Gallery-Members' Photographs

                    Brenda Habshush and Angie Elfassi at their annual meeting, Pesach 2010

                    Myra Waddell and Jackye Sullins after a meeting in San Diego, 17 May 2009 (photo taken by Peter Waddell, Myra's husband).

Jill Hyams & Beverly Bergman at "Who Do You Think You Are?", London, March 2009

By popular request views from Debbie's house, November 2007

Brenda Habshush & Angie Elfassi at Brenda's home, Pesach 2007

Angie Elfassi & Brenda Habshush at Brenda's home, Kibbutz Sde Boker, submitted March 2007

Left to right: Back Row: Darryl Lipkie, Phil Lipshut, Mike McPhedran; Middle Row: Sandra Bergman, Naomi Barnett, Susan McPhedran, Anne Budender; Front Row: Hazel Lipkie & Lionel Sharpe
Meeting at Naomi's home in Melbourne, Australia in November 2006

Nigel Isaacs & Angie Elfassi

Photo taken in Israel when Nigel visited Angie September 2006

Shirley Collier & Stan Rose

Photo taken outside  the former the maternity hospital,  where Shirley was born, in Stoke Newington, London.

Stan was born about a mile away, the day before Shirley.  Photo taken 2006

Left to right: Lionel Sharpe, Sandra Bergman, Anne Budlender, Naomi Barnett,  Hazel Lipkie, Angie Elfassi
Meeting at a cafe in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia in July 2006

                    Standing:  David Berger, Anita Benson,  Rosemary Wenzerul, Derek Wenzerul; Sitting: Jackye Sullins, Doreen Berger, Georgiana Phillips, Sherry Landa and hostess, Louise Goldschmidt
Meeting at Louise's, London, England in June 2002

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