The Jewish Free School

This project is being coordinated by Paula Listzwan.

A huge thanks to Paula, Gaby, Bernard, Trudy, Sharon, Jill, Rosalind and Mike.

Volunteers are required to help make a complete index for these files.

The index gives names and birth dates along with parent/guardian's name. It is downloadable as an excel spreadsheet.

You can use it as it is (in alphabetical order by surname and then first name) or sort the data by, for example, name of father to identify possible family groups.

Click here to start the download.

If you can't access excel files please contact the webmaster.

To view the actual register you need to download from the Moving Here website.

This index gives you the file numbers you will need.

Follow the instructions below.

If you find someone we ask you to seriously consider transcribing for us as a way of repaying for the help you have received.

If you discover an ancestor and want to read the actual entry, you need to go to the following website:

Boys: Click here.

There you will see a list of 118 files. Slide down the list to the file you need. Click on the file name and download the PDF file. You will need to have Acrobat Reader or another PDF file reader installed on your computer in order to read the downloaded file.

The above URL bypasses the page in the Catalogue that lists all the Jews' Free School files (250 of them).

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