Medical Records

Medical record searches are very difficult and a 100-year closure applies unless you have proof of death. Many hospital records do not survive.

TNA Hospitals Database This tells you that the Admission and Discharge registers for Napsbury are at the London Metropolitan Archives, but no patient/clinical records are available before 1916. The A & D registers could be worth a look. Email the LMA

For asylums in general, the standard study is by Andrew Roberts and is available online. It is really worth learning how to navigate this site, which is packed with useful information. It includes a comprehensive Asylums Index

Both the above links were submitted by Elly.

Was your ancestor a dentist?

British Dental Association website has a "Museum" tab which leads to another link for people searching for ancestors who were dentists. Apparently they have records going back to the 1870s. Submitted by Jeremy Frankel.

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children has a free searchable database of admissions. Records include illness and admission and release dates plus addresses. There are also stories about some of the children in little biographies. See Small and Special.
This is now merged into the Historic Hospitals Admission Registers Project and includes the Evelina Hospital and the Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Disease.

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