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Birth 1887 Zillah Nathan BERNESTEIN & Esther VILK
Birth 1881 Solomon Abraham GOLD & Rachel ISAACS
Birth 1903 Philip Simon GOLD & Rebecca SZLATTA
Birth 1860 Emily Henry HELLER & Mary HARRIS
Birth 1851 Woolf Isaac ISAACS & Hannah nee MARKS
Birth 1882 Jacob David LANDA & Esther Annie FAIGIN
Birth 1883 Sarah Minnie Archie LANDA & Annie ALPARIN
Birth 1885 Abraham Lazarus Archie LANDA & Annie HYPER
Birth 1886 Toby Rebecca David LANDA & Rachel LAZORAVITZ
Birth 1898 Calman Archie LANDA & Fanny ALPER
Birth 1905 Sissie Solomon LANDA & Sarah ROCHEL
Birth  1910 Beatrice Solomon LANDA & Rachel RUSSELL
Birth 1909 Lazarus Harris POSNER & Fanny BRUNDT
Birth 1889 Joe Harry ROSEN & Annie BILT
Birth 1903 Rebecca Myer RUBENSTEIN & Henrietta MYERS
Birth 1897 Harry Isaac RUBENSTEIN & Amelia PARKIN
Birth 1904 Noami Abraham SCHECHTER & Annie TELISHEVSKY
Birth 1889 Betsy Samuel SILVERSTONE & Sarah RING
Birth 1838 Samuel Nathaniel SLOMAN & Rosetta  HART
Birth 1885 Rebecca Isabel Sampson SOLOMON & Sophy SOLOMON
Birth 1860 Hyam Israel SOLOMON & Esther FERNADEZ
Birth 1885 Rebecca Louis SOLOMON & Rachel LEVY
Birth 1887 David Lewis SOLOMON & Hannah MARKS
Birth 1901 Sarah Yessuel SOLOMON & Esther UKENESA
Birth 1837 Joseph Hyam SOLOMONS & Clara MORRIS
Birth 1858 Abraham Henry Lewis SOLOMONS & Agnes COHEN
Birth 1858 Sloman Abraham SOLOMONS & Elizabeth ISAACS
Marriage 1873 Sophia RUBIN Jospeh Julius ADELSOHN
Marriage 1905 Kate SOLOMONS Jack BROWN
Marriage 1896 Rebecca RUBINSTE(I)N Isaac CARASEK
Marriage 1876 Hannah SOLOMONS Abraham Mock EDWARDS
Marriage 1883 Flora ROSENBERG Isadore GOODMAN
Marriage 1878 Adelaid Marie Jenny BESSER Ernst HEIDERMANN
Marriage 1891 Betsey LIBOVITZ David LANDA
Marriage 1881 Esther Annie FAGAN David LANDY
Marriage 1865 Fanny MOSS Samuel NELSON
Marriage 1902 Fanny COHEN Philip PHILLIPS
Marriage 1885 Annie SOLOMONS Simon PULVER
Marriage 1875 Louisa MARKS Barnett RUBENSTEIN
Marriage 1896 Flora RAFTKIN Barnet RUBINSTE(I)N
Marriage 1882 Rachel MENDELSON Samuel RUBINSTEIN
Marriage 1884 Louisa NIXON Sam RUBENSTEIN
Marriage 1851 Marianne KEYSOR Charles SAMUEL
Marriage 1864 Pauline GLASSMAN Aaron SEAGULL
Marriage 1856 Martha GREEN Moses SOLOMONS
Marriage 1857 Julia LYONS Moses SOLOMONS
Marriage 1841 Maria JOSEPH Samuel WIENGARTEN
Naturalisation 1862 Ellis BERG 9 Maxwell St., Goodman's Field, Middx.
Naturalisation 1868 Joseph BROOKS 18 Pershore St, Birmingham
Naturalisation 1868 Abraham COHEN 247 Bell Barn Rd, Birmingham
Naturalisation 1868 Myer COLEMAN 4 Lower Hurst St, Birmingham
Naturalisation 1868 Nathan LYONS 156 Sherlock St, Birmingham
Naturalisation 1868 Moses MARKS 199 Sherlock St, Birmingham
Naturalisation 1868 Louis ZEPLER 13 Severn St, Birmingham
Death 1916 Abraham LANDAU (76) Rag Merchant
Death 1897 Mary LEVI (54) Wife of Harris LEVI
Death 1919 Dorothy NEURICK (13) daughter of Reuben NEURICK, music hall artist
Death 1893 Rachel NURICK (24) wife of Abraham NURICK, cotton sampler
Death 1896 Raphael Max NURICK (2) son of Aaron NURICK, commercial traveller
Death 1894 Sarah RUBENSTEIN (75) Widow of Moses RUBENSTEIN, corn merchant
Death 1895 Samuel RUBENSTEIN (10m) Nephew of Nathan LIEBERTHAL
Death 1915 Barnett RUBENSTEIN (65) Journeyman Tailor
Death 1852 Aaron SOLOMONS (60) Gentleman
Death 1857 Eleazer SOLOMONS (50) General Dealer
Death 1859 Moses SOLOMONS (69) General Dealer
Death 1859 Henry SOLOMONS (2) Son of Isaac Solomons, a Butcher
Death 1876 Celia SYMONDS (68) Widow of Joseph Symonds, retired Outfitter
Death 1885 Aaron SOLOMON (85) Unknown of Lambeth
Death 1886 Aaron SOLOMONS (85) formerly a Baker
Death 1929 Barbara Mary LEVI (21m) Daughter of William LEVI
Burial 1890 infant son ARBEID (1h) Son of Solomon or Benjamin son of Solomon
Burial 1928 Herman GORDON (84) Buried East Ham
Burial 1935 Leo GORDON (58) Buried Willesden
Will 1945 Wolfe RICHMOND 7 Harehills Park Rd., Leeds

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