Shorthand Typist


Occupation at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at marriage    Person ID 
1 ADLER Sarah  1935Shorthand Typist I0017869
2 FISH Millie  1921Shorthand Typist I0017179
3 GOLDBERG Beatrice  1933Shorthand Typist I0021761
4 HARRIS Hilda  1920Shorthand Typist I0015928
5 NAGLEY Rose Ettie  1946Shorthand Typist I0021754
6 RIFKIN Rebecca Sarah  1926Shorthand Typist I0022301
7 TAYLOR Florence  1922Shorthand Typist I0017789
8 WINEBERG Doris  1938Shorthand Typist I0022448
9 WURZAL Phyllis  1947Shorthand Typist I0028335