Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks.



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BADONSKY Lewis  11 Dec 1972Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0020276
2 BARNETT Rachael  08 Oct 1976Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0026806
3 BARNETT Reenie  5 May 2016Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I267
4 BERNSTEIN Rachel  14 Feb 1978Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0043357
5 BICKLER Sam  17 Aug 1971Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0006828
6 BUTCHER Annie  30 Jul 1986Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0035887
7 CANTOR Amelia  27 Oct 1989Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I881
8 CANTOR Florrie  9 Jan 1990Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I879
9 CANTOR Pauline  9 Jul 1990Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0042489
10 COBDEN Esther  10 Jun 1964Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0024859
11 COHEN Eva  14 Jun 1988Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I985
12 DIAMOND Albert  11 Jun 1980Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0017465
13 DRAPKIN Marks or Max  24 Jan 1980Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0043542
14 DRAPKIN Nathan  30 Aug 1981Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0043543
15 ENKIN Bessie  11 Feb 1978Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I961
16 FINKEL Sarah  26 Feb 1976Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0008530
17 FRAIS Eli  13 Apr 1962Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0022218
18 FRANKLIN George  6 Mar 1991Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I659
19 FRIEZE Doris  18 Feb 1991Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0013751
20 GERSTEIN Solomon  26 Jan 1989Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0038266
21 GOLDSTEIN Hetty  16 Apr 1974Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I617
22 GURWICK Amy  30 Dec 1995Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I1145
23 HIPSHAM Rachel  15 Aug 1994Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0044515
24 HURWITZ OR HOROWITCH Annie  16 Jan 1986Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0026612
25 JACOBS Rebecca Esther  21 Feb 1994Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I27
26 KAYLES Mark  11 Mar 1997Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0039449
27 LEVI Ada  02 Jul 1978Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0004538
28 LEVI Annie  17 Aug 1978Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0004539
29 LIDSKY Dora or Doris  21 Nov 1982Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0038940
30 LOTINSKY OR LEYTON Morris  08 Jul 1968Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0040059
31 MICHAELOFSKY LATER MITCHELL Elkin (Eddie)  23 Jul 1980Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I1144
32 NAJDORF Rachel  1 Aug 1986Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I950
33 PRICEMAN Morris  29 Aug 1973Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0017834
34 ROSENHEAD Louis  30 Aug 1958Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0029161
35 ROSENHEAD Polly  7 Jan 1980Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0012877
36 ROSENSTEIN Florrie  21 Sept 1975Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0028604
37 RUDOFSKI LATER RUDDICK Isaac  10 Aug 1972Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0044973
38 RUDSTEIN Minnie  17 Sep 1984Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0024003
39 SALINSKY Barnet  01 Jul 1994Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0007921
40 SALINSKY Barney  1 Jul 1994Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0034630
41 SALINSKY Rebecca  23 Dec 1989Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0033955
42 SEGAL Rose  29 Mar 1992Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0034145
43 SIFF OR SHEAF Eli  22 Sept 1985Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0035888
44 SKOLNICK Lily  07 Mar 2009Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0038855
45 SOLOMON LATER SUTTON Nathan  11 or 12 Mar 1979Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0045354
46 WATSON Lazarus Stewart  24 Mar 1987Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0026719
47 WEINSTOCK Philip Solomon  Dec 2004Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0040797
48 ZARVITCH LATER SAVAGE Reuben  27 Jun 1992Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I889
49 ZARVITCH LATER SAVILLE Isaac later Irving  3 Jul 1991Donisthorpe Hall, Leeds, Yorks. I0025361