Photographs of documents or tombstones, members would like translated, plus photos they would like identified:

This facility has been superceded by our Facebook page!

Can anyone post to the Facebook page?
No, it's a closed group and you have to request to join and then one of the administrators will add you?

Do I have to answer the questions asked when I request to join?
No, you don't have to, but it helps us to know you are a bona fide member if you do.

What can I post the Facebook page?
You can post any image such as photos, documents, transcripts etc.

How soon will my posting appear on the page?
It administrator has to approve the first posting. If you send when both are asleep, away from home etc., it will take a little while. Once approved answers are in real time. Most listers receive responses within a couple of hours, often it' more like minutes.

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