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Please read the rules FIRST.

The idea of the look up exchange is an informal way of members helping each other out with random acts of genealogical kindness.
It is NOT a research facility where all your research will be done for you.
Those who volunteer do so on certain conditions which they impose.

Volunteers have the right to ask for costs to cover out of pocket expenses such as petrol, car parking, photocopying.
They DO NOT have the right to ask for payment for their time.
Volunteers are entirely free to accept or reject any requests for help without having to give a reason for refusal. We simply ask that they answer all the mail they receive and that if they agree to do something they let the requester know if they can not fulfil their agreement.
Volunteers may take on as many requests as they feel able to complete but they are recommended not to let volunteering take over their lives.

Requesters are at liberty to pay in kind or make a gratuity if they so wish even if the volunteer does not request any form of compensation for expenses.

Please volunteer. The more people we list, the more look ups will get done.

Our Volunteers


Available Look Ups

Who to Contact

UK wide and general resources


"The Jewish Victorian. Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers"

1861 - 1870 & 1871 - 1880

Julie Hopkins

Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories by Zubatsky and Berent
History of the Gt. Synagogue by Cecil Roth
The Jews of Ireland by Louis Hyman

Magna Bibliotheca

Anglo-Judaica by Cecil Roth

Judy Wolkovitch

General: Marriages Bevis Marks Abstracts of the Ketubot (Marriage contracts) of the congregation from earliest times to 1901 Parts II and III
Sandie Pender
Marriage Records of the Great Synagogue, 1791 - 1885 by Harold and Miriam Lewin Debbie Bozkurt

General: Maps

A Topographical Dictionary of Wales 1833
1950 Automobile Association Illustrated Road Book of England & Wales, Scotland and Ireland with maps and town plans



British Vital Records Index version 2

Caro Holden

England by county


Parish Records (incomplete)

Caro Holden


Durham:  1902 Kelly’s Directory

Caro Holden


Parish Records (incomplete)

Caro Holden


Digital Photographs of Graves in Bristol

Malcolm Pilling


Parish Records (incomplete)

Caro Holden


LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL (LCC) Record of Service in the Great War 1914-1918.
The book lists all LCC staff who served in the First World War - casualties
and survivors. Entries include rank, regiment, length of service, honours and casualties (where applicable).

Please supply name and LCC department (if known).

Jill Hyams



We visit Edmonton Federation Cemetery about every 3 weeks and have taken photographs of gravestones and memorials. We are willing to offer this to British-Jewry members, no charges and no expenses needed.

Paul and Sarah Gold


London:  1934 Post Office Directory

Caro Holden

LDN The Western Synagogue through two centuries (1761-1961) by Arthur Barnett

St Botoloph Aldgate City of London Settlement Examinations
Debbie Bozkurt


Parish Records (incomplete)

Caro Holden


St Peter's College, Radley, Oxfordshire 1847 - 1962.  A public school for boys aged between 13 and 18 years.  Biographical details of more than 40,000 pupils, tutors and wardens



I have a range of Pigot’s, White’s & Kelly’s directories 1823-1925/6;

Caro Holden


Parish Records (incomplete)

Caro Holden

Outside UK

Australia These are the Names – Jewish lives in Australia 1788 to 1850 by John S Levi (2006) John Meyers
Australia Australian Genesis – Jewish Convicts and Settlers 1788 to 1860 by John Levi and GFJ Bergman (2002) John Meyers
Australia: NSW/VIC Burial discs for Rookwood in NSW and also for SW Victoria. Rhonda Thomas
Australia: TAS A View from Afar – Jewish lives in Tasmania from 1804 edited by Peter and Ann Elias (2003) John Meyers
Australia: VIC The Jews in Victoria in the Nineteenth Century by Lazarus Morris Goldman Debbie Bozkurt
Australia: VIC
BDM indexes which I am happy to look up for people.
Victorian Births to 1920
Victorian Deaths to 1985
Victorian Marriages to 1942
As I have these at home, I can do this pretty much at any time.
I do visit our state library from time to time, and can check newspapers, if date are given. I can't guarantee a time frame here though!!
Lesley Champion


I can help find relatives and friends living in Israel, including searching for phone and address and any other people to people contacts.

Brenda Habshush

New Zealand

The National Archives of New Zealand have a range of information on immigration, intentions to marry etc. I can also link into my local Shule, where Michael Clements, President of the NZ Jewish Archives is only too happy to help people.

Nigel Isaacs


I live in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania if that's any help to anyone.  My parent's home is in Springfield, (Delaware County) Pennsylvania.  If these areas are of help, let me know


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If you request, we also ask that you volunteer, if you possibly can, because the more who volunteer the better the look up exchange will be.

To volunteer email your name and your availability and whether you require costs to be paid to the webmaster.