Algoa Bay to Southampton



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travelled    Person ID 
1 GOLDBERG Fanny  3 May 1899Algoa Bay to Southampton I0001146
2 RATHBONE Alexander  3 May 1899Algoa Bay to Southampton I0005316
3 RATHBONE Jeanetta Dorothy  3 May 1899Algoa Bay to Southampton I0026182
4 RATHBONE Lionel  3 May 1899Algoa Bay to Southampton I0005314
5 RATHBONE Morris or Maurice  3 May 1899Algoa Bay to Southampton I0005312
6 RATHBONE (ROTHBOM) Victor  3 May 1899Algoa Bay to Southampton I0005313

UK Incoming Passenger

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    UK Incoming Passenger    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER Reika Ophelia  21 Aug 1923Algoa Bay to Southampton I0030730
2 GOLDMAN Cecilia  21 Aug 1923Algoa Bay to Southampton I0031395
3 GOLDMAN ORIGINALLY YANKELOVICH OR YANKELOVICS Samuel  21 Aug 1923Algoa Bay to Southampton I0030729