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51 1911 133 Cambridge Rd., Bethnal Green (BLUMENTHAL):

Lipman S M 26, working jeweler, ditto Bethnal Green
Augusta W M 25, married 6 years, 2 children-both living, Whitechapel
Israel S 5, at school, Bethnal Green
Zara D 2, Bethnal Green
Family F00015404
52 1911 also contains Hyman ROSE, nephew, 10, school boy, born Leeds, at 86 Wynn St., Birmingham, Warks. OCKLINSKY Jane (I0014597)
53 1911 Census 37 Cheetham Hill Rd., H M 48, ladies tailor, Navelek, Poland; wife Golda M 48, Plinsh Russia; (died Sept qtr 1919 Prestwich); children Rachel 21 Manchester, Sophia 19 dressmaker Manchester, Minnie 18 typist Manchester, Sarah 16, ladies unclothing maker Manchester, Fanny 14 Manchester, Abraham 10 Manchester.
1911 Census 26 Hudson St., Preston Isaac H M 30, fancy goods dealer, Russian Poland, Rachel (nee MYERS) W M 21 Liverpool (married Dec qtr 1909 Hope Place Synagogue), Joseph A 8m Preston.
1911 Census 25 Grimshaw St., Preston (with Michael) Hyman boarder U 24 draper Manchester.
1911 Census 34 Halswell Lane, Cheetham Maurice H M 26 ladies tailor's cutter Manchester, Leah (nee GARBUTT) W M 24 Stockton (married Mar qtr 1908 Stockton) Harols S 1 Stockport, Marks cousin broker furniture Poland.
1911 Census 77 Hudson St., Preston Samuel (indexed as COPLAN) 44, Rachel COPLAN 35, Jane TRAGEN D U 14 assisting in business Manchester, Annie TRAGEN D 11 school Manchester.
1901 Census Preston Samuel H M 29 German, Rachel W M 25 Manchester, Jane D 4 Manchester, Annie D 1 Manchester, Solomon S 3m Manchester.
Samuel TRAGEN married Jun qtr 1894 Rachel LEVY New Syn/BHH.

David JC 12 Jan 1934 died 6 Jan 1934 at Southport (formerly of Manchester) husband of Tessie (remarried Jun qtr 1922 Mile End to Tesia B SZLADOWER)father of:
Maurice, Hymie, Abe, Leslie (born abt 1927 Ormskirk), Rae BARNETT (m. Alexander Dec qtr 1914 New Syn/BHH), Sophie LEVY (m. Daniel Mar qtr 1916 New Syn/BHH), Minnie ALEXANDER (m Noah Jun qtr 1919 New Syn/BHH), Fanny MARKS (m Harry AKA NEMEROVSKY 1922 New Syn/BHH); brother of:
Michael (Preston) and Mrs I KRAEGER (London). 
TRAGEN David (I0040542)
54 1911 census 4 Bell St., Leeds, Yorks.
Florrie TAYLOR S U 23, feller's hand, tailoring trade, worker, Russia (Poland), Pole  
TIGER Max (I0039854)
55 1915 CENSUS
Name: Anbrey S Harris
Birth Year: abt 1912
Birth Place: Canada
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Residence Place: Buffalo Ward 23, Erie
Relationship: Grandchild
Colour or Race: White
Number of years in US: 10 Weeks
Assembly District: 02
House Number: 74
Line Number: 31
Page Number: 06
Household Members:
Name Age
Ellis Levy (father of Minnie) 63
Sidney F Levy 25
Sheldon B Levy 21
Raymond M Levy 17
Isaac Harris 28
Minnie E Harris 28
Anbrey S Harris 3
1925 CENSUS lots of mistakes he should have been 38

Birth Date: abt 1897
Birth Place: United States
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Residence Place: Buffalo Ward 20, Erie
Relationship: Head
Colour or Race: White
Assembly District: 07
House Number: 314
Line Number: 33
Page Number: 32
Household Members:
Name Age
Isaac Harris 28
Minnie Harris 38
Aubrey Harris 13


Name: Isaac Harris
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: English
Age: 33
Record Type: Manifests
Birth Date: abt 1887
Birth Country: England
Arrival Date: Apr 1920
Port of Arrival: Buffalo, New York, USA
Residence Country: Canada
1940 Census
Name: Isaac Harris
Age: 53
Estimated birth year: abt 1887
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birthplace: England
Marital status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Head
Home in 1940: Buffalo, Erie, New York
Map of Home in 1940: View Map
Street: Inwood Place
House Number: 31
Farm: No
Inferred Residence in 1935: Buffalo, Erie, New York
Residence in 1935: Same Place
Resident on farm in 1935: No
Citizenship: Naturalized
Sheet Number: 7B
Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 192
Occupation: Watch Worker
Industry: Jeweler
House Owned or Rented: Rented
Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented: 40
Attended School or College: No
Highest Grade Completed: High School, 4th year
Duration of Unemployment: 13
Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker in private work
Weeks Worked in 1939: 52
Income: 2080
Income Other Sources: Yes
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Isaac Harris 53
Minnie E Harris 52
Name: Isaac Harris
Birth Year: abt 1887
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birthplace: England
Marital status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Head
Home in 1930: Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA
Map of Home: View Map
Street address: Winspear Ave.
Ward of City: 17th
Block: 1607
House Number: 514
Dwelling Number: 256
Family Number: 309
Home Owned or Rented: Owned
Home Value: 9, 000
Radio Set: Yes
Lives on Farm: No
Age at first Marriage: 24
Attended School: No
Able to Read and Write: Yes
Father's Birthplace: Poland
Mother's Birthplace: Poland
Language Spoken: English
Immigration Year: 1915
Naturalization: Naturalized
Able to Speak English: Yes
Occupation: Watch Maker
Industry: Watch Repairing
Class of Worker: Working on own account
Employment: Yes
Household Members:
Name Age
Isaac Harris 43
Minnie E Harris 43
Aubrey S Harris 18
Isaac Harris
in the U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942

Name: Isaac Harris
Gender: Male
Race: White
Residence Age: 55
Birth Date: 11 Mar 1887
Birth Place: Leeds, England
Residence Date: 1942
Residence Place: Buffalo, New York, USA
Occupation: Isaac Harris
Height: 5 5
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Gray
Weight: 170
Complexion: Ruddy
Name: Isaac Harris
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birth Date: 11 Mar 1889
Birth Place: United Kingdom
Father: Abraham Harris really ROZENKOPF/Rosenhead
Mother: Freda Yeretski
SSN: 122053293
Notes: Sep 1937: Name listed as ISAAC HARRIS 
HARRIS Isaac (I0005019)
56 1927/2/1 WEINRIB Polly 52 Northfield Villas 4
WEINBERG Pola (Polly) (I0044493)
57 1936/3/3 11B 204 KAYE Marie Esther 23 not given Helmsley Road 2 KAYE William Clothing manfr.
1936/3/3 11B 204 RAKUSEN Montague 26 Solicitor Glenpnar ? Stainbeck Lane RAKUSEN Lloyd Biscuit manfr.
Family F00011511
58 1937/12/16 11B 220 CAMRASS Roland Daniel 28 Cloth manftr. Rutland Road, Harrogate CAMRASS Reuben Clothing manfr.
1937/12/16 11B 220 RAKUSEN Netta 24 not given Glenpnar ? Stainbeck Lane RAKUSEN Lloyd Biscuit manfr.
Family F00011541
59 1940 census says born Georgia; California death index says born Rhode Island Bertha (I0040827)
60 1940/7/3 A36 GOLDBERG Harris 68 Jewish Hospital
GOLDBERG Harris (I0044852)
61 1959/5/21 40 GOLDBERG Selina 86 Tsiporah b. Eliezer;
GROTSKY Selina (I0009826)
62 1961/9/14 10 LEE Harry 59 Tsvi b. Shaul
LEE Harry (I0019173)
63 1969/8/11 42 GOLDBERG Rose 70 Rashi b. Nochum Hirsh; GOLDBERG Rosey (I0044854)
64 1977/10/1 GOLDBERG Abe 69 St. James Hospital Avrohom Dov b. Tsvi
GOLDBERG Abe (I0044859)
65 1983/1/31 LEE Lily 78 St. James Hospital
GOLDBERG Leah (Lily) (I0019174)
66 1986/4/20 GOLDBERG Bertha 77 West Park Drive East 102 Basha b. Zeev 
WOLFSON Bertha (I0033571)
67 1991/12/23 VIGDOR Harry 69
VIGDOR Harry (I0044133)
FINEBERG Benjamin (I0006060)
PRICEMAN Doreen (I0044448)
70 21 in 1861 at own marriage (to Resia BLAUMAN) and 24 in 1864 at birth of Sarna CHMELNICK Isaac (Fajbus) (I0015346)
71 21/10/1935 LIPMAN FANNY 70 55 BYRON ST. 304 
BAKER Fanny (I0002274)
72 21/11/1974 LEACHMAN SAM 67 18 NORMAN TERR. A/30/16 7 KISLEV
LEACHMAN Sam (I0044862)
YULES Walter (I0006169)
74 23/7/1982 TAYLOR MARGARET age 75 address 36 THORN LANE Plot A/17/44 Hebrew date 3 AV Death GRO ref. dob 30 September 1906 Vol. 05 0232 DUNNE Margaret (I0044199)
SHAPIRO Maurice V (I0044450)
76 27 November 1928 10B 80 COLENSKI (KALINSKY) RACHEL (Ruth) 23 Brooklyn Villa, W. Park St. Dewsbury KALINSKY Wolf Cloth merchant
27 November 1928 10B 80 LIVINGSTONE Harry 25 Financier 14 Arnside Rd. Southport LIVINGSTONE Lewis Financier
Family F00015752
77 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F00015759
78 30/11/1975 VIGDOR BARNETT 84 1 LEAFIELD DRIVE A/13/59 26 KISLEV
VIGDOR Barnet/Barney (I0044126)
79 337 Georgia Ave., Brooklyn 1915 NY census
Joe NORMAN H M 66, Russia, alien, tailor.
Dora NORMAN W M 49, Russia, alien.
Fannie NORMAN, D U 15, Russia, school, alien.

337 Georgia Ave., Brooklyn 1920 census
Joe NORMAN H M 72, arrived 1909 alien, can't read or write, presser, born Russia as were parents.
Dora NORMAN W M 50, arrived 1909, alien, reads & writes, born Russia as were parents.

302 Cheaters? St., Brooklyn 1925 census of NY
Joseph NORMAN H M 72, alien, tailor, born Russia.
Dora NORMAN W M 55, alien, housewife, born Russia.

302 Che?? St., Brooklyn 1930 census
Joe NORMAN H M 80, arrived 1907, sickness, first married at 20, Yiddish, born Russia as were parents.
Dora NORMAN W M 59, arrived 1907, first married at 29, Yiddish, born Russia as were parents. 
TAYLOR Abraham (I0039822)
80 34n G47  JACOBSEN Sophia (I0044063)
81 46925 112713 1916/08/26 00:00:00 Saxon Babbin Ada Alien Non-Transmigrant" Nil Russia South Africa Shipping Manifest 1916-1920
FISHMAN Ada (I0045020)
82 5 1965/1/23 OC50 BASS Henry Mexborough Drive 42 20 Shevat Hilltop Cemetery, Old Central (Mariempoler)
83 5:154 (POSSIBLY BLOCH) Jane (I0006182)
84 6/4/1977 VIGDOR SAMUEL 81 17 THE AVE.ANDOVER A/35/11 18 NISSAN
VIGDOR Samuel (I0025440)
85 7 May 1946 Dawid NIECHCICKI (NECHTCHEETSKY) 64 Pyrland Rd., London tailor born Piotzkow Russia (now Poland) Dec 1904, Polish, married to Frajda, s/o Jacob & Cypa (nee LEFCOVITCH) NIECHCICKI (mother is Polish), mother?s passport has NIECHCICKIEJO, acquired Polish nationality as a minor in 1918 when his family became Polish, elder daughter?s name is Phyllis, Polish passport issued in London 30 Jul 1925. Marriage cert and birth certs of 2 daughters provided. Wife is Frajda nee KLUGER Phyllis resides with him and is shorthand typist daughter Helen resides with him and is at secondary school. He states he was born about Christmas 1904 not knowing his true DOB he adopted 25th Dec when he came to UK. No schooling and in 1916 started work as a tailor?s assistant in Piotrkow. In Jan 1920 his mother brought him to London where his father had been working since 1913-he worked for his father, a tailor, until he (father) retired in 1947; married Frajda KLUGER London 18 June 1929; Phyllis 11 Jan 1931 London & Helen 17 Aug 1935 London NECHTCHEETSKY NIECHCICKI LATER JACOB Dawid later David (I0041253)
VELINSKY LATER VAUGHAN Max (Matthew) (I0044284)
87 752 W 16 Adellman Solomon 02/09/1943 65 Emma Sons Daughters Broken fallen 
ADELMAN Solomon (I0024240)
ROSENBERG Evelyn (I0044865)
89 89400 Babbin Edith 1871 27/06/1944 73 Johannesburg, West Park FISHMAN Ada (I0045020)
90 8A:485 YULES (Abraham) Isaac (I0006181)
91 9 Dec 1893 Spartan Southampton to Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth) RSA
Also with family is GOLDBERG, Lily, 16 
GOLDBERG Fanny (I0001146)
92 9/148  ERDBERG Esther (I0044365)
VIGDOR Simon (I0033471)
94 9/9/1965 VIGDOR ALICE 69 23 COWPER ST. A/13/58 12 ELLUL
FISHERMAN Alice (I0044129)
95 91179 Babbin Hilda 1903 22/09/1964 61 Johannesburg, West Park BABBIN Hilda (I0045024)
96 A Meeting of Minds

An interesting sub-text to the life of Professor Selig Brodetsky is to be found in his dealings with Montague Burton, the clothing manufacturer and retailer. It was perhaps inevitable that the two should become friends, given their intellectual abilities and shared interest in Zionism. This friendship can be traced back to the early 1920s, when Burton approached Brodetsky with a request that he join him in the running of his business. We are fortunate in having written accounts from both men as to what occurred at that time.

According to Brodetsky, it was in 1923 that Burton suggested he join him in what was already a major business concern. He remembered the occasion well, thirty years later in his Memoirs. He had come to Leeds in 1920 to take up a post at the University of Leeds, where he was soon to become Professor of Applied Mathematics. Preparations were then being made to establish the appropriate Chair within the relevant Department, and he wanted "to remain an academic man", especially since he was preoccupied with writing and publishing papers in the Proceedings of the Royal Society. But he did ask Burton if it would be possible for him to have time off, to devote to his Zionist work. He was told that it must be "a full-time job." And so he "turned it down."

The voluminous diaries of Montague Burton (they run to 919 pages!) contain the entrepreneur's own version of what happened, which essentially confirms that of Professor Brodetsky: he told him the role would "have to be 100 per cent", only to find that Brodetsky "promptly declined the offer", even though it would have meant "an income equivalent to that of a cabinet minister." Evidently somewhat bemused by this response, Burton noted that "the average man" would likely "suffer torment" before arriving at a decision in the matter, but "not so in his case." He "simply weighs the pros and cons on his mathematical scale"!

A leading economic historian has described this as "one of the tantalising might-have-beens of history", trying to speculate as to what might have come to pass had Brodetsky chosen to accept this offer. It would, after all, have united the commercial genius of Sir Montague with the brilliance of the mathematician and polymath. Alas, we shall never know!

Stephanie Jefford 31 Oct 2016 
BRODETSKY Selig (I0041733)
97 A.M. Hurwitz was living at '18, St. George, Dartmouth Road, [London] N.W.2' in 1921, and from mid-1925 to at least 1939, at no. 56, Harehills Avenue, Leeds 7. This is in the north eastern district of the city known as Chapeltown, which was home to many members of the Jewish community before the postwar relocation to Moortown. Dora Rebecca was officially living at no. 56 from 1929 [sic], to at least 1939. Both she and he disappear from the electoral rolls for that address after World War II and there were for security and economy reasons no registers published during that war. I have not so far found out why she is not listed at that address until later.

'Max Hurwitz' is listed as no. 205 on the Nazi 'Wanted List' of 1940, drawn up when they were contemplating invasion of this country, and this (terrifyingly) locates him at the same address.You wonder how they knew.

He appears in the Membership Lists of the Jewish Historical Society of England between 1921 and 1931. I have not checked before 1921 or after 1931.

Sources say he was a leading member of the Sinai Movement from its foundation in Leeds in 1919 and that this was still so in 1925, and that on his watch some 400 people passed through its ranks; a press report from 1925 identifies it as the Sinai Association and says he was the Founder and President for the first five years of its existence. The Sinai was an Orthodox educational organisation for the young. He was by 1925 a Barrister, practising on the North Eastern Circuit, and held the degree of LL.B. He was also Treasurer and Vice President of the Brunswick Ward Liberal Party Association in Leeds and 'formerly minister of the Psalm[s] of David Synagogue.' In August 1926, he stood against Professor Selig Brodetsky (1888-1954) in the first contested election for delegate to the Zionist Congress/Mizrachi, but lost.

HURWITZ Alter Max (I0040221)
98 Aaron Berko Guttenberg was born in Rajgrod in Lomza gubernia in NE Poland in c 1845. He was a twin (his twin was Jacob). He came to Hull in c 1865 with his wife and baby daughter.He died in Cleethorpes in 1911. He was Treasurer of the Grimsby congregation after he moved there from Hull after 1895. GUTTENBERG Aaron Berko (I0038296)
99 ABRAHAM ZALIG BLOOMAN 17/12/1897 A 9 57 BLUMAN (BLOOMAN) Abram (Abraham Zelig) (I0044389)
100 ADA LEVY 09/09/1986 B 3 154 GOODSIR Ada Freda (Peggy) (I0044707)

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