Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALKIND Ernest  Abt 1896Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I43601
2 BALKIND Essie (Esme)  2 Dec 1900Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I43591
3 BALKIND Harry (Henry Aaron)  Abt 1895Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I43600
4 BALKIND Lilly (Leah)  Abt 1893Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I43598
5 BIRD Dinah  Abt 1910Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I36248
6 BIRD Jack  30 May 1905Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I36233
7 BIRD Miriam  Abt 1908Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I36247
8 BIRD Miriam  Abt 1909Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I36255
9 GOLDBERG Abraham  Abt 1871Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I16043
10 GOLDBERG Samuel  Abt 1869Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I16042
11 GOLDBERG Sarah  Abt 1877Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I16044
12 GOODMAN Adelina  Abt 1887Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15823
13 GOODMAN Evelyne  Abt 1896Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I19976
14 GOODMAN Hilda  Abt 1891Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I19992
15 GOODMAN Hyman  Abt 1894Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I19977
16 GOODMAN Jennetta  Abt 1885Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15822
17 GOODMAN Josephine  Abt 1899Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I19974
18 GOODMAN Mildred  Abt 1897Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I19975
19 GOODMAN Montague  Abt 1888Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I3400
20 GOODMAN Nellie  Abt 1881Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15821
21 JACOB David  Abt 1862Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21152
22 JACOB Deborah  Abt 1867Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21154
23 JACOB Eva  Abt 1860Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21158
24 JACOB Fanny  Abt 1864Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21153
25 JACOB Lewis  Abt 1860Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21157
26 JACOB Myer  Abt 1868Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21156
27 JACOB Samuel  Abt 1866Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21155
28 KRACKER Dora  25 Apr 1897Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18810
29 KRACKER Ellis  Abt 1898Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18811
30 KRACKER Gertrude  Abt 1895Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18872
31 LURIE Leslie R  Abt 1928Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I33832
32 MILLINGS Jacob  Abt 1888Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I38682
33 ROSENBERG Amelia  Abt 1878Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15815
34 ROSENBERG Bertha  Abt 1875Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15819
35 ROSENBERG Henry  Abt 1870Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15816
36 ROSENBERG Julius  Abt 1866Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15812
37 ROSENBERG Marks  Abt 1864Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I4791
38 ROSENBERG Moses  Abt 1872Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15813
39 ROSENBERG Nathan  Abt 1883Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15817
40 ROSENBERG Simeon  Abt 1875Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15814
41 ROSENBERG Simon Isaac  Abt 1887Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15818
42 ROSENBURG Adeline  Abt 1881Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18749
43 SPODICK Abraham  26 Jan 1908Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I39208
44 SUSMAN Joseph  Abt 1867Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18729
45 VAN DER VELDE Abraham  Abt 1877Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18249
46 VAN DER VELDE Bennett  Abt 1874Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I4789
47 VAN DER VELDE Charlotte  Abt 1880Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18250
48 VAN DER VELDE Sophia  Abt 1868Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18251
49 VINEBERG Lily  Abt 1901Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I37598
50 VINEBERG Minnie  Abt 1902Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I37599

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rachel  Jan-Mar 1960Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I39204
2 Rachel (Ray)  19 Nov 1975Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland I40397
3 ABRAHAMS Gabriel Levy  Between Oct and Dec 1891Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I19851
4 BAKER Nathan  29 Sep 1979Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I6411
5 DRESNER Marcus  27 Sept 1901Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I39639
6 FAIRHURST Constance  Feb 2003Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I37426
7 FELT Esther  Nov 1990Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I39209
8 FURMANTCHICK David  Apr-Jun 1970Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I19477
9 KRACKER Gertrude  Between Apr and Jun 1895Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18872
10 KRACKER Julius  Between Apr and Jun 1908Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18812
11 MADELOFF Rodney G  Oct-Dec 1943Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I38699
12 ROSENBERG Henry  Between Jul and Sep 1873Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15816
13 SPODICK Abraham  11 Apr 1979Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I39208
14 SPODICK Florence  Dec 1986Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I39200
15 SPODICK Harris  Apr-Jun 1951Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I39203
16 VINEBERG Aaron  Between Apr and Jun 1907Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I15245
17 VINEBERG Amon  Between Jan and Mar 1957Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I18174
18 VINEBERG Barnet  05 Jul 1950Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21966
19 VINEBERG David  Between Apr and Jun 1952Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21969
20 VINEBERG Henry Hillel  14 Aug 1950Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21971
21 VINEBERG Isaac  Between Oct and Dec 1889Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21974
22 VINEBERG Moses  21 Oct 1936Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I21967
23 YEZORSKY Rebecca  Oct-Dec 1950Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland I44071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GOLDBERG Moses  Abt 1872Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I3161

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 ERDBERG Esther  Jun-Sep 1896Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44367
2 ERDBERG Isaac  Apr-Jun 1900Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44369
3 ERDBERG Mary Rachel  Oct-Dec 1887Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44377
4 ERDBERG LATER HILTON Joseph  Jan-Mar 1898Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44368
5 ERDBERG LATER HILTON Mordechai later Mortimer Jacob  Oct-Dec 1893Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44365
6 ERDBERG LATER HILTON Moses later Moss Arnold  Apr-Jun 1895Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ARONSON Paulina  17 Mar 1942Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I43594
2 BENEDICT David  8 Jan 1986Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland I42185
3 ERDBERG LATER HILTON Moses later Moss Arnold  28 Sept 1976Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44366
4 GILLINSON Basil Zalig  25 Jul 2001Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I36453
5 JACOBSON Cyril  20 Nov 1998Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44509
6 ROZENFELD Sophy Esther  30 Oct 1975Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44644
7 SEGAL OR THOMPSON Sylvia  26 Mar 1999Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I44255
8 VELINSKI Miriam  15 Nov 1972Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I8196
9 YEZORSKY Harris  17 Feb 1933Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland I44068


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 SANDELSON Yochel Myer  05 Apr 1935Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland I4471


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLLIR / BALKIND  Jan-Mar 1920Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F15651
2 DAVID / ABRAHAM  Between Apr and Jun 1870Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F7511
3 FINEBERG later FENTON / YEZORSKY  Jul-Sep 1941Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland F15787
4 GITTLESON later GILSTON / ABRAHAMS  Jul-Sept 1910Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F7184
5 GOODMAN / ROSENBERG  Between Jan and Mar 1883Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F1484
6 KRACKER / WOLFF  Between Jul and Sep 1894Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F6890
7 LIPMAN / COHEN  Between Jul and Sep 1909Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F706
8 POLLOCK / YEZORSKY  Jul-Sep 1937Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland F15784
9 REUBEN / SIMON  Between Apr and Jun 1876Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F8647
10 STARFIELD / BARCZINSKY  Between Jan and Mar 1896Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F2583
11 SUSMAN / FRIEDLANDER  1864Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F5981
12 WOLFF / SIMON  1870Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland F6891

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 FINEBERG later FENTON / YEZORSKY  Jul-Sep 1941Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland F15787