE. It is so nice to get friendly emails from people all over the world, asking for help or making corrections in a non-judgemental way.

You can help me, in return, by always giving the name of the person as it appears in the database (even if you think it's wrong) and their INDIVIDUAL ID number (this starts with an I not a 1). Sometimes it takes me a little while to respond, often this is because I am researching to try to find information you asked for!

I am now trying to collect as many photos as I can. If you have a photo of a person (or family group) that YOU OWN (please don't break other people's copyright, it's not fair) and would like to share, please email it as a jpg/tiff etc file AS AN ATTACHMENT with a subject line "photo of [insert name]" and I will upload it and link it to your family member.

Please keep corrections and other additions/amendments coming. This database is only as good as the information received :-)

Best wishes,
Sherry Landa


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Location   Last Modified 
BLACK Sarah 
b. Abt 1884  Russia  17 Jun 2018
ADLER Joseph 
   17 Jun 2018
ADLER Shlomo 
   17 Jun 2018
ADLER David 
b. 16 Jun 1916  Leeds, Yorks.  17 Jun 2018
ADLER Lilly 
b. 7 Nov 1912   17 Jun 2018
b. 19 Aug 1873  Russia  17 Jun 2018
ADLER Sinai 
b. 14 Apr 1871  Kletzk, Russia  17 Jun 2018
FUNAROFF Levi Yitschok 
   17 Jun 2018
ADLER Chaya Rochel [Rose] 
   17 Jun 2018
   17 Jun 2018

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I39292  ADLER Shlomo        17 Jun 2018
 I43329  FUNAROFF Levi Yitschok  I43328  ADLER Chaya Rochel [Rose]  Aft 1909  17 Jun 2018
 I16680  LEVITEN Joshua        17 Jun 2018
 I36121  VAN ZWANENBERG Frederic Cecile Maurice  I43323  ISAACS Katie  Oct-Dec 1905  16 Jun 2018
 I14574  DRAPKIN William  I36101  COBE Leah C  30 Dec 1896  16 Jun 2018
 I18481  DRAPKIN Major  I18482  LAURANCE Ruth  4 Apr 1899  16 Jun 2018
 I18485  DRAPKIN Winston Jacob Laurance  I36276  VAN ZWANENBERG Nancy  Oct-Dec 1934  16 Jun 2018
 I14574  DRAPKIN William  I633  ACTOARIUS Leah  Jan-Mar 1890  14 Jun 2018
 I18480  DRAPKIN William  I36133  CROMPTON Georgina May  Jul- Sept 1905  14 Jun 2018
 I18480  DRAPKIN William  I36135  CROMPTON Lillian Ellanor Victoria  Jul-Sept 1916  14 Jun 2018