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151 Can now advise you that Alter Max Hurwitz was practising, still, as a Barrister at 'Vinces Chambers, Victoria Square, Leeds 1' in the period March, 1959-February 1960; at 45 Park Square, Leeds 1' from about April 1961 to the Autumn of 1968 and in 1969-1970, at 'Westminster Bank Chambers, 31 Westgate Leeds 1.' There is no professional or occupational listing for him in or after 1971, suggesting that by that time he had retired. HURWITZ Alter Max (I0040221)
152 Casualty Details
Initials: L
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Major
Regiment/Service: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
Age: 37
Date of Death: 03/02/1944
Service No: 37042
Additional information: Son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Wigram; husband of Olga Wigram (nee Jokelson), of Westminster, London, England.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: XVI. B. 9.
WIGRAM Lionel (I0038315)
153 Catalogue Finding Number WYP/LE/19/1
Title Benjamin Gaftarnik
Description Nationality: Russian; Profession/Occupation: Tailor's machinist; Male/Female: M, Date of Birth: 01/10/1894 Sokolova,
Spouse: Married, first wife Dora Goldfader died in Leeds 1943, second wife Marie Taylor {British born], Notes: Application for certificate of naturalization gives detailed family history, granted August 1955, 1 photograph; File Number: 1374, Certificate Number: 417466
Date December 1914.
Extent 1 file
Location of Archive Wakefield GB 201
Access_Status Open
GAFTARNICK Benjamin (I0039210)
154 Catalogue Finding Number WYP/LE/19/1
Title Leah Gaftarnik
Description Nationality: Russian; Profession/Occupation:None , Male/Female: F; Date of Birth: 12/09/1891 Vangorva,
Spouse: Married Simon; Brief notes, 1 photograph; File Number: 1376, Certificate Number: 387306
Date Year 1915
Extent 1 file
Location of Archive Wakefield GB 201
Access_Status Open
Leah (I0039844)
155 Catalogue Finding Number WYP/LE/19/1
Title Samuel Lewis Gaftarnik
Description Nationality: Russian; Profession/Occupation: Tailor; Male/Female: M; Date of Birth: 02/05/1890 Sokolov,
Spouse: Married Leah 11520; Notes give a physical description of individual., 1 photograph; File Number: 1377, Certificate Number: 274572
Date Year 1914
Extent 1 file
Location of Archive Wakefield GB 201
Access_Status Open
GAFTARNICK Simon Lewis (I0039256)
156 Catalogue Finding Number WYP/LE/19/1 Nationality: Russian, Profession/Occupation: Tailor, Male/Female: M, Date of Birth: 08/12/1895 Australinka, Russia, Spouse: Married Leah Zedman, Notes: Brief notes give some additional information, Photograph: Y, File Number: 4864, Certificate Number: 377501 Year 1909 Location of Archive Wakefield GB 201
VIGDOR Samuel (I0025440)
157 Catalogue Finding Number WYP/LE/19/1 Title Elias Ableson
Description Nationality: Russian Jew; Profession/Occupation: Upholsterer; Male/Female: M; Date of Birth: 08/10/1895 in Beishegola, Russia; Notes: Granted certificate of naturalization 25/02/1957, includes family history notes; 1 Photograph; File Number: 108, Certificate Number: 160898

Date 14 May 1903
Extent 1 file
Location of Archive Wakefield GB 201
Access_Status Open
ABLESON Eli (I0024353)
158 Catalogue Finding Number WYP/LE/19/1 Title Leah Vigdor [nee Zedman] Nationality: Russian, Profession/Occupation: Tailoress, Male/Female: F, Date of Birth: 06/04/1897 Longansk, Spouse: Married Sam Vigdor, Notes: Brief notes give some additional information, Photograph: Y, File Number: 4863, Certificate Number: 367544 Date 1913

ZEDMAN Leah (I0025439)
159 Catalogue Finding Number WYP/LE/19/1 Title Rosa Nagley [Alias Liphshitz] Description Nationality: Russian, Profession/Occupation: House duties, Male/Female: F, Date of Birth: 02/03/1899 [?]Clmelnik, Spouse: , Notes: Index card only, no registration card. Naturalized 22/02/1966, Photograph: N, File Number: 2772, Certificate Number: Extent 1 file Location of Archive Wakefield GB 201 Access_Status Open
WEINRIB Rosa Leah (I0039846)
160 Cecilia Allen 02/08/2013 27 G 251 GOLDMAN Cecilia (I0031395)
161 Cemetary, Gelderd Rd., Gildersome, Leeds. Plot AA2 12. Aged 70 mourned by his children, daughter in law, son in law and grandchildren. LANDA Henoch (Henry) (I0001875)
162 Census 1851 La Grange du Bois, Les Breviaires, France:
CARLU Jean Louis, gardparticulier et journalier (29)
BORNE (femme de CARLU) Florentine, journalier (26)
CARLU Eugene, fils (5)
CARLU Leon, fils (2) 
CARLU Louis Leon (I0040576)
163 Charlesworth Rakusen 20 Apr 1920 San Francisco Marie L Crawford Family F00016151
164 Child # Child Year of Birth Source of Birth
1 Philip Henry (Avigdor) 1838 1851 census
1 Michael John 1839 Bevis Marks records
1 Lucy 1841 Bevis Marks records
1 Elizabeth 1844 1851 census
1 Isaac Alfred 1845 Bevis Marks records
1 Walter (Benjamin) 1847 Bevis Marks records
1 Martha 1850 1851 census
1 Samuel 1852 Bevis Marks records

Address and Occupation Information
Decade Address City Source Occupation
1810s 10 Adams Court, Mitre Court Aldgate, London father's insurance policy
1820s 4 Great Turnstile Street Holborn, London father's insurance policy
1830s 4 Great Turnstile Street Holborn, London father's insurance policy fruiterer
1840s Covent Garden, London children's birthpl
1850s 52 Hart Street Covent Garden, London 52 Hart Street
1851 Census Reference: HO 107/1511 176 fruiterer
1860s 2 Tavistock Street Covent Garden, London Bevis Marks records fruit merchant
Source of Occupations
1851 census + Bevis Marks records + insurance policies  
Family F00015780
165 Children Information
Child # Child Year of Birth Source of Birth
1 Lucy 1834 1851 census
1 Clara 1838 1851 census
1 George 1839 1851 census
1 Henry 1841 1851 census
1 Emily 1843 1851 census
1 Edward 1845 1851 census
1 Charles 1847 1851 census
1 Frederick 1848 1851 census
1 Isabella 1850 1851 census
Family F00015781
166 CHMIELNIK Sarna 1864 Birth Akt 17 d/o Fajbus krawiec
(tailor) age 24 and Ruchla (nee) BLAUMAN age 28 microfilm 765780  
CHMELNICK Szarna (I0044415)
167 Civil status of person for who you are requesting the certificate
Sex Male
Forename Saul Carl
Town of birth Leeds, Angleterre
Town where death occurred Cannes
Date of death 20/03/1891
Date of birth 28/08/1971
Compulsory information
Surname SUMRIE
Forename Harris
Maiden name TUSINSKY
Forename Malka 
SUMRIE Carl Saul (I0019761)
168 Conflict Second World War
Record set Britain, Enemy Aliens And Internees, First And Second World Wars
Archive reference HO 396/208
First name(s) Vincenzo
Last name Parisi
Year 1941
Birth year 1905
Birth place Palermo
Residence town Rainhill N Prescot
Nationality Italian
PARISI Vincenzo (I0043859)
169 Conflicting dates burial at Findagrave says 4 Apr 1881; WW2 registration card at Ancestry says "about Apr 4 1880"; WW1 draft registration card says "Apr 16 1880". FRIEDENBERG Morris (I0033354)
170 Correction was made to this entry (death reg) on 11 Sept 1914 vol.7 p.38 BREM Rose Rachel (I0042237)
171 Could be same Joseph as father of Myer but occupations vary (cab driver 1904, butcher 1941-and no mention of decease). SCHOLNICK Joseph (I0038816)
172 Craftsman
Service Number 7643146

Died 16/10/1943

Aged 31

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Son of Abraham Benjamin and Haia Rivlin. 
RIVLIN Mordechai (I0043680)
173 Crew lists 1930s given as Dutch VAN DER ZIJL Maurits Jacob (I0043435)
174 Date from army records, venue from Yorks BMD Family F00015168
175 Date of birth given in army papers MYERS Archie (I0041288)
176 Date of birth is either 24 or 25 Dec but year is anything from 1896-1899 depending on source (1897 SSDI; 1899 death certificate; 1896 SS application). Age in 1911 census is consistent with 1896 and I would be inclined to think this is the most likely birth date. GARBER Edith (I0033934)
177 DAVID SLOMAN 15/06/1923 C 12 32 SLOMAN David (I0000570)
178 DAVID MICHAEL BLOOMAN 27/08/1937 LX 3 28 BLAUMAN (BLOOMAN) Michal Dawid (David Michael) (I0044409)
179 Death announcement The JC placed by family says she was sister in law of Belle & David GOLDSTONE and Essie & Louis PENN.

Death announcement in JC 29/1/1982 for Sadie WOLFF (died Newcastle) gives her as sister of David Forrester HOVE; Belle GOLDSTONE; Greta & Doris FRANKS and sister in law of David & Louis. 
SEGEL Greta (I0039923)
180 Death gives Date of Birth:20 March 1917 but burial gives age 86 making DOB 1907.  Mabel (I0038958)
181 Death NIMAN, Harry Leeds
1968 Apr-May-Jun Age at death:70
Ref 2C 189
NYMAN Harry (I0000525)
182 Death of Abraham FREEDMAN (Glasgow 1923 gives parents as Mark FREEDMAN & Esther FREEDMAN Ms GOODMAN. GOODMAN OR LOSUK Esther or Estera (I0015355)
183 Death of Grandfather
Event Death
Date of event 1 October 1905
Surname Harris
Personal name Woolf
Address 43 Grosvenor Road, Highbury, London N.
Relatives Henry Harris (son) 40 Brighton Road, London N.
Col. D. Harris (son) Kimberley, South Africa
Alexander Harris (son) 92 Petherton Road, London N.
Barnett Harris (son) Johannesburg
Mrs Speelman (daughter) Johannesburg
Notes Deeply lamented by his beloved children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, nephews, nieces and a large circle of friends. May his soul rest in peace. Shiva at 92 Petherton Road, London N.
Tombstone set at Willesden Cemetery on 18 November 1906
JC issue date 6 October 1905
Auto 17829
HARRIS Barnett Philip (I0040078)
184 Death registered by Janey MANSON daughter of 57 Tramway St., Leeds, who was present, on 31st Oct 23. Cause of death pneumonia 5 days FREJDENBERG OR FREEMAN OR FREEDMAN Abraham (I0015565)
185 Death registration says birth 19 Feb 1902 NEWMAN Bertha Lily (I0031358)
186 Dec 1838 on gravestone BLAUMAN Rachael (Resia) (I0001863)
187 Derak gives birth Dec and death index gives it as Oct. SHAFFNER Maurice David (I0040926)
188 Description: Abraham Simon lived for a long time in South Africa. he came back in 1907 to marry Rachel Gorfunkle of Liverpool.His first two children (girls) were born in South Africa but the family returned to Sheffield pre WW1 where two sons were born.
GUTTENBERG Abraham Simon (I0038306)
189 Died in France, registered in Paris, not sure if this is burial or death date as appears in burials data set. MICHAEL Ruth Yvonne (I0038709)
190 Divorce Court File: 5936. Appellant: Miriam Lurie. Respondent: Jacob Lurie. Type: Wife's petition for divorce [wd]. Family F00012625
191 DOB given as 6.8.1910
Probate says died 25 March 1990 
FRANKS Adolph (I0040163)
192 DOB given at death but birth not found on indices FRANKS Mark (I0041239)
193 Dora Smush Smush, Dora 85 30-Jan-1979
DAVIES Dora (I0027435)
194 DRAPKIN 1903 Crumpsall  BLOCK Cecilia (I0004461)
195 DRAPKIN, Rose 31-Aug-1898 Age: 32  BERNSTEIN Rosa or Rachel (I0043466)
196 East Ham JOSEPH BOGANNY O/W CLIFTON 01/08/1943 P 16 522 BOGANNY OR TOLEDANO Joseph (Joe) (I0044831)
197 Either Becca or Rachel is Beatrice PLIENER later:
JC 14 May 1926 Engagement: Beatrice d/o Mr & Mrs A PLIENER 80 Louis St Leeds to Jack s/o Late Mr & Mrs OVITCH 53 Gathorne Terr 25 Apr 1926.
Marriage Sept-Dec qtr 1927 marriage Beatrice PLIENER and Abram JACOBVITCH (Beth Hamidrash Hagodel Synagogue, Leeds)

Died Beatrice OVITCH born 14 Feb 1894, died Apr-Jun 1975 Leeds.  
Family F00015314
198 Emigrated 1903 with children, on 1905 NY census but Abraham is widowed on 1910 US census. BAIM Dinah or Leah (I0022344)
199 ESTHER ETHEL BLOOMAN 23/07/1979 LX 38 49 BLOOMAN Esther Ethel (Essie) (I0044660)
200 Eva Davies Davies, Eva 19 27-May-1919
DAVIES Evelyn (I0027436)

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