Brits in Paris

Forty-five marriages taken from the "Relevé des Ketoubot au Consistoire de Paris 1872-1884" by Véronique Cahen extracted, databased and further researched by Sherry Landa.

This database is the extraction of forty-five marriages of people marrying in Paris who claimed a British place of birth. These marriages took place in private homes or one of four Synagogues in Paris (Buffault, Nazareth, Tourelles, Victoire). The first page of the database contains the marriage information exactly as it appears in the book, but translated into English. Subsequent pages of the database contain further details of twenty of the marriages. This extra information has been collected from a variety of sources, such as UK and Paris censuses, The Jewish Chronicle and other databases such as The Marriages of the Great Synagogue. The final page of the database contains further details of the Rabbis who performed these marriages.

Below is a table giving the costs of marriages, this might help you decide which economic group your ancestors were in.


Tariffs taken from the 5649 year book (1888-1889)

PRICES IN OLD FRENCH FRANCS* Buffault Synagogue Victoire Synagogue Nazareth & Tournelles Synagogues
"Hors classe extraordinary" 2000    
"Hors classe" 1500 4000 2000
1st class 1000 2000-3000 1000
2nd class 600 1000 500
3rd class 400 500 250
4th class 250 250 100
5th class 100 100 50
6th class   25 15

* Old French Francs were devalued in January 1960: 1 New French Franc equalled 100 Old French Francs. On 1st January 2002 the New French Franc was replaced by the Euro: 1 Euro equalled 6.55957 New French Francs.

Lighting, music, organ or choir constituted the different attributes for the different classes of marriage. In certain cases new couples were provided with "extras" as a gift.


A bit about the Synagogues:
Buffault was inaugurated in 1876, consecrated in 1877 and was a Portuguese Synagogue.
Nazareth exists from at least 1822. Marriages from 1822-1841 can be searched on the GENAMI website.
Tournelles was burnt in the insurrection of 8th March 1871. A new Synagogue on the same site was consecrated on 15th September 1896.
Victoire was consecrated in 1874 and has 1500 seats. Inauguration took place on 9th September 1874.

If you have further information about any of the marriages and the parties concerned please let me know.

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NB The "Relevé des Ketoubot au Consistoire de Paris 1872-1884" by Véronique Cahen (ISBN: 978-2-9530051-1-0) is available from AJECLAP.

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