Salford, Lancs.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERS Rachel  18 Dec 1891Salford, Lancs. I0039987
2 COHEN Arthur  Abt 1875Salford, Lancs. I0018361
3 COLLINS Pamela Sheila  30 Dec 1921Salford, Lancs. I1205
4 DRAPKIN Cecil Joseph  28 Mar 1903Salford, Lancs. I0036272
5 GORDON Celia  02 Dec 1897Salford, Lancs. I0027051
6 GORDON Esther  Abt 1896Salford, Lancs. I0027050
7 JACKLIN Harold  Abt 1903Salford, Lancs. I374
8 KAHANE Frederick  Abt 1889Salford, Lancs. I0040284
9 KAHANE Herbert  Abt 1878Salford, Lancs. I0040281
10 KAHANE Jack (Jonas)  Abt 1887Salford, Lancs. I0040283
11 KAHANE Jeanne  Abt 1882Salford, Lancs. I0040282
12 KAUFMAN Davis (David)  20 Aug 1901Salford, Lancs. I0041836
13 KAUFMAN Herman  27 Mar 1903Salford, Lancs. I0041837
14 LASKI Morris  Abt 1877Salford, Lancs. I0008836
15 LIPKIE Adelaide  Abt 1858Salford, Lancs. I0018384
16 LIPKIE Esther  Abt 1866Salford, Lancs. I0018367
17 LIPKIE Ethel  23 Feb 1887Salford, Lancs. I0021069
18 LIPKIE Hannah  Abt 1852Salford, Lancs. I0018365
19 LIPKIE Harry  Abt 1863Salford, Lancs. I0018364
20 LIPKIE Hyman  Abt 1864Salford, Lancs. I0018363
21 LIPKIE Leah  Abt 1868Salford, Lancs. I0018382
22 LIPKIE Lilly  Abt 1888Salford, Lancs. I0002624
23 LIPKIE Miriam  Abt 1873Salford, Lancs. I0018369
24 LIPKIE Rebecca  Abt 1871Salford, Lancs. I0018383
25 LIPKIE Sam  Abt 1882Salford, Lancs. I0018386
26 LIPKIE Simon  Abt 1859Salford, Lancs. I0018362
27 LYONS Hannah or Nita  Abt 1921Salford, Lancs. I0037750
28 MENTEL Albert  3 Mar 1920Salford, Lancs. I0042084
29 MENTEL Joseph  Abt 1917Salford, Lancs. I0042083
30 MENTEL Lazarus  Abt 1916Salford, Lancs. I0042081
31 PLAGERSON Barnett or Bernard  7 Nov 1900Salford, Lancs. I0014932
32 POYSER Cyril Alexander  29 Sep 1909Salford, Lancs. I0044121
33 SEGEL Greta  Jan 1922Salford, Lancs. I0039923
34 SHLOSBERG Clive D M  Abt 1929Salford, Lancs. I0037386
35 SHLOSBERG Stanley E  Abt 1935Salford, Lancs. I0037414
36 SOLK Simpson  04 Mar 1899Salford, Lancs. I0013746
37 TOLEDANO Rose Amy F  Abt 1886Salford, Lancs. I0038798
38 WOOLMAN Rosie  Abt 1891Salford, Lancs. I0029662
39 WOOLMAN Wilfred  Abt 1888Salford, Lancs. I0029666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADLESTONE Ethel  Jul 1985Salford, Lancs. I0034635
2 BECK Marie  12 Nov 1951Salford, Lancs. I0037766
3 BLOOM Freda  Aug 2001Salford, Lancs. I0040552
4 DANIELS Sophia  25 Aug 1969Salford, Lancs. I0041402
5 FRANKS Mark  Oct-Dec 1978Salford, Lancs. I0041239
6 FRANKS Solomon  Jul-Sep 1991Salford, Lancs. I0041237
7 GANDZ Joseph  8 Jun 1927Salford, Lancs. I551
8 GLICK Solomon  Between Oct and Dec 1892Salford, Lancs. I0015592
9 GOODENDAY Abraham  Between Jan and Mar 1918Salford, Lancs. I0024133
10 GOODENDAY Abraham Moses  09 Feb 1918Salford, Lancs. I0024104
11 GOODENDAY Harry  Between Jan and Mar 1919Salford, Lancs. I0024134
12 GOODSTADT Henry  24 Jul 1893Salford, Lancs. I0026239
13 GOODSTADT Leopold  20 Mar 1902Salford, Lancs. I0026238
14 GREENBERG Sarah  Between Jul and Sep 1919Salford, Lancs. I0024113
15 HOFFENBERG Moses  Jul-Sep 1975Salford, Lancs. I0014939
16 ISRAEL Ralph  Between Jan and Mar 1881Salford, Lancs. I0000450
17 JANE Maria  Between Apr and Jun 1905Salford, Lancs. I0015696
18 KAHANE Herbert  Jan-Mar 1879Salford, Lancs. I0040281
19 KAHANE Rosa  Jul-Sep 1878Salford, Lancs. I0040280
20 KAUFMAN Barnet  15 Mar 1894Salford, Lancs. I0041835
21 KRAKOWSKY Adolf  15 Oct 1911Salford, Lancs. I0020983
22 LEVINSON Hyman  18 Aug 1971Salford, Lancs. I0031787
23 LIPKIE Adelaide  Between Jan and Mar 1865Salford, Lancs. I0018384
24 LOOF Hyman Wolf  Between Jul and Sep 1944Salford, Lancs. I0016630
25 MALOVANNY Rachel  Jul-Sept 1939Salford, Lancs. I0004017
26 MAURER Louis Benjamin  Jul-Sep 1944Salford, Lancs. I0040030
27 MAURER Samuel  Jan-Mar 1950Salford, Lancs. I0040045
28 PEARSON Hilda  7 Nov 1964Salford, Lancs. I1193
29 ROSENBERG Reuben  17 Sept 1947Salford, Lancs. I0041363
30 ROSENTHAL Fanny  Between Jan and Mar 1931Salford, Lancs. I0018706
31 RUDOFSKI Sarah  Jan-Mar 1968Salford, Lancs. I0044985
32 SALZEDO Moses Mauritz van Abraham LOPES  Between Jul and Sep 1924Salford, Lancs. I0037053
33 SCHONTHAL Ernestine  Between Apr and Jun 1911Salford, Lancs. I0024102
34 SHLOSBERG Clive D M  Between Jan and Mar 1969Salford, Lancs. I0037386
35 SHLOSBERG Edgar Merton  Between Oct and Dec 1931Salford, Lancs. I0037387
36 SMOLANSKY Barnet  Between Oct and Dec 1910Salford, Lancs. I0013517
37 SUFFRIN Joe  Between Jul and Sep 1911Salford, Lancs. I0024559
38 ZAID Katie  Jan-Mar 1938Salford, Lancs. I0040031

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 COLLINS Pamela Sheila  Jan-Mar 1922Salford, Lancs. I1205
2 GOLDSTONE Eva  Jul-Sep 1890Salford, Lancs. I0045182
3 JACKLIN Harold  Jul-Sep 1903Salford, Lancs. I374
4 LEVINSON Hyman  Jul-Sep 1971Salford, Lancs. I0031787
5 LIPKIE Naomi  Jan-Mar 1861Salford, Lancs.  I0018360
6 MUSCOVITCH Bessie  Jul-Sep 1900Salford, Lancs. I0008690
7 POYSER Cyril Alexander  Oct-Dec 1909Salford, Lancs. I0044121
8 SORTMAN Esther  Apr-Jun1890Salford, Lancs.  I0043892

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 Harriet  Jan-Mar 1903Salford, Lancs. I0015202
2 GANDZ Joseph  Apr-Jun 1927Salford, Lancs. I551
3 LANDY Esther  Oct-Dec 1938Salford, Lancs. I0006643
4 PEARSON Hilda  Oct-Dec 1964Salford, Lancs. I1193
5 ROSENZWEIG Judah Leib  Dec 1888Salford, Lancs. I0019568
6 RUDOFSKI Sarah  Jan-Mar 1968Salford, Lancs. I0044985
7 VARCHAVSHICK LATER COHEN John  Jul-Sep 1931Salford, Lancs. I0008015

Residence 1908

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence 1908    Person ID 
1 LIPKIE Hannah  Salford, Lancs. I0018365


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BASKIND / BERMAN  Apr-Jun 1938Salford, Lancs. F206
2 COHEN / LIGHTMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1953Salford, Lancs. F00013646
3 DAVIDOFF / WINE  Oct-Dec 1947Salford, Lancs. F00015140
4 FRANKS / SEGEL  Jul-Sept 1946Salford, Lancs. F00015042
5 NATHAN / GETZIC  Jul-Sep 1928Salford, Lancs. F00014838
6 SHLOSBERG STONE / WALLFISH  Between Oct and Dec 1949Salford, Lancs. F00014077
7 YONACE / FIDLER  Between Apr and Jun 1938Salford, Lancs. F00013484
8 YUDOLPH / SEGEL  Oct-Dec 1983Salford, Lancs. F00015041

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 STONE / FREEDLAND  1934Salford, Lancs.  F00015594