Decimal-Hebrew-Glyph Converter

With thanks to Angie Elfassi

Hebrew numbers appear on gravestones and in newspaper announcements. As with all Hebrew you read them from right to left. In date form often the first digit is missed off so the year 5769 would be written as 967 or literally 9, 60, 700. A list of the numbers from 1-900 is given to aid researchers who are not conversant in Hebrew.

Decimal Hebrew Glyph
1 Aleph א
2 Bet ב
3 Gimel ג
4 Dalet ד
5 Hei ה
6 Vav ו
7 Zayin ז
8 Het ח
9 Tet ט
10 Yud י
20 Kaf כ
30 Lamed ל
40 Mem מ
50 Nun נ
60 Samech ס
70 Ayin ע
80 Pei פ
90 Tsadi צ
100 Kuf ק
200 Resh ר
300 Shin ש
400 Tav ת
500 Tav Kuf or Chaf Sofit ת"ק or ך
600 Tav Resh or Mem Sofit ת"ר or ם
700 Tav Shin or Nun Sofit ת"ש or ן
800 Tav Tav or Pei Sofit ת"ת or ף
900 Tav Tav Kuf or Tsadi Sofit תת"ק or ץ

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