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We started as an email list with Rootsweb. Following the announcement of Ancestry in January 2020 a new group was set up on Groups io. To join the mailing list please click the link on the right hand side.

Jackye's interest in genealogy started with a school project of her son's. She hasn't finished her tree yet and time is running out!

Sherry got into "gen" in early 1999. She had no idea what she would discover and she can't get enough information fast enough!

Sherry "met" Jackye in April 1999. They met on the Yorksgen mailing list. Sherry was a newbie, Jackye was just popping in to follow a lead in Leeds.
They hit it off straight away. They have exchanged research, brainstormed, paid for each others records, etc. They talk all the time (when they can get together because one is in Europe and the other is in North America).

Jackye & Sherry in Paris having viewed the apartment building where a Kesselman lived in 1915. Photo taken May 2002

In January 2002 we decided to start a new mailing list at Rootsweb because we felt that there was a "big hole" in the Rootsweb system :-) We also wanted to give people an opportunity to be able to discuss British Jewry without cost.

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