Liverpool, Lancs.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS Solomon  Abt 1891Liverpool, Lancs. I0036291
2 ANTICK Fanny  Abt 1876Liverpool, Lancs. I0014925
3 BALSAM Moses  16 Jan 1880Liverpool, Lancs. I0002629
4 BARNARD Dora  Abt 1880Liverpool, Lancs. I0038308
5 BARNETT Janey  Abt 1897Liverpool, Lancs. I0038172
6 BASKIND David  18 Jan 1909Liverpool, Lancs. I609
7 BASKIND Morris (Maurice)  15 Apr 1907Liverpool, Lancs. I608
8 BEER Arthur Henry  Abt 1895Liverpool, Lancs. I0026135
9 BEER Rene Mark H  Abt 1898Liverpool, Lancs. I0026150
10 BEER Sydney Walter  Abt 1899Liverpool, Lancs. I0026136
11 BERNICOFF Leon  Abt 1934Liverpool, Lancs. I0043001
12 BERNICOFF Zelda  Abt 1909Liverpool, Lancs. I0043008
13 BERNSTEIN Marilyn  Abt 1938Liverpool, Lancs. I0044186
14 BLAIRMAN David  Abt 1893Liverpool, Lancs. I0027059
15 BLAIRMAN Philip  20 Jul 1896Liverpool, Lancs. I0027054
16 BLAIRMAN Ruth Rachel  14 Jul 1898Liverpool, Lancs. I0027060
17 BLUMENOW Alma H  Abt 1931Liverpool, Lancs. I0042388
18 BLUMENOW Annie  Abt 1905Liverpool, Lancs. I0042399
19 BLUMENOW Betsy  Abt 1908Liverpool, Lancs. I0042396
20 BLUMENOW Heyman  Abt 1903Liverpool, Lancs. I0042394
21 BLUMENOW Jane  25 Nov 1910Liverpool, Lancs. I0042397
22 BLUMENOW John  25 Nov 1910Liverpool, Lancs. I0042398
23 BLUMENOW Lily  Abt 1906Liverpool, Lancs. I0042395
24 BLUMENOW Louis  Abt 1913Liverpool, Lancs. I0042400
25 BLUMENOW Matthew  Abt 1933Liverpool, Lancs. I0042384
26 BOCK Gladys  Abt 1890Liverpool, Lancs. I0026152
27 BROWN John  09 Dec 1901Liverpool, Lancs. I0027598
28 COHEN Annie  Abt 1875Liverpool, Lancs. I0002680
29 COHEN Louis  Abt 1882Liverpool, Lancs. I0007651
30 COHEN Marks  Abt 1884Liverpool, Lancs. I0007650
31 COHEN Milly  Abt 1865Liverpool, Lancs. I0002727
32 COHEN Nathan  Abt 1887Liverpool, Lancs. I0007652
33 COHEN Nellie  Abt 1877Liverpool, Lancs. I0018936
34 COHEN Solomon  Abt 1918Liverpool, Lancs. I0043462
35 COOPERSTEIN Hyman  Abt 1909Liverpool, Lancs. I0036973
36 COPPELMAN Sarah  Abt 1898Liverpool, Lancs. I0043014
37 CRISTAL Isador  Abt 1899Liverpool, Lancs. I0021808
38 DA COSTA Emanuel  1 Dec 1894Liverpool, Lancs. I0015724
39 DAVIES Dora  20 Feb 1893Liverpool, Lancs. I0027435
40 DAVIES Doris  Abt 1903Liverpool, Lancs. I0044442
41 DAVIES Evelyn  Abt 1899Liverpool, Lancs. I0027436
42 DAVIES Fanny  Abt 1887Liverpool, Lancs. I0027428
43 DAVIES Gerty  Abt 1889Liverpool, Lancs. I0027437
44 DAVIES Hyman  Abt 1882Liverpool, Lancs. I0027432
45 DAVIES Israel  Abt 1906Liverpool, Lancs. I0044443
46 DAVIES Jennie  Abt 1891Liverpool, Lancs. I0027438
47 DAVIES Leah  Abt 1884Liverpool, Lancs. I0027430
48 DOVER Maurice  Abt 1901Liverpool, Lancs. I0035694
49 DOVER Rachel  Abt 1899Liverpool, Lancs. I0035692
50 ELIZABETH  Abt 1845Liverpool, Lancs. I0027602

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lea/Lina  Jul-Sep 1929Liverpool, Lancs. I0042991
2 APPLEBAUM Nancy  07 Apr 1969Liverpool, Lancs. I0020864
3 BEER Walter  24 Mar 1921Liverpool, Lancs. I0026134
4 BENJAMIN Raie  Oct-Dec 1971Liverpool, Lancs. I0042080
5 BERNICOFF Leon  23 Dec 2017Liverpool, Lancs. I0043001
6 BERNICOFF Maurice  Oct-Dec 1978Liverpool, Lancs. I0043003
7 BERNICOFF Max  Jul-Sep 1938Liverpool, Lancs. I0043005
8 BLUMENOW Annie  Apr-Jun 1906Liverpool, Lancs. I0042399
9 BLUMENOW Oscar  Oct-Dec 1933Liverpool, Lancs. I0042392
10 BROWN John  20 Apr 1978Liverpool, Lancs. I0027598
11 BROZEL Sheba  Nov 1974Liverpool, Lancs. I0043699
12 COHEN Rebecca  16 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs. I0029038
13 COLEMAN Renee  7 Jun 1963Liverpool, Lancs. I723
14 COPE (COPPELMAN) Fanny or Fay  10 Jan 1991Liverpool, Lancs. I0043004
15 COPPELMAN Nathan  Jan-Mar 1940Liverpool, Lancs. I0043011
16 DAVIES Esther E  1 Jan 2003Liverpool, Lancs. I0044431
17 DAVIES Frances  Between Oct and Dec 1871Liverpool, Lancs. I0038046
18 DOVER Pia or Polly  29 Oct 1951Liverpool, Lancs. I0035729
19 DOVER Selig  Between Apr and Jun 1973Liverpool, Lancs. I0035731
20 DUNSKY LATER DUNSBY Edward  25 Aug 1988Liverpool, Lancs. I442
21 DWORETSKI Hermann  06 Mar 1969Liverpool, Lancs. I0035754
22 DWORETSKI Lena Braine  Jan 1985Liverpool, Lancs. I0035739
23 DWORETSKI Salomon  07 May 1959Liverpool, Lancs. I0035987
24 ERLICH Leah  20 Jul 1914Liverpool, Lancs. I0025626
25 FAIGAN Solomon  22 Dec 1946Liverpool, Lancs. I0010764
26 FAINER Israel Aubrey  Oct-Dec 1995Liverpool, Lancs. I0028750
27 FREEDMAN Daniel  06 May 1974Liverpool, Lancs. I0008805
28 FREEDMAN Edward Teri  19 Apr 1965Liverpool, Lancs. I0029039
29 FREEDMAN Elias  05 Mar 1921Liverpool, Lancs. I0029036
30 FREEDMAN Louis E  Jan 1949Liverpool, Lancs. I0008804
31 FREEDMAN Olive R  2008Liverpool, Lancs. I0036376
32 FRIEDLAND Sarah  Oct-Dec 1933Liverpool, Lancs. I0042391
33 GARFUNKLE Selina or Sarah  28 Sep 1930Liverpool, Lancs. I0034859
34 HAFT Harry  17 Mar 1961Liverpool, Lancs. I0024259
35 HANFF Marion  04 May 1945Liverpool, Lancs. I0027597
36 HIRSON Sophia  Between Oct and Dec 1963Liverpool, Lancs. I0020014
37 HUGLIN Abraham  Between Apr and Jun 1936Liverpool, Lancs. I0035405
38 HUGLIN Hyman  27 Dec 1996Liverpool, Lancs. I0035386
39 HUGLIN Morris  28 Dec 1946Liverpool, Lancs. I0035382
40 HYMAN Aaron  Between Jan and Mar 1945Liverpool, Lancs. I0036048
41 ISAACS Rosetta  10 Nov 1946Liverpool, Lancs. I0010765
42 LANDA OR LANDY Hyman Isaac  22 Jan 1941Liverpool, Lancs. I0022230
43 LEARMAN Joseph  Jul-Sept 1908Liverpool, Lancs. I0042830
44 LEARMAN Rene  Oct-Dec 2004Liverpool, Lancs. I0042829
45 LEVY Dora  Between Jan and Mar 1940Liverpool, Lancs. I0026381
46 LEWIS David  04 Dec 1885Liverpool, Lancs. I0026141
47 LIACHOWSKY Helene  04 Dec 1970Liverpool, Lancs. I0035759
48 LIGHTMAN May  1978Liverpool, Lancs. I0004487
49 LIPKIN William  Jan-Mar 1958Liverpool, Lancs. I0042984
50 MARY  Between Oct and Dec 1919Liverpool, Lancs. I0035421

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COWAN Rose  Apr 1925Liverpool, Lancs. I0027433
2 DAVIES Dora  Jan-Feb 1979Liverpool, Lancs. I0027435
3 DAVIES Evelyn  May 1919Liverpool, Lancs. I0027436
4 DAVIES Hyman  Nov 1946Liverpool, Lancs. I0027432
5 DAVIES Jacob  Oct 1916Liverpool, Lancs. I0027429
6 DAVIES Joseph  29 Nov 1945Liverpool, Lancs. I0043228
7 HARRIS Rachael Gertrude  Apr 1952Liverpool, Lancs. I0001291
8 LEVY Annie  Jan-Feb 1927Liverpool, Lancs. I0027434
9 PHILLIPS Barnett  31 Jul 1950Liverpool, Lancs. I0037244

Arrived in UK

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrived in UK    Person ID 
1 DOVER Martin DWORETSKI  Dec 1936Liverpool, Lancs. I0035755


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Barmitzvah    Person ID 
1 FAGAN Harris  16 Jan 1897Liverpool, Lancs. I0026382


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAVIS Sarah  Abt 1864Liverpool, Lancs. I0008218
2 MCKENNELL Myer  Abt 1885Liverpool, Lancs. I0008373
3 SHOCK Isaac  Abt 1875Liverpool, Lancs. I0016372
4 SHOCK Sarah  Abt 1884Liverpool, Lancs. I0016371
5 SHOCK Solomon  Abt 1878Liverpool, Lancs. I0013264

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 BALSAM Moses  Jan-Mar 1880Liverpool, Lancs. I0002629
2 BASKIND Morris (Maurice)  Apr-Jun 1907Liverpool, Lancs. I608
3 BOGANNY OR TOLEDANO Joseph (Joe)  Jan-Mar 1874Liverpool, Lancs. I0044831
4 DA COSTA Emanuel  Jan-Mar 1895Liverpool, Lancs. I0015724
5 HAFT Horace  Jul-Sep 1922Liverpool, Lancs. I0045006
6 LANDY Abraham  Jul-Sep 1901Liverpool, Lancs. I0042803
7 LANDY Maurice  Jul-Sep 1899Liverpool, Lancs. I0042795
8 LANDY Miriam  Apr-Jun 1934Liverpool, Lancs. I0042794
9 LANDY Woolf or Wilfred  Jul-Sep 1895Liverpool, Lancs. I0042802
10 LESSER Zipporah  Jan- Mar 1872Liverpool, Lancs. I0024084
11 LIPKIN Gertrude  Jan-Mar 1887Liverpool, Lancs. I0045339
12 LIPKIN Isadore  Jul-Sep 1888Liverpool, Lancs. I0045341
13 NEWRICK Henry  Jan-Mar 1877Liverpool, Lancs. I0022093
14 NEWRICK Rachel  Oct-Dec 1880Liverpool, Lancs. I0022095
15 NEWRICK Raymond  Jan-Mar 1928Liverpool, Lancs. I0022104
16 NURICK Charles  Oct-Dec 1882Liverpool, Lancs. I0045013
17 NURICK Myra G  Oct-Dec 1915Liverpool, Lancs. I594
18 PHILLIPS (Annie) Esther  Apr-Jun 1901Liverpool, Lancs. I0038280
19 PHILLIPS Abraham  Jan-Mar 1894Liverpool, Lancs. I0038277
20 YULES Mary Olive  Jan-Mar 1910Liverpool, Lancs. I670

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 BASKIND David  1986Liverpool, Lancs. I609
2 BENJAMIN Raie  Dec 1971Liverpool, Lancs. I0042080
3 COLEMAN Renee  Apr-Jun 1963Liverpool, Lancs. I723
4 DUNSKY LATER DUNSBY Edward  Jul-Sep 1988Liverpool, Lancs. I442
5 NURICK Charles  Oct-Dec 1883Liverpool, Lancs. I0045013
6 NUROCK Annie  Oct-Dec 1976Liverpool, Lancs. I593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Hane [Hannah]  8 Aug 1941Liverpool, Lancs. I591
2 ABRAHAMS Margaretta (or Gertrude)  30 Mar 1943Liverpool, Lancs. I0022404
3 BECKWITH Irwin  29 Sep 1972Liverpool, Lancs. I0009495
4 BELL Norman  16 Jun 1989Liverpool, Lancs. I0031883
5 COHEN Fanny  7 Jun 1978Liverpool, Lancs. I0022102
6 COPE (COPPELMAN) Fanny or Fay  6 Feb 1991Liverpool, Lancs. I0043004
7 DAVIES Dora  16 Jun 1980Liverpool, Lancs. I0027435
8 FLOWERS Annie  26 Oct 1993Liverpool, Lancs. I0030743
9 GITTLESON LATER GILSTON David  17 Mar 1983Liverpool, Lancs. I0003436
10 GOLDBERG Fanny  19 Mar 1943Liverpool, Lancs. I0001146
11 JUDELOVITZ LATER NURICK Herman or Hyman  25 Apr 1946Liverpool, Lancs. I590
12 LEARMAN Joseph  8 Oct 1941Liverpool, Lancs. I0042823
13 LETVACK Pesa or Fanny  9 Sep 1933Liverpool, Lancs. I0042824
14 LETVACK Pesa or Fanny  27 Nov 1963Liverpool, Lancs. I0042824
15 LEVY Annie  9 Jun 1927Liverpool, Lancs. I0027434
16 MENTEL Elkan  14 Jun 1963Liverpool, Lancs. I0016327
17 MENTEL Harris  14 Nov 1922Liverpool, Lancs. I0004942
18 MENTEL Harry  25 Aug 1955Liverpool, Lancs. I0016323
19 MENTEL Harry  31 Oct 1957Liverpool, Lancs. I0016323
20 MENTEL Mathew  5 Nov 1959Liverpool, Lancs. I0016324
21 NEWRICK Bernard  13 Nov 2002Liverpool, Lancs. I0022103
22 NEWRICK Raymond  7 Jul 2005Liverpool, Lancs. I0022104
23 NEWRICK Reuben  31 Mar 1942Liverpool, Lancs. I0022076
24 PARISI Vincenzo  18 Jul 1979Liverpool, Lancs. I0043859
25 PRICE Solomon  31 May 1974Liverpool, Lancs. I0019609
26 RATHBONE Morris or Maurice  27 Jul 1952Liverpool, Lancs. I0005312
27 REEBACK Sam  25 Jun 1946Liverpool, Lancs. I0042200
28 RICHMOND Esther later Stella  29 Dec 1998Liverpool, Lancs. I0026257
29 ROSENBERG Rachel  21 Dec 1936Liverpool, Lancs. I0005371
30 SAMUELS Pearl  30 May 1986Liverpool, Lancs. I0043858
31 SARAGINSKY Doris  7 Jun 1995Liverpool, Lancs. I0045161
32 SHAPERO Rose  16 Sept 1986Liverpool, Lancs. I0022408
33 SMUSH Jacob  6 May 1963Liverpool, Lancs. I0044441
34 STARFIELD Hannah or Connie  30 Sep 1971Liverpool, Lancs. I0013225
35 STARFIELD Rosetta  5 May 1968Liverpool, Lancs. I0013222
36 TEARLE Helena  11 Oct 1957Liverpool, Lancs. I0022403
37 YEWDALL Albert  28 Feb 1936Liverpool, Lancs. I0014254
38 YEWDALL Lionel  26 May 1960Liverpool, Lancs. I0014259
39 YEWDALL Tessie (Theresa)  3 Nov 1970Liverpool, Lancs. I0016917
40 ZELICOVITZ Harris  31 Jul 1931Liverpool, Lancs. I0033628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 ELLENBOGEN Harris  28 Feb 1903Liverpool, Lancs. I0034858
2 PHILIPS Bloom  02 Oct 1924Liverpool, Lancs. I0016979
3 SAKS Samuel  16 Feb 1904Liverpool, Lancs. I0034860


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Wills    Person ID 
1 ENGLANDER Ephraim  20 Jan 1932Liverpool, Lancs. I0018177


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOCK / STERN  Between Oct and Dec 1889Liverpool, Lancs. F00009563
2 DAVIS / DAVIES  Jul-Sept 1909Liverpool, Lancs. F00015903
3 DUNSKY later DUNSBY / MONUSSON  1987Liverpool, Lancs. F152
4 FREEDMAN / GREENBLATT  Between 1911 and 1913Liverpool, Lancs. F00003642
5 HAFT / GLOVER  Oct-Dec 1945Liverpool, Lancs. F00016117
6 HUGLIN / TAXMAN  Between Jul and Sep 1973Liverpool, Lancs. F00013255
7 KELLER / ROSENFIELD  Between Apr and Jun 1880Liverpool, Lancs. F00007820
8 LIPKIN / HUNTERMAN  Oct-Dec 1963Liverpool, Lancs. F00016012
9 MENTEL / DAVIES  Jul-Sept 1945Liverpool, Lancs. F00009722
10 MENTEL / SHAPERO  09 Aug 1922Liverpool, Lancs. F00006112
11 NEWRICK / COHEN  1921Liverpool, Lancs. F00007898
12 NEWRICK / HARRIS  Between Apr and Jun 1889Liverpool, Lancs. F00007893
13 OVERSBY / MURPHY  Between Oct and Dec 1886Liverpool, Lancs. F00013956
14 SILVER / MISELL  Between Apr and Jun 1865Liverpool, Lancs. F00007726

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 BASKIND / COHEN  Jan-Mar 1937Liverpool, Lancs. F209
2 COHEN / DAVIES  Apr-Jun 1912Liverpool, Lancs. F00015904
3 DAVIES / COWAN  Jan-Mar 1903Liverpool, Lancs. F00010034
4 DAVIS / DAVIES  Jul-Sept 1909Liverpool, Lancs. F00015903
5 DUNSKY later DUNSBY / MONUSSON  1987Liverpool, Lancs. F152
6 HAFT / BRENNER  1956Liverpool, Lancs. F00016119
7 HAFT / WOLFSON  1952Liverpool, Lancs. F00016118
8 MARKOFF / SPIER  1944Liverpool, Lancs. F00016052
9 SMUSH / DAVIES  Oct-Dec 1913Liverpool, Lancs. F00015905
10 TEMPOFSKI later THOMPSON / ROCKMAN  1920Liverpool, Lancs. F00008249
11 VINEGRAD / PEARLMAN  Jan-Mar 1930Liverpool, Lancs. F41