Bradford, Yorks.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANGEL Cecil  04 Dec 1912Bradford, Yorks. I0039614
2 ANGEL Edgar  Abt 1920Bradford, Yorks. I0039621
3 ANGEL Edith  Abt 1895Bradford, Yorks. I0039631
4 ANGEL Esther  Abt 1892Bradford, Yorks. I0039630
5 ANGEL Lorna  Abt 1917Bradford, Yorks. I0039620
6 BERNSTEIN Felix  8 Apr 1893Bradford, Yorks. I0015351
7 BERNSTEIN Joseph  Dec 1894Bradford, Yorks. I0015352
8 BERNSTEIN Roland  29 May 1903Bradford, Yorks. I0015354
9 BLUMENTHALL David  Abt 1890Bradford, Yorks. I0020682
10 BLUMENTHALL Solly  Abt 1887Bradford, Yorks. I0020688
11 CASEY Kathleen  05 Sep 1917Bradford, Yorks. I0040928
12 CHAN OR CHAU Ardoff  Abt 1868Bradford, Yorks. I1458
13 CHESSES Ruth  Abt 1896Bradford, Yorks. I0015043
14 CHESSES Walter  Abt 1898Bradford, Yorks. I0016256
15 COBDEN Julius  Abt 1895Bradford, Yorks. I0023952
16 ESHELBY Polly Thomlinson  Abt 1867Bradford, Yorks. I0019620
17 FEATHERMAN Mark  Abt May 1903Bradford, Yorks. I0023822
18 FEATHERMAN Sidney  Abt 1905Bradford, Yorks. I0015542
19 FELDMAN Aby  Abt 1903Bradford, Yorks. I0034017
20 GOODMAN Lily  Abt 1901Bradford, Yorks. I0038396
21 JACOBOVITCH Sarah  Abt 1893Bradford, Yorks. I0019083
22 JEROME Woolf William  Abt 1912Bradford, Yorks. I0039803
23 LEVY Betsey  Abt 1875Bradford, Yorks. I38
24 LEVY Harry  Abt 1871Bradford, Yorks. I44
25 LEVY Louis  Abt 1881Bradford, Yorks. I39
26 LEVY Martha  Abt 1874Bradford, Yorks. I37
27 LEVY Rachel  22 Jul 1872Bradford, Yorks. I0040456
28 LEVY Samuel  Abt 1878Bradford, Yorks. I40
29 MENDELSOHN Fanny  Abt Dec 1890Bradford, Yorks. I0043765
30 MENDELSOHN Jacob  Abt 1889Bradford, Yorks. I0043764
31 MENDELSOHN Janey  Abt 1894Bradford, Yorks. I0043767
32 MENDELSOHN Mary Ellen  Abt 1892Bradford, Yorks. I0043766
33 MENDELSOHN Max  Abt 1897Bradford, Yorks. I0043768
34 MENDELSOHN Norman  Abt 1899Bradford, Yorks. I0043769
35 NARDELL Cyril  29 Jun 1915Bradford, Yorks. I0042628
36 NEWMAN Dolly  26 Jun 1916Bradford, Yorks. I0033643
37 PERLMAN Solomon  Abt 1899Bradford, Yorks. I0032451
38 RICHTER Emma Clara  Abt 1885Bradford, Yorks. I0019616
39 RICHTER Helene  Abt 1889Bradford, Yorks. I0019617
40 RICHTER Martha  Abt 1884Bradford, Yorks. I0019615
41 RICHTER Otto Carl  Abt 1887Bradford, Yorks. I0019622
42 SHAFFNER Doreen  1925Bradford, Yorks. I0040927
43 SOLBERG Minnie  Abt 1904Bradford, Yorks. I0028735
44 SOLITY Freda  Abt 1916Bradford, Yorks. I0003149
45 STEINTHAL Anton Ernest  Abt 1869Bradford, Yorks. I1496
46 STEINTHAL Gustav Victor  Abt 1868Bradford, Yorks. I1495
47 STEINTHAL Margaret Henriette  Abt 1871Bradford, Yorks. I1494
48 STRAUSS Edwin J  Abt 1885Bradford, Yorks. I1568
49 STRAUSS Lucy B  Abt 1886Bradford, Yorks. I1569
50 STRAUSS Maud H  Abt 1887Bradford, Yorks. I1570

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rosa  Bef 19 Jul 1909Bradford, Yorks. I0040335
2 ALTMAN Miriam  21 Jan 1966Bradford, Yorks. I0021604
3 ANGEL Abraham  10-31 Dec 1907Bradford, Yorks. I0039622
4 BERNSTEIN Aaron George  15 Oct 1940Bradford, Yorks. I0015348
5 BERNSTEIN Felix  01 Jan 1965Bradford, Yorks. I0015351
6 BEVERSHANSKI Jennie Gertrude  25 Sep 1922Bradford, Yorks. I0028731
7 BIENHEIM Erich  28 Jan 1962Bradford, Yorks. I1509
8 BODLANDER Leonard Myer  Between Jan and Mar 1959Bradford, Yorks. I0018276
9 CHEVOB Henry Nafthali  19 Sep 1888Bradford, Yorks. I1490
10 CHMELNICK (LANDA) Leah (Liba)  07 Mar 1931Bradford, Yorks. I0015347
11 FEATHERMAN Mark  27 Jul 1904Bradford, Yorks. I0023822
12 FELDMAN Marks  Between Jan and Mar 1930Bradford, Yorks. I0034016
13 FREEDMAN Rose  23 Dec 1968Bradford, Yorks. I0044397
14 GODFREY Maurice Arthur GOLDFAR  21 Aug 1961Bradford, Yorks. I0037299
15 GROSSMAN Hyman  Oct 1988Bradford, Yorks. I0030621
16 HYMAN Dora  14 Oct 1990Bradford, Yorks. I0035635
17 JACOBS Barnie  22 May 1864Bradford, Yorks. I0016442
18 LEVY Harry  Jul-Sep 1871Bradford, Yorks. I44
19 LEVY Martha  Oct- Dec 1874Bradford, Yorks. I37
20 MASELL Hannah Hilda  27 Jun 1939Bradford, Yorks. I0039804
21 MAURICE Victorine  24 Oct 1900Bradford, Yorks. I1491
22 MCKENNELL Hankel Jack  22 Mar 1999Bradford, Yorks. I0042484
23 MENDELSOHN Ebor  19 Apr 1900Bradford, Yorks. I0040334
24 MENDELSOHN Janey  Jan-Mar 1898Bradford, Yorks. I0043767
25 MYERS Hannah  27 Jun 1981Bradford, Yorks. I0042483
26 OPPENHEIM Elias  7 Apr 1949Bradford, Yorks. I1510
27 PRECZEP Erna Sara  30 Dec 1941Bradford, Yorks. I1305
28 RICHTER Otto Carl  Between Jul and Sep 1887Bradford, Yorks. I0019622
29 SHAFFNER Hyman  17 Oct 1959Bradford, Yorks. I0013168
30 SOLBERG Minnie  Between Jul and Sep 1905Bradford, Yorks. I0028735
31 SOLITY Freda  16 Oct 1921Bradford, Yorks. I0003149
32 STEINTHAL Bodo  17 Jul 1910Bradford, Yorks. I1493
33 TAYLOR Marie A  28 Apr 1984Bradford, Yorks. I0039215
34 WILDER unknown  13 Nov 1898Bradford, Yorks. I223
35 WOLFOVITCH-WALTON Jacob  1998Bradford, Yorks. I0033568

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 BERNSTEIN Felix  Apr-Jun 1893Bradford, Yorks. I0015351
2 BERNSTEIN Joseph  Jan-Mar 1895Bradford, Yorks. I0015352
3 BERNSTEIN Roland  Apr-Jun 1903Bradford, Yorks. I0015354
4 COBDEN Julius  Jan-Mar 1895Bradford, Yorks. I0023952
5 LEVY Betsey  Jul-Sept 1875Bradford, Yorks. I38
6 LEVY Harry  Jan-Mar 1871Bradford, Yorks. I44
7 LEVY Louis  Jan-Mar 1881Bradford, Yorks. I39
8 LEVY Martha  Oct-Dec 1874Bradford, Yorks. I37
9 LEVY Rachel  Jul-Sep 1872Bradford, Yorks. I0040456
10 LEVY Samuel  Apr-Jun 1878Bradford, Yorks. I40
11 NARDELL Cyril  Jul-Sep 1915Bradford, Yorks. I0042628
12 STAVENHAGEN Edward Joseph Bernard Samuel  Oct-Dec 1868Bradford, Yorks. I0002036
13 STEINTHAL Anton Ernest  Oct-Dec 1869Bradford, Yorks. I1496
14 STEINTHAL Gustav Victor  Jul-Sep 1868Bradford, Yorks. I1495
15 STEINTHAL Margaret Henriette  Apr-Jun 1871Bradford, Yorks. I1494
16 STRAUSS LATER STROUD Oswald Michael  Jan-Mar 1897Bradford, Yorks. I1381
17 STRAUSS LATER STROUD Roy Vivien  Jan-Mar 1921Bradford, Yorks. I1573
18 WILDER Joseph Harry  Apr-Jun 1901Bradford, Yorks. I221
19 WILDER Wolf later William  Jan-Mar 1900Bradford, Yorks. I222
20 WOLFE Eric  Jan-Mar 1908Bradford, Yorks. I1290
21 WOOLF Emily  Jan-Mar 1879Bradford, Yorks. I0018609

Census 1921

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1921    Person ID 
1 PERLMAN Eva Sarah  1921Bradford, Yorks. I0032448

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 Paulina  Apr-Jun 1870Bradford, Yorks. I0016456
2 ALTMAN Miriam  Jan-Mar 1966Bradford, Yorks. I0021604
3 BIENHEIM Erich  Jan-Mar 1962Bradford, Yorks. I1509
4 CHAU Amelia  Jul-Sep 1870Bradford, Yorks. I0016457
5 LEVY Harry  Jul-Sep 1871Bradford, Yorks. I44
6 LEVY Martha  Oct-Dec 1874Bradford, Yorks. I37
7 LIVINGSTONE Stanley  1984Bradford, Yorks. I0031398
8 MICHAELSON Allen Gordon  Oct-Dec 1952Bradford, Yorks. I0043302
9 OPPENHEIM Elias  Apr-Jun 1949Bradford, Yorks. I1510
10 OPPENHEIM Marion  Oct-Dec 1978Bradford, Yorks. I1507
11 PRECZEP Erna Sara  Oct-Dec 1941Bradford, Yorks. I1305

Residence 1919

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence 1919    Person ID 
1 PYNT Hyman  1919Bradford, Yorks. I0039552


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENEDICT / GRABINE  Oct-Dec 1950Bradford, Yorks. F00015795
2 BERGER / ZIFF  Oct-Dec 1920Bradford, Yorks. F00011821
3 BERNSTEIN / LEVI  6 Sep 1922Bradford, Yorks.  F00015878
4 BROWN / RUMMELSBERG  Between Jul and Aug 1946Bradford, Yorks. F00014086
5 BURNARD / STATMAN  Oct-Dec 1921Bradford, Yorks. F00001705
6 CASEY / MAGSON  Jan-Mar 1917Bradford, Yorks. F00015421
7 CHURNIN / CHIRGWIN or CHURNIN  Jan-Mar 1917Bradford, Yorks. F00013336
8 CHURNING / CHURNIN / CHIRGWIN  Jan-Mar 1917Bradford, Yorks. F00013339
9 COBDEN / LEVY  Jan-Mar 1894Bradford, Yorks.  F00011135
10 FOX / LEVY  Between Oct and Dec 1923Bradford, Yorks. F00013631
11 GORDOIS / BARRETT  Apr-Jun 1934Bradford, Yorks. F00000619
12 HART / ISAACS  Apr-Jun 1901Bradford, Yorks.  F00016206
13 LANDEY / SUGARMAN  Jan-Mar 1930Bradford, Yorks. F00010642
14 MANKOWITZ / SAGMANN  12 Apr 1892Bradford, Yorks. F00004586
15 MASSER / LEVIN  Between Jan and Mar 1946Bradford, Yorks. F00014115
16 MILLER / CASEY  April-Jun 1941Bradford, Yorks. F00015420
17 NADEL or NARDELL / SOLOMON  Jan-Mar 1918Bradford, Yorks. F00012672
18 NEWMAN / CLAPHAM  25 Aug 1915Bradford, Yorks. F00011992
19 PITOFF / BERSON  Between Jul and Sep 1922Bradford, Yorks. F00007379
20 PYNT / MINSK  Jan-Mar 1928Bradford, Yorks. F00014898
21 RICHTER / ESHELBY  Between Jul and Sep 1894Bradford, Yorks. F00007125
22 RICHTER / KLEMM  Between Jul and Sep 1884Bradford, Yorks. F00007122
23 ROSENHEAD / BLACK  Between Jul and Sep 1929Bradford, Yorks. F00014264
24 SHAFFNER / CASEY  Oct-Dec 1951Bradford, Yorks. F00015419
25 SOURASKY / JEROME  Oct-Dec 1929Bradford, Yorks. F00014982
26 STRAUSS later STROUD / MORRIS  Jan-Mar 1920Bradford, Yorks.  F501
27 WINER later NORTON-WAYNE / WOLFF  Jul-Sep 1942Bradford, Yorks.  F00016156
28 ZIMMERMAN / COHEN  Between Oct and Dec 1899Bradford, Yorks. F00003318

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 COBDEN / LEVY  Jan-Mar 1894Bradford, Yorks. F00011135
2 HART / ISAACS  Apr-Jun 1901Bradford, Yorks. F00016206
3 STRAUSS later STROUD / MORRIS  Jan-Mar 1920Bradford, Yorks. F501
4 WINER later NORTON-WAYNE / WOLFF  Jul-Sep 1942Bradford, Yorks. F00016156