Leicester, Leics.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANNE  Abt 1874Leicester, Leics. I0019548
2 LAZARUS Israel  Abt 1874Leicester, Leics. I0004333
3 PANTOFEL Rachel  Abt 1874Leicester, Leics. I0012284
4 PANTOFEL Rachel  Abt 1874Leicester, Leics. I0032407
5 SOLOMON Amelia  Abt 1875Leicester, Leics. I0019510
6 SOLOMON Matilda  Abt 1877Leicester, Leics. I0019511
7 HARBOUR Fanny  Abt 1880Leicester, Leics. I0018175
8 LOWETH Lily E  Abt 1881Leicester, Leics. I0038339
9 POYSER Maurice  Abt 1881Leicester, Leics. I0018238
10 PANTOFEL Miriam  Abt 1886Leicester, Leics. I0012282
11 PANTOFEL Miriam  Abt 1886Leicester, Leics. I0032406
12 DOVE Maurice  Abt 1891Leicester, Leics. I0026848
13 ABRAHAMS Flora  Abt 1899Leicester, Leics. I0029805
14 MORRIS Betsy  Abt Nov 1900Leicester, Leics. I0021944
15 SIRKIN Miriam  4 Aug 1901Leicester, Leics. I0033804
16 SIRKIN Benjamin  Abt 1904Leicester, Leics. I0033803
17 ALLURED Israel  Abt 1906Leicester, Leics. I0038330
18 ALLURED Abraham  Abt 1907Leicester, Leics. I0038331
19 ALLURED Rebecca  Abt 1908Leicester, Leics. I0038332
20 ALLURED Rose  Abt 1908Leicester, Leics. I0038335
21 ALLURED Lewis  Abt 1909Leicester, Leics. I0038333
22 ALLURED Florence  Abt Feb 1911Leicester, Leics. I0038334
23 STARFIELD Cyril P  31 Jul 1913Leicester, Leics. I0033989
24 LURIE Gerald B  15 Jul 1932Leicester, Leics. I0033812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HOLLANDER George Reuben  May 1883Leicester, Leics. I0018216
2 ALLURED Rose  Apr-Jun 1909Leicester, Leics. I0038335
3 SALOMON Henry  Jan-Mar 1933Leicester, Leics. I0000581
4 ROSENTHAL Gittle  Oct-Dec 1946Leicester, Leics. I0012898
5 HOFFENBERG Annie  22 Dec 1949Leicester, Leics. I0014941
6 ALLURED Robert Alfred  Jul-Sep 1952Leicester, Leics. I0038328
7 SIRKIN Morris  May 1960Leicester, Leics. I0033720
8 CRAMMER Hyman (Hymie)  Apr-Jun 1963Leicester, Leics. I0038021
9 SIRKIN David  30 Oct 1963Leicester, Leics. I0001898
10 NUSSBAUM Sylvia (Sarah)  21 May 1965Leicester, Leics. I0037910
11 UMANSKI MASON Harry  Mar 1990Leicester, Leics. I0035229
12 COTSON Sidney  07 Jul 1996Leicester, Leics. I0038967
13 WINER LATER NORTON-WAYNE Leonard  11 Dec 2007Leicester, Leics. I0045105
14 SIRKIN Elsie  Oct 2009Leicester, Leics. I0033805

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 LURIE Rita A  Apr-Jun 1930Leicester, Leics. I0033811
2 LURIE Gerald B  Jul-Sept 1932Leicester, Leics. I0033812

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 PINKER Manuel  Feb 1994Leicester, Leics. I691
2 WINER LATER NORTON-WAYNE Leonard  2007Leicester, Leics. I0045105


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SALOMON Henry  Dec 1926Leicester, Leics. I0000581


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BONDT / LURIE  Between Jul and Sep 1944Leicester, Leics. F00012626
2 STARFIELD / STUBBS  Between Jul and Sep 1942Leicester, Leics. F00012686
3 MARCUS / RAMEROFSKY  Jul-Sept 1921Leicester, Leics. F00012028
4 ALLURED / ROSENTHAL  Oct-Dec 1924Leicester, Leics. F00014458
5 SILVERSTONE / SIMMONS  Jan-Mar 1939Leicester, Leics. F00015209