Hampstead, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLANCKENSEE Geoffrey C S  Abt 1896Hampstead, London I0027704
2 BLANCKENSEE Hannah  Abt 1897Hampstead, London I0027702
3 DE SAXE Frances Elise  Abt 1876Hampstead, London I0043154
4 DE SAXE Harold Lewis  7 Nov 1879Hampstead, London I0020028
5 DRAPKIN Caryl V  6 Nov 1935Hampstead, London I0043320
6 DRUIFF ?  Between Oct and Dec 1914Hampstead, London I0035600
7 HECHT Henry Julius  Abt 1877Hampstead, London I0028454
8 HECHT Marie Primrose  Abt 1879Hampstead, London I0028455
9 ISAAC Alan  Abt 1899Hampstead, London I0012159
10 ISAAC Frank  Abt 1897Hampstead, London I0012160
11 ISAAC Geoffrey  Abt 1898Hampstead, London I0012161
12 KAHN Alfred  Abt 1872Hampstead, London I0026044
13 KAHN Edgar Nathan Richard  Abt 1876Hampstead, London I0026045
14 KAHN Edward C R  Abt 1912Hampstead, London I0028504
15 KAN Michael  23 Apr 1936Hampstead, London I743
16 LEVINE Albert M  1915Hampstead, London I0042460
17 LICHTHEIM Celia Nora Mary  1910Hampstead, London I0040309
18 LICHTHEIM Eileen  1909Hampstead, London I0040308
19 LOUISSON Valerie Julia  Abt 1922Hampstead, London I0022107
20 MEYERSTEIN Edward H W  Abt 1889Hampstead, London I0026025
21 VAN ZWANENBERG Arnold Abraham  Abt 1906Hampstead, London I0043322
22 VAN ZWANENBERG Jack Maurice  Abt 1909Hampstead, London I0043323
23 VAN ZWANENBERG Nancy  9 Mar 1914Hampstead, London I0036274
24 WEINBERG Joan Gertrude May  Abt 1908Hampstead, London I1112
25 ZINKIN David  1922Hampstead, London I0034475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dora  Between Oct and Dec 1931Hampstead, London I0034502
2 Fanny  Oct-Dec 1946Hampstead, London I0038273
3 Sophia  15 Jan 1913Hampstead, London I0018474
4 DE SAXE Morris  Jul-Sept 1905Hampstead, London I0043155
5 DE SOLLA Rachel  Between Oct and Dec 1922Hampstead, London I0035938
6 DRUIFF ?  Between Oct and Dec 1914Hampstead, London I0035600
7 DRUIFF Rebecca  23 Feb 1950Hampstead, London I0018109
8 DRUIFF Regina  10 Jul 1930Hampstead, London I0018104
9 DRUIFF Samuel  05 Jul 1929Hampstead, London I0017698
10 DRUIFF Simeon or Stanley  19 Mar 1943Hampstead, London I0017697
11 FOX Sarah or Charlotte  Between Jan and Mar 1899Hampstead, London I0017695
12 GOLDFADER Harry  19 Jul 1976Hampstead, London I0039246
13 GOODENDAY Charles Kaddish  Oct-Dec 1939Hampstead, London I0024092
14 HECHT Emilie Henriette  Between Apr and Jun 1886Hampstead, London I0028439
15 HECHT Marie Primrose  16 Dec 1896Hampstead, London I0028455
16 HECHT Maximillian Sebastian  Between Jul and Sep 1908Hampstead, London I0028442
17 HESS Pauline  Between Oct and Dec 1888Hampstead, London I0026018
18 HYAM Stephen Simon  22 Jul 1929Hampstead, London I0024737
19 ISAACS Louisa Agnes  20 Jul 1949Hampstead, London I0024729
20 MANTUS Jacob  Between Apr and Jun 1974Hampstead, London I0011619
21 MARCAN Alexander  Between Jul and Sep 1953Hampstead, London I0025851
22 MARCAN Lucien  26 Jan 1941Hampstead, London I0009728
23 MEYERSTEIN Emil  Between Jan and Mar 1914Hampstead, London I0026017
24 MYERSON Hettie  25 Mar 1977Hampstead, London I0004547
25 WARTENBERG Siegfried  Between Jan and Mar 1902Hampstead, London I0021032

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 DE SAXE Harold Lewis  Oct-Dec 1879Hampstead, London I0020028
2 KAN Michael  Apr-Jun 1936Hampstead, London I743
3 LOUISSON Valerie Julia  Oct-Dec 1922Hampstead, London I0022107
4 WEINBERG Joan Gertrude May  Jan-Mar 1909Hampstead, London I1112

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 Sophia  Mar 1913Hampstead, London I0018474
2 HILLER Deborah  Oct-Dec 1933Hampstead, London I756


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ? / HECHT  Between Jul and Sep 1874Hampstead, London F00010313
2 COHEN later COLLINS / LIPKIN  Jul-Sep 1940Hampstead, London F433
3 DRAPKIN / JACOBS  Apr-Jun 1927Hampstead, London F00015610
4 DRUIFF / ALBU  Between Apr and Jun 1928Hampstead, London F00013332
5 DRUIFF / SPIERS  Between Jul and Sep 1914Hampstead, London F00013330
6 ELZNER / BYERS  Between Apr and Jun 1896Hampstead, London F00008884
7 GOSSELS / LINDER  Oct-Dec 1946Hampstead, London F474
8 HARDIE / JOKELSON known as JACOB  Oct-Dec 1932Hampstead, London F300
9 KAHN / POLLITZER  Jan-Mar 1927Hampstead, London F00014874
10 LEVINE / WINE  Jan-Mar 1944Hampstead, London F00015144
11 MARCAN / WHELEN  16 Dec 1920Hampstead, London F00009458
12 MOSHI / LYONS  Jan-Mar 1950Hampstead, London F00014222
13 SCHLESINGER / HURWITZ  Oct-Dec 1949Hampstead, London F00012153
14 SOLOMON / BLAIRMAN  Oct-Dec 1932Hampstead, London F00009910
15 SUSMAN / BARNETT  Between Apr and Jun 1894Hampstead, London F00005988
16 VAN ZWANENBERG / ISAACS  Oct-Dec 1905Hampstead, London F00015553
17 WEINBERG / KEILLER  Jul-Sep 1894Hampstead, London F400


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   Family    Authorisation    Family ID 
1 VARCHAVSHICK later COHEN / BENNETT  Jan 1921Hampstead, London F426

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 COHEN later COLLINS / LIPKIN  Jul-Sep 1940Hampstead, London F433
2 GOSSELS / LINDER  Oct-Dec 1946Hampstead, London F474
3 HARDIE / JOKELSON known as JACOB  Oct-Dec 1932Hampstead, London F300
4 WEINBERG / KEILLER  Jul-Sep 1894Hampstead, London F400