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101 Address
Fond Number / Sheet
(Click Here for Book Images) Name (Maiden or other Name) Patronymic /Father
Occupation Age
Birthplace Place of Origin Comments

Soldatskaya 4
2706-1-157 / MULWIDSOHN, Leiser Wulf
Worker at station 46
Rezekne Schagarren, Kovno pr.
Rezekne Schagarren, Kovno pr. Wife of Leiser
SROD, Guta Behr Leiba
Small trader 24
Novo-Alexandrovsk d., Kovno pr. Novo-Alexandrovsk d., Kovno pr.  
MULVIDSON Leiser (I0029923)
102 Address and Occupation Information
Decade Address City Source Occupation
1800s Aldgate, London birthpl
1830s St Martin in the Fields Covent Garden, London child's birthpl
1840s Camberwell, London child's birthpl
1850s 1 Princes Street Mayfair, London 1 Princes Street
1851 Census Reference: HO 107/1475 033 picture dealer
Source of Occupations
1851 census  
GARCIA Abraham (I0044054)
103 Address of death given at burial is 15 Preston Terr., Leeds YULES Moses Alec (I0006168)
104 After a grandstand collasped at some sporting event HARRIS Rachel (I0022098)
105 age 32 but DOB given as 1885 on medical discharge from army in 1918 FRANKS Isaac (I0041236)
106 Age 7m BLAUMAN Zelig (I0044414)
107 aged 84, inquest BAKER Leah (I0002281)
108 ALAN GILSTON 20/06/2005 ZJ 14 23 GITTLESON OR GILSTON Israel Alan (I0044217)
109 Also in household:
Esther, niece, U, 18, trouser machinist, Russia and
Max, nephew, U, 16, trouser machinist, Russia no idea who their father(s) was/were. 
SCHOLNICK Hyman (I0019696)
110 Also registered same quarter in Nottingham Family F00004242
111 Also with him in 1901 at 78 & 80 Regent St., Leeds, Yorks.
Israel SIMITISKY C M 24, tailor's machiner, Russia 
MARCUS Solomon (I0040012)
112 Also with him in 1911 census at 1 Ruby Pl., Mushroom St ., Leeds, Yorks. aunt Soha FLICK widow age 60, born Russia FLICK David (I0039140)
113 Also with the family at 7 Wilkes St., Spitalfields, London were Isaac SNOW N 21, vest coat maker, Isidore SNOW N 19, hand, and Sarah SNOW N 17, hand, all born Russia Poland GLOGOWSKY Israel (I0039118)
114 ANNE DUFAYEL 16/09/1977 10 Q 585 YZORSKY Fanny (I0038430)
115 Appear to have married in Hackney in Dec qtr 1928 1b 941 Family F00012693
116 Appears in 1901 census aged 1 mo but birth certificate says born 26 April 1901 4 St Peter's Court (birth was not registered till 30 May 1901. Possibly a small lie was told to avoid a late registration fee or possibly there is a mistake elsewhere. NYMAN Merrion or Miriam (I0000527)
117 As Taube WAGNER Taube (I0041268)
118 As to Alter Max Hurwitz's father, he was indeed Rabbi H. Hurwitz and in 1923 was among those on the local Beth Din, along with fellow Rabbis Daiches and Sinson. Have as yet found no clues as to what the 'H' stood for (the press reports of the day refer to him only as 'Rabbi H. Hurwitz.')
HURWITZ Harris, Hirsch or Herman (I0040217)
119 At death given as 1 Jan 1871 HYMAN Annie (I0003872)
120 Avelina Gilston 22/05/2018 ZJ 14 22 FERREIRO CASTELO Avelina (I0019835)
121 B 1887/7/9 484 BERNSTEIN Phillip 7 months
BERNSTEIN Philip (I0044359)
122 B 1892/6/7 611 TAYLOR Leah 18 months 
TAYLOR Leah (I0008927)
123 B 1894/3/12 690 GINSBERG Abraham child ?? 
GINSBURG Abraham (I0044352)
124 B 7 40 HARRIS Simon (I0014774)
125 Barnett Phillips Phillips, Barnett 71 31-Jul-1950
PHILLIPS Barnett (I0037244)
126 Barnett MORRIS died 7 Oct 1967, age 63, resident 1 Far Moss. Buried NCVS. TIGER Daniel or David (I0039856)
127 BARNEY LEVY 16/11/1951 XD 14 438 LEVI Barnet (I0010999)
128 BEATRICE MOSS 15/10/1969 SX 25 431 COHEN Beatrice (I0036432)
644/12 233
Family F00016030
130 BENJAMIN HYMEN 71 1951 644/19 313 Cathcart (Glasgow) BENJAMIN Hymen (I0044741)
131 Bessie and Max (married Bradford Mar qtr 1917 as CHIRGWIN Bessie and CHURNIN Max ref 9b 242)

In 1923 Bessie CHURNIN travels to New York from UK (she's 25 so born about 1898), with sons Wolfe (aged 5) and Charles (age 3) -they say their nearest relative is their mother-in-law/grandmother Mrs R CHURNIN of 36 Camp Rd., Leeds. Going to father/husband Max CHURNIN 113 St Marks Pl., New York (all born Mollev, Russia- clearly NOT) 
Family F00013339
132 Birth certificate shows that Polly Harris was born at 8 Livery Street, Leeds daughter of Abraham Harris and Fanny Harris late SOLOMON Formerly SOLOMON.
This means that the research carried out by H D (husband D D is their grt grandson) & Polish Records obtained is that 1. Fanny(Freda) was previously married 2. Her maiden name was SALOMON her father was: Marka (Marek) Salamon b abt 1815 and her mother was Jetta Mendlik who died in Wentworth, Ontario on 10 May 1900.
Frajda (Fanny) first husband was Salamon Knebel and they had two children together Bertha (Betsy) Knebel (Harris) and Mordek Lejb (Marks) Knebel (Harris). 
HARRIS Pollie (I0003738)
133 Birth registration Jean Louis CARDU born 2 am 18 June 1849 La Grange du Bois (Les Breviaires) registered 4pm same day in Les Breviaires, son of Jean Louis CARLU (27, journalier) and Florentine Juilienne nee BORGNE (25) CARLU Louis Leon (I0040576)
134 Birth: 2 May 1873 RUSSIA
Memo: SOURCE 1939 Register
Residence: 1891 33 Fernie Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK4
Memo: Age 17 yrs General Dealer SOURCE Census
Residence: 17 May 1900 33 Fernie Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK5
Memo: Age 27 yrs Merchant Witness Jacob E GOODMAN SOURCE Cert of Marriage
Residence: 1901 261 Waterloo Road, MANCHESTER, UK6
Memo: Age 27 yrs Draper SOURCE Census
Residence: 16 Apr 1901 261 Waterloo Road, MANCHESTER, UK7
Memo: Age 27 yrs Draper SOURCE Birth Certificate Eveline GINSBERG
Residence: 1903 261 Waterloo Road, MANCHESTER, UK8
Memo: Age: 29 Lace Repository SOURCE Slaters Directory
Residence: 4 Aug 1907 2 Granton Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK9
Memo: Age: 34yrs Draper Master SOURCE Cert of Marriage Annie BALKIN
Residence: 21 Aug 1908 20 Ruskin Avenue, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK10
Memo: Age: 35 yrs Draper SOURCE Birth Certificate Mark Harris GINSBERG
Residence: 1909 20 Ruskin Avenue, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK8
Memo: Age: 35 yrs Travelling Draper SOURCE Slaters Directory
Residence: 1911 20 Ruskin Avenue, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK11
Memo: Age 37 yrs Attending Markets SOURCE Census
Residence: 1911 20 Ruskin Avenue, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK8
Memo: Age 37 yrs Travelling Draper SOURCE Slaters Directory
Residence: 17 Jun 1914 3 Bell Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK12
Memo: Age: 41 yrs Draper (Master) SOURCE Birth Certificate GINSBERG
Residence: 1919 3 Bell Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK8
Memo: Age: 45 yrs Travelling Draper Benjamin Living w/Him & Rose
SOURCE Slaters Directory
Residence: 16 Jun 1921 3 Bell Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK13
Memo: Age: 48 yrs Draper SOURCE Death Certificate Annie BALKIN
Residence: 1929 3 Bell Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK14
Memo: Age: 55 yrs Travelling Draper SOURCE Kellys Directory
Residence: 29 Sep 1939 3 Bell Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK15
Memo: Age: 66 yrs Travelling Draper WIDOWER SOURCE 1939 Register
Residence: 7 May 1944 3 Bell Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK16
Memo: Age: 71 yrs Formerly a Retail Draper SOURCE Death Certificate
Death: 8 May 1944 3 Bell Street, Cheetham, MANCHESTER, UK16,17
Memo: 1944 JQ 8d 301 Age 71 yrs Informant MH GINSBERG
SOURCE Death Certificate
Burial: 8 May 1944 Polish Cemetery, Urmston, Grave #35418
Memo: Mourned by Son/Daughters/Son in Law/Grandchild
SOURCE Headstone
Occupation: Draper
Religion: Jewish
Hebrew Name: Yechi'el Ben Mordechei Hirsch 15th Iyar 570419 SOURCE Headstone
Father: Marks GINSBERG (~1841-1896)
Mother: Mary FINE (~1842-1902)
Other spouses: Annie BALKIN
Marriage: 17 May 1900 New Synagogue, MANCHESTER, UK20

GINSBERG Leon (I0033959)
135 Block: 12-059 Row: 12 Plot: 59  SCHWARTZMAN Hyman (I0041357)
136 Block: H Grave #: 2879  Millicent (I0042042)
137 Block: S Grave #: 805  HANSON Ralph (I0042040)
138 BRODETSKY Ada C4631 25/12/1926 62 K 20 15 PROBER Adel (I0041738)
139 BRODETSKY Benzion C0984 28/06/1922 73 K 21 14 BRODETSKY Benzion (I0041765)
140 BRODETSKY Isaac A1107 06/10/1901 3 B 01 422 BRODETSKY Isaac (I0041763)
141 BRODETSKY Israel C5009 11/06/1927 21 M 27 03 BRODETSKY Israel (I0041761)
142 BRODETSKY Malka D2132 27/03/1937 86 K 21 15 Millie or Malka (I0041770)
143 Burial transcript says died Oct; Probate says Nov SALINSKY Rachel (I0040716)
144 Bushey SARA RAKUSEN 27/11/1949 G 15 586 BERKOVICH Sara (I0018340)
145 By 30 June 1945, Alter Max and his wife Dora Rebecca were living at 3 Gledhow Park Road, having presumably moved there from 56 Harehills Avenue at some point during World War II. They appear to have moved again between October 1966 and October 1967, to 12 Bentcliffe Drive Leeds. HURWITZ Alter Max (I0040221)
146 By special licence
Appear to have remarried in Nottingham in quarter 1 of 1960 
Family F00000529
147 C 1901/10/12 BERNSTEIN Leah Mrs.: male child of stillborn
BERNSTEIN ??? (I0015353)
148 C 15 2 DIMDORE Harry (I0041846)
149 C 1896/2/8 GINSBERG Abraham 11 months 
GINSBURG Abraham (I0044353)
150 Calem is supposed to be Kelme, Kovno, Russia. (submitted by Diana Butcher) KAYLES Israel (I0019160)

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