Norwich, Norfolk



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBOROUGH Alice Beatrice  Abt 1873Norwich, Norfolk I0021252
2 ALLURED Alice  Abt 1855Norwich, Norfolk I0038346
3 ALLURED Catherine  Abt 1851Norwich, Norfolk I0038345
4 ALLURED Clara  Abt 1858Norwich, Norfolk I0038347
5 ALLURED Eliza  Abt 1864Norwich, Norfolk I0038343
6 ALLURED Emily  Abt 1860Norwich, Norfolk I0038348
7 ALLURED Flora  Abt 1867Norwich, Norfolk I0038349
8 ALLURED James  Abt 1871Norwich, Norfolk I0038344
9 ALLURED Robert Alfred  Abt 1870Norwich, Norfolk I0038328
10 ALLURED William  Abt 1862Norwich, Norfolk I0038342
11 BARNEY Rosetta  Abt 1830Norwich, Norfolk I0038341
12 BERGEISKY Frances  Abt 1878Norwich, Norfolk I0016606
13 BRAHAMS Alfred  Abt 1896Norwich, Norfolk I0030164
14 BRAHAMS Florence  17 Aug 1898Norwich, Norfolk I0030166
15 BRAHAMS Harold  03 Feb 1905Norwich, Norfolk I0030167
16 BRAHAMS Leslie  27 Jul 1910Norwich, Norfolk I0030168
17 BRAHAMS Reginald  12 Feb 1909Norwich, Norfolk I0030169
18 BURKE Louis  28 Sep 1903Norwich, Norfolk I0040558
19 CAREY Ann Rose  Abt 1846Norwich, Norfolk I0038336
20 CLARKE Martha  Abt 1840Norwich, Norfolk I0021228
21 COHEN David  Abt May 1860Norwich, Norfolk I0039325
22 COHEN Jacob  1849Norwich, Norfolk I0039321
23 COHEN Jessie  Abt 1862Norwich, Norfolk I0039326
24 COHEN Rebecca  Abt 1850Norwich, Norfolk I0039322
25 COHEN Rosetta A  Abt 1857Norwich, Norfolk I0039324
26 COHEN Sarah  Abt 1852Norwich, Norfolk I0039323
27 ELIZA  Abt 1842Norwich, Norfolk I0021231
28 FALCKE Dora Charlotte  Abt 1851Norwich, Norfolk I0019531
29 FALCKE Myer Beer  Abt 1849Norwich, Norfolk I0019536
30 FALCKE Uriah Phillip  Abt 1847Norwich, Norfolk I0019527
31 FOX Annie  Abt 1832Norwich, Norfolk I0044896
32 HALDINSTEIN Alfred Isaac  Abt 1850Norwich, Norfolk I0025944
33 HALDINSTEIN Alice  Abt 1855Norwich, Norfolk I0025952
34 HALDINSTEIN Caroline  Abt 1857Norwich, Norfolk I0025955
35 HALDINSTEIN Daphne  Abt 1898Norwich, Norfolk I0039006
36 HALDINSTEIN Eliza  Abt 1859Norwich, Norfolk I0025960
37 HALDINSTEIN Frank Wolfe  Abt 1895Norwich, Norfolk I0025973
38 HALDINSTEIN Geoffrey Phillip C  Abt 1883Norwich, Norfolk I0025951
39 HALDINSTEIN George  Abt 1892Norwich, Norfolk I0039004
40 HALDINSTEIN Henry Hyman  Abt 1862Norwich, Norfolk I0025943
41 HALDINSTEIN Iris  Abt 1903Norwich, Norfolk I0039008
42 HALDINSTEIN Joyce  Abt Sept 1900Norwich, Norfolk I0039007
43 HALDINSTEIN Mary R E  Abt 1895Norwich, Norfolk I0039005
44 HALDINSTEIN Rose  Abt 1852Norwich, Norfolk I0025964
45 HALDINSTEIN Woolf  Abt 1848Norwich, Norfolk I0025927
46 HARRIET  Abt 1822Norwich, Norfolk I0021255
47 KLEIN Aredborlia?  Abt 1859Norwich, Norfolk I0039329
48 KLEIN Hermann  Abt 1856Norwich, Norfolk I0039327
49 KLEIN Maximillian  Abt 1857Norwich, Norfolk I0039328
50 LEVINE Henrietta  Abt 1848Norwich, Norfolk I0020754

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRAHAMS Alfred  1912Norwich, Norfolk I0030164
2 BURKE Louis  Jan 1985Norwich, Norfolk I0040558
3 CLARKE Martha  Between Apr and Jun 1897Norwich, Norfolk I0021228
4 COHEN Lazarus  1880Norwich, Norfolk I0039320
5 HANNAH  Between Jul and Sep 1869Norwich, Norfolk I0021226
6 SALKIND Esther  Between Jul and Sep 1874Norwich, Norfolk I0021230
7 SALKIND Evelin Martha  Between Oct and Dec 1886Norwich, Norfolk I0021239
8 SALKIND Samuel  Between Jul and Sep 1898Norwich, Norfolk I0021222
9 SALKIND Simon  21 Jan 1871Norwich, Norfolk I0021227
10 SALKIND Solomon  Between Jul and Sep 1904Norwich, Norfolk I0021225
11 SAMUEL Emma  Between Jan and Mar 1885Norwich, Norfolk I0025945
12 SOLOMON Rosetta  18 Jun 1877Norwich, Norfolk I0021201
13 SOMAN Abraham  Sep 1860Norwich, Norfolk I0034541
14 SOMAN Asher Emanuel  Between Oct and Dec 1934Norwich, Norfolk I0021208
15 SOMAN David  24 Dec 1875Norwich, Norfolk I0000125
16 SOMAN Frances  Jul-Sept 1903Norwich, Norfolk I0025982
17 SOMAN Frederic Victor  13 Feb 1871Norwich, Norfolk I0034543
18 SOMAN Isadore  10 Nov 1866Norwich, Norfolk I0034542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SAMUEL Emma  1885Norwich, Norfolk I0025945

Poss Birth Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Poss Birth Registration    Person ID 
1 SOMAN Philip  Mar 1860Norwich, Norfolk I0021214

Possible Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possible Death    Person ID 
1 EMANUEL Eliza  Jul-Sep 1849Norwich, Norfolk I0044901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 FOX Joel  5 Feb 1872Norwich, Norfolk I0044895

Tombstone Erected

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tombstone Erected    Person ID 
1 SAMUEL Emma  05 Apr 1886Norwich, Norfolk I0025945


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 MARKS Sophia  20 Aug 1929Norwich, Norfolk I0037343


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLURED / BARNEY  Apr-Jun 1851Norwich, Norfolk F00014462
2 COHEN / SOMAN  Apr-Jun 1848Norwich, Norfolk F00014811
3 ELIAS / HALDINSTEIN  20 Jan 1908Norwich, Norfolk F00014685
4 FRYER / FOX  Jul-Sep 1858Norwich, Norfolk F00016084
5 HALDINSTEIN / SOMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1848Norwich, Norfolk F00009494
6 RIDDLE / SALKIND  Between Apr and Jun 1891Norwich, Norfolk F00007585
7 SALKIND / ALBOROUGH  Between Oct and Dec 1898Norwich, Norfolk F00007595
8 SALKIND / CLARKE  Between Jan and Mar 1866Norwich, Norfolk F00007581
9 SALKIND / FULLER  Between Oct and Dec 1898Norwich, Norfolk F00007586
10 SALKIND / JARRETT  Between Apr and Jun 1910Norwich, Norfolk F00007593
11 SALKIND / LACK  Between Jan and Mar 1898Norwich, Norfolk F00007594
12 SOMAN / ROSENTHAL  26 Nov 1851Norwich, Norfolk F00007573
13 SPIER / VEINER  Between Jul and Sep 1898Norwich, Norfolk F00014397

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 FRYER / FOX  Jul-Sep 1858Norwich, Norfolk F00016084