Boot rivetter


Occupation at marriage

Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at marriage    Person ID 
1 APPLESON Solomon  1913Boot rivetter I0002219
2 BERELOVICH Jacob  1900Boot rivetter I0020409
3 CAVERSON Barnett  1899Boot rivetter I0019451
4 COHEN Abraham  1899Boot rivetter I0013293
5 COHEN Lewis  1887Boot rivetter I0015427
6 CRYSTAL Isaac  1896Boot rivetter I0016240
7 DALINSKY Ben Hyman  1902Boot rivetter I0022117
8 FELDMAN Harris  1903Boot rivetter I0022154
9 FISHMAN Jacob  1897Boot rivetter I0016766
10 FLAX Morris H  1902Boot rivetter I0019293
11 FLAXMAN Lazarus  1898Boot rivetter I0008586
12 GOLDBERG Hyman Lewis  1895Boot rivetter I0028202
13 GREEN Morris  1871Boot rivetter I0001259
14 GREEN Samuel  1893Boot rivetter I0021546
15 HURWITZ Reuben Henry  1907Boot Rivetter I0033729
16 KEISER Mark  1873Boot rivetter I0014563
17 KERSALL Philip  1895Boot rivetter I0012690
18 LEVI Wolfe  1899Boot rivetter I0023381
19 LYONS Isaiah  1896Boot rivetter I0007864
20 MILLER Harris  1899Boot rivetter I0011777
21 MYERS Harris  1895Boot rivetter I0023163
22 NATHAN Louis  1905Boot rivetter I0012074
23 PEARLMAN Joe  1897Boot rivetter I0019355
24 REISS Marks  1880Boot rivetter I0001772
25 SAFFER Harry  1898Boot rivetter I0019685
26 SAPERIA Louis  1903Boot rivetter I0001940
27 SILVERBERG Isaac  1894Boot rivetter I0005592
28 SUGARMAN Barnet  1890Boot rivetter I0013736
29 TEEMAN Myer  1887Boot rivetter I0034235
30 VEDENBURG Elkin  1904Boot rivetter I0025410
31 WINESTEIN Myer Morris  1907Boot rivetter I0025766
32 WINESTEIN Samuel  1893Boot rivetter I0021495