Mile End, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABBEY Morris  Abt 1899Mile End, London I0039351
2 DA COSTA Esther Gomes  11 Jun 1817Mile End, London I0025736
3 JOSEPH Elizabeth  Abt 1890Mile End, London I0038963
4 MENGITZ Sarah Esther  Abt 1917Mile End, London I0025563
5 MYRON Henry  Abt 1898Mile End, London I0027316
6 NABARRO Rachel  Abt 1869Mile End, London I0027416
7 NADEL OR NARDELL Sydney G  Abt 1913Mile End, London I0042627
8 NATHAN Lewis  Abt 1867Mile End, London I0019871
9 NELSON Walter  Abt 1910Mile End, London I0034642
10 SILVERMAN Ada  Abt 1888Mile End, London I0028160
11 SILVERMAN Ada  Abt 1888Mile End, London I0033095
12 SOLOMON Lewis  Abt 1898Mile End, London I0004853
13 SOLOMON Myer  Abt 1897Mile End, London I0004852
14 WACKNER Annie  Abt 1887Mile End, London I0014677
15 WACKNER Jacob  Abt 1884Mile End, London I0014676
16 WARCHAVSKI Ronald  Abt 1921Mile End, London I0038861
17 WARCHEVSKI WARSON Lionel  26 Feb 1919Mile End, London I0038856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JESSEL Isabella A  Between Oct and Dec 1911Mile End, London I0034934
2 LEVENE Julia  Between Jul and Sep 1885Mile End, London I0019866


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANSELL Rebecca  Between Oct and Dec 1875Mile End, London I0000094


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRODETSKY / FOXMAN  Jan-Mar 1903Mile End, London F00006545
2 COHEN / ADDLEMAN  Jul-Sep 1917Mile End, London F00012398
3 GARLICK / MELOFSKY  Apr-Jun 1924Mile End, London F00009215
4 GERSTEIN / ISENBERG  Apr-Jun 1925Mile End, London F00003013
5 GOLDSTEIN / SHACKSHIVER  Jan-Mar 1921Mile End, London F00012681
6 HIPPS / RUBINSTEIN  Between Jul and Sep 1907Mile End, London F00010003
7 KAY / ELBAUM  Between Oct and Dec 1895Mile End, London F00012963
8 KRONMAN / BARON  Jul-Sep 1891Mile End, London F00007687
9 LEVY / MANTUS  Between Jul and Sep 1913Mile End, London F00013069
10 MENDELSOHN / FRIEDBERG  Jul-Sept 1922Mile End, London F00011238
11 MENGITZ / HUBERMAN  Jul-Sept 1904Mile End, London F00006783
12 NADEL or NARDELL / RABINOWITZ  Jul-Sept 1911Mile End, London F00012660
13 NATHAN / LEVY  Between Oct and Dec 1886Mile End, London F00007208
14 SAMUELS / ZACKLIN  Between Jul and Sep 1895Mile End, London F00009244
15 SEBEL / BLACK  Aug 1914Mile End, London F00012312
16 SIRKIN / MILLER  Between Jul and Sep 1894Mile End, London F00012581
17 SUGARE / WEBER  Between Apr and Jun 1896Mile End, London F00010366
18 ZILBERMAN / OBERSTEIN  27 Dec 1904Mile End, London F00013132

Marriage registration

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   Family    Marriage registration    Family ID 
1 ZILBERMAN / OBERSTEIN  Oct-Dec 1914Mile End, London F00013132