Want to know which books are worth reading?

Members are welcome to submit a list of books they have on their shelves. These will give newcomers some ideas.

Jeremy Frankel has these books:

The Jewish Victorian, by Doreen Berger
East End 1888, by William Fishman (apparently a new edition is coming out)
Charles Booth's London, selected and edited by Albert Fried and Richard M. Elman (a selection of Booth's writings from his social survey, for general reading)
The Trials of Israel Lipskie, by Martin Friedland (a "ripper style" murder for which a Jew was accused)
The Alien Invasion, by Bernard Gainer (discusses how the Aliens Act of 1905 came to be)
The Economic History of the Jews in England, by Harold Pollins
Britain and the Jews of Europe, 1939-1945, by Bernard Wasserstein
Rothschild Buildings, by Jerry White
London's East End - Life and Traditions, by Jane Cox (pub. 1994 by Seven Dials). A very nice potted history with lots of pictures of various East End districts.
Hosts, Immigrants and Minorities; ed. by Kenneth Lunn (pub. 1980 by St. Martins) A series of 12 essays, slightly revised from when they were presented at the 1978 Conference for the Study of Labour History. Includes such topics as "Aspects of Working Class Response to the Jews in Britain"
"Alien Working-Class Response: The Leeds Jewish Tailors"
"The beginnings of Jewish Trade Unionism in Manchester, 1889-1891" by Bill Williams
"Reactions to Lithuanian and Polish Immigrants in the Lanarkshire Coalfield, 1880-1914!"

Sherry Landa has these books:

The Jewish Victorian by Doreen Berger
More Tales of Manchester Jewry by Monty Dobkin
Broughton and Cheetham Hill in Regency and Victorian Times by Monty Dobkin
Bancks's Manchester and Salford Directory 1800
Manchester and Salford Directory 1788
Salford 1900-1914 by Roy Bullock
Kellys (Slaters) Directory for Manchester, Salford and Stretford 1959

Louise Goldschmidt recommends:

Judge Israel Finestein's comprehensive book on "Jewish Society in Victorian England".

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