Hull, Yorks.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AARONS Lewis  Abt 1871Hull, Yorks. I0029795
2 ABRAHAM Fanny  Abt 1851Hull, Yorks. I202
3 ABRAHAM Harris  Abt 1849Hull, Yorks. I200
4 ABRAHAM Hyman  Abt 1876Hull, Yorks. I920
5 ABRAHAM Joseph  Abt 1875Hull, Yorks. I919
6 ABRAHAM Rachael  Abt 1849Hull, Yorks. I201
7 ABRAHAMS Moses  Abt 1853Hull, Yorks. I186
8 ABRAMS Sam  Abt 1892Hull, Yorks. I0020024
9 ALBERT Esther  Abt 1898Hull, Yorks. I0020168
10 AUDUS Dorothy Mary  25 Jan 1907Hull, Yorks. I170
11 AUDUS Duncan  Abt May 1913Hull, Yorks. I1230
12 AUDUS Harry  Abt 1879Hull, Yorks. I166
13 AUDUS Harry  25 Apr 1917Hull, Yorks. I169
14 BASKIN Hannah  Abt 1899Hull, Yorks. I776
15 BELCHER Sarah  Abt 1854Hull, Yorks. I0027378
16 BERG Rebecca  Abt 1860Hull, Yorks. I0023535
17 BLUMENTHAL Henry  Abt 1876Hull, Yorks. I0014011
18 BOGUSLAVSKE Annie  Abt 1898Hull, Yorks. I0026888
19 BOGUSLAVSKE Barnet  Abt 1902Hull, Yorks. I0043373
20 BOGUSLAVSKE Bella  15 Jun 1903Hull, Yorks. I0043368
21 BOGUSLAVSKE Fanny or Fay  Abt 1904Hull, Yorks. I0043369
22 BOGUSLAVSKE Joseph  Jan-Mar 1913Hull, Yorks. I0030144
23 BOGUSLAVSKE Samuel Wolfe  Abt Oct 1900Hull, Yorks. I0026889
24 BOGUSLAVSKE Sarah (Sadie)  Abt 1906Hull, Yorks. I0043370
25 BOGUSLAVSKE unknown  Abt 1910Hull, Yorks. I0043374
26 BOGUSLAVSKE (LATER BOSTON) Jessie or Jessica  22 May 1909Hull, Yorks. I0043372
27 BOGUSLAVSKE (LATER BOSTON) Rebecca (later Peggy)  28 Feb 1908Hull, Yorks. I0043371
28 BRANSKI Myer  Abt 1888Hull, Yorks. I0020790
29 BUSH Joseph  Abt 1868Hull, Yorks. I0028625
30 BUSH Matilda  Abt 1872Hull, Yorks. I0028691
31 COHEN Solomon  Abt 1869Hull, Yorks. I415
32 COUPLAND Dolly  Abt 1895Hull, Yorks. I0035261
33 COUPLAND Lewis  Abt 1899Hull, Yorks. I0035263
34 COUPLAND Moses  Abt 1901Hull, Yorks. I0035264
35 COUPLAND Philly  Abt 1893Hull, Yorks. I0035262
36 CUCKILL Becky  Abt 1899Hull, Yorks. I0034804
37 CUCKILL Leah  Abt 1897Hull, Yorks. I0034803
38 CUCKILL Rachel  Abt Dec 1900Hull, Yorks. I0034805
39 DE MEZA Addie  Abt 1885Hull, Yorks. I0015214
40 DE MEZA Bertie  Abt 1889Hull, Yorks. I0015217
41 DE MEZA Jack  Abt 1886Hull, Yorks. I0015215
42 DRUIFF Isabella  Abt 1844Hull, Yorks. I0017703
43 DRUIFF Rebecca  Abt 1844Hull, Yorks. I0017702
44 FELDMAN Alfred  Abt 1878Hull, Yorks. I0024564
45 FELDMAN Bertram  Abt 1874Hull, Yorks. I0024567
46 FELDMAN Ezra Levi  Abt 1859Hull, Yorks. I0025628
47 FELDMAN Gertrude  Abt 1860Hull, Yorks. I0025637
48 FELDMAN Gertrude  Abt 1876Hull, Yorks. I0024565
49 FELDMAN Rebecca  Abt 1880Hull, Yorks. I0024566
50 FELDMAN Sarah  Abt 1857Hull, Yorks. I0025636

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bertha  7 Nov 1945Hull, Yorks. I119
2 Leah  Jan-Mar 1918Hull, Yorks. I96
3 Masha or Mary  12 Jan 1931Hull, Yorks. I0040399
4 ALTMAN Dinah  24 Jan 1980Hull, Yorks. I0021605
5 ANNIE  Between Apr and Jun 1940Hull, Yorks. I0038255
6 APPLESON Wolfe  Between Apr and Jun 1932Hull, Yorks. I0029898
7 AUDUS Harry  Apr-Jun 1919Hull, Yorks. I166
8 BAKER Sarah Esther  01 Nov 1962Hull, Yorks. I0006409
9 BERLINSKIE Isaac  Between Oct and Dec 1899Hull, Yorks. I0015273
10 BETSY  Between Oct and Dec 1899Hull, Yorks. I0028531
11 BOGUSLAVSKE Barnet  Jan-Mar 1903Hull, Yorks. I0043373
12 BOGUSLAVSKE Joseph  Jan-Mar 1913Hull, Yorks. I0030144
13 BOGUSLAVSKE Joseph  30 Jan 1950Hull, Yorks. I0026886
14 BOGUSLAVSKE unknown  Oct-Dec 1910Hull, Yorks. I0043374
15 BURNARD Samuel  Jan-Mar 1941Hull, Yorks. I0042350
16 BUSH Claude Joseph  1984Hull, Yorks. I0028616
17 COHEN Milton Myer  Oct-Dec 1992Hull, Yorks. I0043536
18 COUPLAND David KAPLAN  06 Oct 1933Hull, Yorks. I0035253
19 FINEBERG Annie  12 Jun 1918Hull, Yorks. I107
20 FINESTEIN Solomon  Mar 1956Hull, Yorks.  I0041962
21 FRANKS Frances  11 Aug 1982Hull, Yorks. I0040393
22 GARCIA Abigail  Jul-Sep 1850Hull, Yorks. I0044029
23 GERSTEIN Israel  Jan-Mar 1948Hull, Yorks. I0038264
24 GRABINE Bass  Oct-Dec 1982Hull, Yorks.  I0041383
25 GRABINE Hyman Moses  Oct-Dec 1969Hull, Yorks.  I0041393
26 GRABINE Lawrence  Jan-Mar 1986Hull, Yorks.  I0041405
27 GRABINE Lazarus  20 Aug 1905Hull, Yorks.  I0041385
28 GRABINE Mildred or Millie  Oct-Dec 1988Hull, Yorks.  I0041391
29 GUTTENBERG Marks Zechariah  1872Hull, Yorks.  I0041702
30 HALNOSKY Isaac  Apr-Jun 1955Hull, Yorks. I0044152
31 HALNOSKY Jacob Max  Jul-Sept 1908Hull, Yorks. I0044157
32 HALNOSKY HALON Joseph  22 Jul 1988Hull, Yorks. I0044151
33 HANNAH  26 Dec 1914Hull, Yorks. I0027326
34 HUCKIN Eric Walter  Sep 1991Hull, Yorks. I0038044
35 HUCKIN Garth Cedric  Jul-Sep 1995Hull, Yorks. I0038045
36 JACOBSEN Sophia  11 Jun 1939Hull, Yorks. I0044063
37 JULIA  28 Feb 1876Hull, Yorks. I0025655
38 KERSHENVORTZEL Sarah  14 Jul 1980Hull, Yorks. I0040378
39 KESTEN(BAUM) Harry  May 1992Hull, Yorks. I0040384
40 KESTENBAUM Ansell  18 Jun 1982Hull, Yorks. I0040390
41 KESTENBAUM Hyman Benjamin  Jan-Mar 1899Hull, Yorks. I0040381
42 KESTENBAUM Moses  04 Aug 1985Hull, Yorks. I0040383
43 KESTENBAUM Samuel Aaron  03 May 1924Hull, Yorks. I0040377
44 LANDA Astor  Aug 2006Hull, Yorks. I0010780
45 LANDA Eva  Jan-Mar 1975Hull, Yorks.  I0010750
46 LANDA Hyman  Apr-Jun 1980Hull, Yorks. I0010751
47 LEVIN Lily Ruth  05 May 2002Hull, Yorks. I0033745
48 LEVY Netta  18 Jul 1927Hull, Yorks. I0040348
49 LEVY Rosetta  13 Dec 1905Hull, Yorks. I0025632
50 LICHTENSTEIN Morris Wolf  20 Jan 1899Hull, Yorks. I0011922

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Arrived in UK

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrived in UK    Person ID 
1 DAICHES Salis  1904Hull, Yorks. I0034404

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM Fanny  Apr-Jun 1851Hull, Yorks. I202
2 ABRAHAM Harris  Oct-Dec 1849Hull, Yorks. I200
3 ABRAHAM Hyman  Apr-Jun 1877Hull, Yorks. I920
4 ABRAHAM Joseph  Jan-Mar 1876Hull, Yorks. I919
5 ABRAHAM Rachael  Oct-Dec 1849Hull, Yorks. I201
6 BASKIN Hannah  Jul-Sep 1899Hull, Yorks. I776
7 COHEN Emily  Jan-Mar 1872Hull, Yorks. I0007590
8 COHEN Solomon  Jan-Mar 1870Hull, Yorks. I415
9 FINEBERG Lily  Oct-Dec 1892Hull, Yorks. I0007807
10 FINEBERG Minnie  Apr-Jun 1897Hull, Yorks. I0034797
11 FINEBERG Rebecca (Betty)  Jul-Sept 1900Hull, Yorks. I0028622
12 FINEBERG Samuel  Oct-Dec 1895Hull, Yorks. I0044064
13 GINSBERG Fanny  Jan-Mar 1882Hull, Yorks. I0004018
14 GINSBERG Rosie  Apr-Jun 1880Hull, Yorks. I0004021
15 HALNOSKY Jacob Max  Jul-Sept 1907Hull, Yorks. I0044157
16 HALNOSKY Samuel Lazarus  Jan-Mar 1906Hull, Yorks. I0044156
17 HALNOSKY Zalman (Sydney)  Oct-Dec 1911Hull, Yorks. I0044155
18 HALNOSKY HALON Joseph  Oct-Dec 1909Hull, Yorks. I0044151
19 KNEPEL Leon  Oct-Dec 1904Hull, Yorks. I0043198
20 LEVINE Harris  Jan-Mar 1914Hull, Yorks. I151
21 LEVINE Lily Dorothy  Jul-Sep 1909Hull, Yorks. I148
22 LEVINE Nita  Apr-Jun 1912Hull, Yorks. I152
23 LOCKITCH Edith  Oct-Dec 1909Hull, Yorks. I0041653
24 LOCKITCH Max  Apr-Jun 1901Hull, Yorks. I0041668
25 MOSS Aaron  Jan-Mar 1868Hull, Yorks. I0044881
26 MOSS Betsy  Jan-Mar 1864Hull, Yorks. I0000323
27 MOSS Fanny  Jul-Sep 1866Hull, Yorks. I0000329
28 MOSS Louis  Oct-Dec 1859Hull, Yorks. I0011944
29 MOSS Samuel  Jul-Sep 1869Hull, Yorks. I0011946
30 VINEGRAD Barnet  Jan-Mar 1901Hull, Yorks. I91
31 VINEGRAD David  Jan-Mar 1906Hull, Yorks. I104
32 VINEGRAD Gustav  Apr-Jun 1899Hull, Yorks. I98
33 VINEGRAD Gustav  Jan-Mar 1908Hull, Yorks. I108
34 VINEGRAD Joseph  Apr-Jun 1911Hull, Yorks. I106
35 VINEGRAD Theresa  Jan-Mar 1910Hull, Yorks. I105
36 VINEGRAD Victor  Jan-Mar 1920Hull, Yorks. I113
37 WACHOLDER Joel  Apr-Jun 1859Hull, Yorks. I0015209
38 YULES Harry  Jul-Sep 1899Hull, Yorks. I0009761
39 YULES Rita  Jul-Sept 1898Hull, Yorks. I0009767

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 Bertha  Oct-Dec 1945Hull, Yorks. I119
2 Leah  Jan-Mar 1918Hull, Yorks. I96
3 ALTMAN Dinah  Jan-Mar 1980Hull, Yorks. I0021605
4 AUDUS Harry  Apr-Jun 1919Hull, Yorks. I166
5 COHEN Milton Myer  Oct-Dec 1992Hull, Yorks. I0043536
6 COOPER Chaim Joshua  Dec 1999Hull, Yorks. I0045240
7 DAVIS Selina (Paulina)  Jan-Mar 1890Hull, Yorks. I0000008
8 FINEBERG Annie  Apr-Jun 1918Hull, Yorks. I107
9 HALNOSKY Jacob Max  Jul-Sep 1908Hull, Yorks. I0044157
10 HALNOSKY HALON Joseph  Jul-Sep 1988Hull, Yorks. I0044151
11 MANHAM Eric Victor  Jul-Sep 1940Hull, Yorks. I0018585
12 MOSS Aaron  Apr-Jun 1869Hull, Yorks. I0044881
13 MOSS David  Oct-Dec 1909Hull, Yorks. I0000229
14 RAPHAEL Abraham (later Arthur)  Oct-Dec 1965Hull, Yorks. I0015765
15 SUGARMAN Sam R  Oct-Dec 1940Hull, Yorks. I136
16 VINEGRAD Abraham  Jul-Sep 1938Hull, Yorks. I118
17 VINEGRAD Gertrude  Jan-Mar 1976Hull, Yorks. I121
18 VINEGRAD Gustav  Jul-Sep 1962Hull, Yorks. I98
19 VINEGRAD Harry  June 2006Hull, Yorks. I111
20 WILDER Hyman Reuben  Jul-Sep 1964Hull, Yorks. I220
21 WOOLFE Sarah  Jan-Mar 1894Hull, Yorks. I0034794


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 FINEBERG Rebecca (Betty)  1905Hull, Yorks. I0028622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 HALNOSKY Moses (Maurice)  12 Sep 1958Hull, Yorks. I0044158


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DAICHES Salis  Between 1904 and 1908Hull, Yorks. I0034404

Residence 1907

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence 1907    Person ID 
1 SAPE J Marks  Hull, Yorks. I0018345


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Vaccination    Person ID 
1 GOLDBERG Fanny  14 Dec 1864Hull, Yorks. I0001146


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABRAHAMS / VICE  Jul-Sep 1875Hull, Yorks. F00001968
2 BUSH / LANG  Between Jul and Sep 1927Hull, Yorks. F00010422
3 PLOWMAN / MARKSON  29 Aug 1929Hull, Yorks. F00005934

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 ABRAHAMS / VICE  Jul-Sep 1875Hull, Yorks. F00001968
2 ALTMAN / VINEGRAD  Oct-Dec 1924Hull, Yorks. F40
3 ASHER / MOSS  Jan-Mar 1905Hull, Yorks. F00016089
4 HALNOSKY / LANCH  Jul-Sept 1921Hull, Yorks. F00015806
5 HALNOSKY / WRIGHT  Jul-Sep 1956Hull, Yorks. F00015809
6 SUGARMAN / VINEGRAD  Jan-Mar 1902Hull, Yorks. F37
7 VINEGRAD / FINEBURG  Jan-Mar 1919Hull, Yorks. F39
8 VINEGRAD / JACOBS  Jul-Sep 1938Hull, Yorks. F36
9 WILDER / MOSES  Oct-Dec 1920Hull, Yorks. F69