Tailor's cutter


Occupation 1895

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation 1895    Person ID 
1 NEWRICK Haim (Hyman) Jacob  1895Tailor's cutter I0001865

Occupation at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at marriage    Person ID 
1 ALBAN Cissy  1922Tailor's cutter I0015469
2 ALBAN Herbert (Harold)  1938Tailor's cutter I0022446
3 APPLESON Louis  1915Tailor's cutter I0006383
4 APPLESON Nathan  1935Tailor's cutter I0002180
5 BASKIND Louis  1931Tailor's cutter I0022546
6 BENJAMIN Jacob Aaron  1926Tailor's cutter I0024023
7 COPLIN Jacob  1888Tailor's cutter I0008082
8 COUPLAND Isidore  1934Tailor's cutter I0024870
9 ETON Harry  1911Tailor's cutter I0016855
10 GORSDEN Maurice  1926Tailor's cutter I0022990
11 HARRIS Julius  1909Tailor's cutter I0004315
12 HARRISON Harold  1941Tailor's cutter I0003776
13 HARRISON Joseph  1910Tailor's cutter I0003586
14 HYMAN David Harris  1927Tailor's cutter I0024992
15 HYMAN Harry  1907Tailor's cutter I0003842
16 LEACHMAN Simon  1937Tailor's cutter I0025000
17 LEVEY Israel  1931Tailor's cutter I0025363
18 LEVI Barnet  1907Tailor's cutter I0010999
19 LEWIS Isaac or Jack  1928Tailor's cutter I0004831
20 LOBOFSKY Hyman Harris  1923Tailor's cutter I0011487
21 MARKS David Harry  1925Tailor's cutter I0011655
22 MILLINGS Norman Michael  1927Tailor's cutter I0005831
23 MILLINGS Victor Ernest  1934Tailor's cutter I0023397
24 MYERS Sydney Wolfe  1919Tailor's cutter I0021773
25 PEPPER Jack  1931Tailor's cutter I0025146
26 ROSENBERG Isidore Lazarus  1907Tailor's cutter I0022379
27 SERR Harry  1919Tailor's cutter I0026701
28 STEIN Marks  1915Tailor's cutter I0008475
29 TEMPOFSKI LATER THOMPSON Abraham (Abe)  1920Tailor's cutter I0023031
30 YOELSON Emmanuel  1936Tailor's cutter I0026811
31 ZIFF Joseph  1935Tailor's cutter I0025194

Occupation at remarriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation at remarriage    Person ID 
1 BASKIND Louis  1936Tailor's cutter I0022546
2 PEPPER Jack  Aft 1950Tailor's cutter I0025146
3 ROSENSTALLIS David  1899Tailor's cutter I0016401