Manchester, Lancs.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clara Eliza  Abt 1863Manchester, Lancs. I0039085
2 Ida  Abt 1866Manchester, Lancs. I0038960
3 Jane  Abt 1871Manchester, Lancs. I0036326
4 Janey  Abt 1876Manchester, Lancs. I0031281
5 Lily  Abt 1880Manchester, Lancs. I548
6 AARON Lazarus  Abt 1891Manchester, Lancs. I0014349
7 AARON Rebecca  21 Aug 1894Manchester, Lancs. I0014350
8 ABLEMAN Annie  Abt 1881Manchester, Lancs. I0006201
9 ABLEMAN Harry  Abt 1883Manchester, Lancs. I0006200
10 ABRAHAM Abraham  Abt 1853Manchester, Lancs. I0017141
11 ABRAHAM Abraham  Abt 1853Manchester, Lancs. I0029798
12 ABRAHAMS Adelaide  Abt 1851Manchester, Lancs. I0014339
13 ABRAHAMS Benjamin  Abt 1872Manchester, Lancs. I0016076
14 ABRAHAMS Edith  Abt 1873Manchester, Lancs. I0016077
15 ABRAHAMS Evalyne  Abt 1893Manchester, Lancs. I0029804
16 ABRAHAMS Harold  Abt 1895Manchester, Lancs. I0016073
17 ABRAHAMS Hettie  Abt 1875Manchester, Lancs. I0006264
18 ABRAHAMS Lewis  Abt 1870Manchester, Lancs. I0001985
19 ABRAHAMS Louis Norman  Abt 1896Manchester, Lancs. I0029810
20 ABRAHAMS Maurice  Abt 1869Manchester, Lancs. I0016074
21 ABRAHAMS Reuben  Abt 1873Manchester, Lancs. I0006262
22 ADELSON Fanny  Abt 1889Manchester, Lancs. I0015453
23 ADELSON Hyman  Abt 1885Manchester, Lancs. I0015451
24 ADELSON Jane  Abt 1891Manchester, Lancs. I0015454
25 ADELSON Philip  Abt 1887Manchester, Lancs. I0015458
26 ADELSON Simon  Abt 1884Manchester, Lancs. I0015450
27 ADELSON Solomon  Abt 1888Manchester, Lancs. I0015452
28 ADLER Celia  Abt 1881Manchester, Lancs. I0018429
29 ADLER Eva  Abt 1872Manchester, Lancs. I0018432
30 ADLER Hannah  Abt 1883Manchester, Lancs. I0018430
31 ADLER Harry  Abt 1885Manchester, Lancs. I0018431
32 ADLER Israel  Abt 1869Manchester, Lancs. I0018433
33 ADLER Maurice  Abt 1875Manchester, Lancs. I0018275
34 ADLER Saul  Abt 1870Manchester, Lancs. I0018415
35 ALBAN Abraham  Abt 1886Manchester, Lancs. I0015462
36 ALBAN Ethel  Abt 1887Manchester, Lancs. I0015463
37 ALBAN Joe  Abt 1890Manchester, Lancs. I0015465
38 ALBAN Levy  Abt 1884Manchester, Lancs. I0015461
39 ALBAN William  Abt 1889Manchester, Lancs. I0015464
40 ALTMAN Miriam  5 Sept 1883Manchester, Lancs. I0021604
41 AMELIA  Abt 1866Manchester, Lancs. I0012431
42 ANSELL Raphael  Between Oct and Dec 1876Manchester, Lancs. I0004850
43 BABBIN Herman  14 May 1894Manchester, Lancs. I0020247
44 BABROVSKI Nellie  Abt 1882Manchester, Lancs. I0039408
45 BARLOW Mary Josephine  Abt 1860Manchester, Lancs. I0040299
46 BARNETT Benjamin  Abt 1859Manchester, Lancs. I0039372
47 BARNETT Mary  Abt 1853Manchester, Lancs. I0039373
48 BARNETT Rose  Abt 1845Manchester, Lancs. I0039375
49 BASSOVITCH LATER BASS Rene  29 Dec 1918Manchester, Lancs. I0031322
50 BEARANBOM Joseph  Abt 1884Manchester, Lancs. I0015492

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bertha or Rebecca  Apr-Jun 1901Manchester, Lancs. I0012292
2 Rachel  Apr-Jun 1906Manchester, Lancs. I0040133
3 Yetta  Jan-Mar 1925Manchester, Lancs. I0040028
4 ABRAHAM Fanny  02 Feb 1966Manchester, Lancs. I0035295
5 ACKIME OR AKIN Louis  Jul-Sep 1964Manchester, Lancs. I0020133
6 AGULSKI Ellen  Apr-Jun 1940Manchester, Lancs. I0044983
7 AZUELOS Hasday Almosnino  19 Oct 1868Manchester, Lancs. I0021311
8 BARNETT Joy Christine  Oct-Nov 1995Manchester, Lancs. I0043279
9 BASHOVITCH Abe  Oct-Dec 1989Manchester, Lancs. I0029914
10 BECKMAN Jack  Jul-Sept 1989Manchester, Lancs. I0042793
11 BEHRMAN Mendel  Mar 1929Manchester, Lancs. I0039990
12 BENJAMIN Jonas  Between Oct and Dec 1888Manchester, Lancs. I0036105
13 BENJAMIN Sarah  Between Jan and Mar 1929Manchester, Lancs. I0034309
14 BERNSTEIN Annie  Jan-Mar 1916Manchester, Lancs. I0045224
15 BREMER Clara  Between Jul and Sep 1943Manchester, Lancs. I0036112
16 COBE Alfred Edward  Between Jan and Mar 1866Manchester, Lancs. I0036116
17 COBE Jessie  Between Jul and Sep 1860Manchester, Lancs. I0036115
18 COBE Meyer  17 Jan 1935Manchester, Lancs. I0036102
19 COBE Phillip Leopold  Between Jul and Sep 1950Manchester, Lancs. I0036101
20 COBE Rosetta Josephine  Between Oct and Dec 1871Manchester, Lancs. I0036104
21 COBE Samuel  Between Jan and Mar 1852Manchester, Lancs. I0036113
22 COBE Sarah  Between Jan and Mar 1854Manchester, Lancs. I0036114
23 COHEN Amelia  02 Sep 1934Manchester, Lancs. I0036111
24 COHEN Annie  16 Feb 1945Manchester, Lancs. I0038461
25 CRAINGOLD Eleanor  12 Sep 1954Manchester, Lancs. I0037775
26 CRAINGOLD Israel Maurice Myer  Feb 1985Manchester, Lancs. I0037776
27 CRAYMAR Rosa  Between Apr and Jun 1891Manchester, Lancs. I0037633
28 DAVIDOFF Jack  06 Dec 1983Manchester, Lancs. I0040140
29 DAVIDOFF Solomon  Oct-Dec 1913Manchester, Lancs. I0040132
30 DEAL Simon  Between Jul and Sep 1874Manchester, Lancs. I0035165
31 DERZEFSKY OR JOSEPHSEFSKY Julia  Nov 1988Manchester, Lancs. I0039196
32 DOLBERG DAWSON Jacob  31 Jan 1977Manchester, Lancs. I0017165
33 DOLBERG DAWSON Sheila Fay  02 Nov 2003Manchester, Lancs. I0038451
34 DONIGER Abraham  23 Feb 1901Manchester, Lancs. I0015961
35 DONIGER William  Jul-Sep 1872Manchester, Lancs. I1559
36 DORA  04 Jan 1936Manchester, Lancs. I0036618
37 DRAPKIN Charles  Jul-Sept 1984Manchester, Lancs. I0036132
38 DRAPKIN William  1 Mar 1949Manchester, Lancs. I0018480
39 GLASS Leon  Between Oct and Dec 1925Manchester, Lancs. I0036136
40 GOLDMAN Bessie  Oct-Dec 1935Manchester, Lancs. I0009328
41 GOODSTADT Hilda  Jun 1988Manchester, Lancs. I0040316
42 GOODSTADT Leo  Oct 2000Manchester, Lancs. I0040317
43 GOODSTADT Mary Pauline  Sept 1996Manchester, Lancs. I0040318
44 GROBERMAN Jacob  1907Manchester, Lancs. I0028136
45 HECHT Edward  06 Mar 1887Manchester, Lancs. I0028432
46 HOFFENBERG Sophie  Apr-Jun 1959Manchester, Lancs. I0014934
47 HOLMES Agnes Veronica  Jan 1997Manchester, Lancs. I0040154
48 INGLEBERG Henry  Jul-Sep 1885Manchester, Lancs. I543
49 KAHANE Selig  Oct-Dec 1893Manchester, Lancs. I0040274
50 KAMINSKY Esther  26 Jan 1929Manchester, Lancs. I0037627

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS Beatrice  Abt 1893Manchester, Lancs. I0006232
2 BLACK Rebecca  Abt 1888Manchester, Lancs. I0006966
3 DONIGER Morris  Abt 1873Manchester, Lancs. I0008259
4 GOLDMAN Louise  Abt 1889Manchester, Lancs. I0011525
5 HARRIS Ettie  Abt 1886Manchester, Lancs. I0003704
6 ISRAEL Alfred  Abt 1863Manchester, Lancs. I0000447
7 ISRAEL Phillip  Abt 1874Manchester, Lancs. I0014407
8 JACOB Barnet  Abt 1888Manchester, Lancs. I0031413
9 JACOB Barnet  Abt 1888Manchester, Lancs. I0004053
10 JACOBS David  Abt 1881Manchester, Lancs. I0014739
11 LABOVITCH Rebecca  Abt 1873Manchester, Lancs. I0010617
12 MORRIS Harry  Abt 1884Manchester, Lancs. I0011826
13 MOSES Annie  Abt 1886Manchester, Lancs. I0011908
14 ROSENBERG Minnie  Abt 1877Manchester, Lancs. I0005363

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 ALTMAN Miriam  Oct-Dec 1883Manchester, Lancs.  I0021604
2 BABBIN Herman  Jul-Sep 1894Manchester, Lancs.  I0020247
3 BASSOVITCH LATER BASS Rene  Jan-Mar 1919Manchester, Lancs.  I0031322
4 BECKMAN Louis  Oct-Dec 1912Manchester, Lancs. I0041731
5 BECKMAN Louis  Oct-Dec 1912Manchester, Lancs. I0041731
6 BROOKSTONE Dora  Jan-Mar 1880Manchester, Lancs.  I0007182
7 DA COSTA Isaac (Alec)  Apr-Jun 1903Manchester, Lancs.  I0015730
8 DA COSTA Morris  Apr-Jun 1905Manchester, Lancs.  I0033266
9 DONIGER Henry  April-Jun 1870Manchester, Lancs.  I0006108
10 DONIGER Hetty  Oct-Dec 1876Manchester, Lancs.  I0015955
11 DONIGER William  Jan-Mar 1872Manchester, Lancs.  I1559
12 GOLDING Augusta  Apr-Jun 1838Manchester, Lancs.  I0045329
13 GOLDING Pheobe  Jan-Mar 1840Manchester, Lancs.  I0045319
14 GOLDING Rosetta  Apr-Jun 1842Manchester, Lancs.  I0045330
15 HUDDLESTON Abraham  Apr-Jun 1875Manchester, Lancs.  I0020695
16 HUDDLESTON Celia or Cecilia  Jan-Mar 1914Manchester, Lancs.  I713
17 INGLEBERG Benjamin  Apr-Jun 1875Manchester, Lancs.  I536
18 INGLEBERG Betsy  Apr-Jun 1887Manchester, Lancs.  I541
19 INGLEBERG Isaac  Jan-Mar 1869Manchester, Lancs.  I0007062
20 INGLEBERG Myer  Apr-Jun 1881Manchester, Lancs.  I539
21 INGLEBERG Rachel  Jul-Sep 1889Manchester, Lancs.  I542
22 INGLEBERG LATER INGLEBY Harry  Apr-Jun 1879Manchester, Lancs.  I538
23 INGLEBERG LATER INGLEBY Harry  Jul-Sep 1879Manchester, Lancs.  I538
24 LEVY Gadson  Jul-Sep 1868Manchester, Lancs.  I41
25 LEVY Milly  Oct-Dec 1863Manchester, Lancs.  I43
26 SORTMAN Annie  Jul-Sept 1904Manchester, Lancs. I0043898
27 SORTMAN Freda  Jan-Mar 1903Manchester, Lancs. I0043897
28 SORTMAN Israel Benzion  Apr-Jun 1899Manchester, Lancs. I0043895
29 SORTMAN Leah  Apr-Jun 1898Manchester, Lancs. I0043894
30 SORTMAN Miriam  Oct-Dec 1896Manchester, Lancs. I0043893
31 SORTMAN Samuel David  Apr-Jun 1901Manchester, Lancs. I0043896
32 WEISER Beatrice  Apr-Jun 1870Manchester, Lancs.  I0045317
33 WEISER Camilla  Jul-Sep 1867Manchester, Lancs.  I0045320
34 WEISER Herbert  Jan-Mar 1872Manchester, Lancs.  I0045322
35 WEISER Rudolph  Oct-Dec 1868Manchester, Lancs.  I0045321
36 WEISER Stella  Jul-Sep 1874Manchester, Lancs.  I0045323
37 ZACKLIN Annie Rebecca  Oct-Dec 1873Manchester, Lancs.  I0025377
38 ZACKLIN Esther  Jul-Sep 1890Manchester, Lancs.  I0025352
39 ZACKLIN Rose  Apr-Jun 1884Manchester, Lancs.  I0025350
40 ZACKLIN LATER JACKLIN David  Jan-Mar 1882Manchester, Lancs.  I0025349

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 AGULSKI Ellen  1940Manchester, Lancs.  I0044983
2 AGULSKI Ellen  Apr-Jun 1940Manchester, Lancs.  I0044983
3 BAKER Fanny  Jan-Mar 1969Manchester, Lancs.  I0006505
4 BARNETT Joy Christine  Nov 1995Manchester, Lancs. I0043279
5 BASHOVITCH Abe  Oct-Dec 1989Manchester, Lancs.  I0029914
6 COHEN Leslie  Oct-Dec 1980Manchester, Lancs.  I1194
7 DONIGER William  Jul-Sep 1872Manchester, Lancs.  I1559
8 GOLDIE Fanny later Rita  Jun 1994Manchester, Lancs.  I0043397
9 GOLDIE Harry (Hyman)  Jan-Mar 1974Manchester, Lancs.  I0023832
10 GOLDMAN (Annie) Hilda  Oct-Dec 1942Manchester, Lancs.  I0003495
11 LENT Michael  Jul-Sep 1953Manchester, Lancs.  I869
12 LEVINE Isaac  Oct-Dec 1957Manchester, Lancs.  I141
13 LEWIS Jacob  Jul-Sep 1971Manchester, Lancs.  I0017127
14 LIPSHAW Rose  Jan-Mar 1944Manchester, Lancs.  I0022097
15 MILLER Esther  Oct-Dec 2004Manchester, Lancs. I0042813
16 NEWRICK Doris  Jan-Mar 1948Manchester, Lancs.  I0022101
17 NIMAN Archibald  Jul-Sep 1975Manchester, Lancs.  I0032376
18 NYMAN Lewis  Jul-Sep 1883Manchester, Lancs.  I1815
19 PLAGERSON Barnett or Bernard  Dec 1990Manchester, Lancs.  I0014932
20 REWDAFSKIE Abraham  1936Manchester, Lancs.  I0044982
21 RICHMOND May or Mae  Jan-Mar 1985Manchester, Lancs.  I0026253
22 ROSENBAUM Rachel  Apr-Jun 1953Manchester, Lancs.  I0044314
23 ROSENBERG Maurice  Jan-Mar 1941Manchester, Lancs.  I0045212
24 RUDOFSKI Leah  Apr-Jun 1965Manchester, Lancs.  I0044987
25 RUDOVSKY Davis  1885Manchester, Lancs. I0044988
26 RUDOVSKY Davis  Oct-Dec 1885Manchester, Lancs.  I0044988
27 SHAPIRO Lea  Apr-Jun 1951Manchester, Lancs.  I552
28 SORTMAN Freda  Jul-Sep 1903Manchester, Lancs. I0043897
29 SORTMAN Israel Benzion  Apr-Jun 1900Manchester, Lancs. I0043895
30 SORTMAN Samuel David  Oct-Dec 1901Manchester, Lancs. I0043896
31 WEISER Beatrice  Jan-Mar 1962Manchester, Lancs.  I0045317
32 ZARVITCH Lena  Feb 2001Manchester, Lancs.  I0025367


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 CRAINGOLD Solomon  10 Jul 1905Manchester, Lancs. I0037777
2 CRAINGOLD Solomon  01 Aug 1907Manchester, Lancs. I0037777

Manchester Jews School

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Manchester Jews School    Person ID 
1 CAPLAN (Marks) David  19 Aug 1912Manchester, Lancs. I0039451
2 DAYAN Isaac  23 Mar 1892Manchester, Lancs. I0038404
3 GOLDSTONE Eva  1896Manchester, Lancs.  I0045182
4 ROSENBERG Amelia  24 Apr 1890Manchester, Lancs. I0043811
5 ROSENBERG Amelia  14 Mar 1892Manchester, Lancs. I0043811
6 ROSENBERG Rachael  25 Apr 1892Manchester, Lancs. I0043818
7 ROSENBERG Rachael  9 Apr 1894Manchester, Lancs. I0043818
8 SUGARMAN Eva  22 Mar 1909- 10 Jul 1909Manchester, Lancs.  I0043193

Poss Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Poss Birth    Person ID 
1 ZACKLIN Dora  Oct-Dec 1884Manchester, Lancs.  I0025351

Poss Birth Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Poss Birth Registration    Person ID 
1 SCHWARTZBERG Rachael  Jan-Mar 1866Manchester, Lancs.  I0045181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Kate Minnie  17 Feb 1916Manchester, Lancs. I0004943
2 Susy  21 Sept 1896Manchester, Lancs. I0040275
3 BECKMAN Louis  18 Nov 2008Manchester, Lancs. I0041731
4 BENJAMIN Fanny  28 Sept 1951Manchester, Lancs. I0006645
5 BIRD Jacob  3 Apr 1951Manchester, Lancs. I0036252
6 COBE Leah C  5 Apr 1933Manchester, Lancs. I0036099
7 COHEN Bernard  12 Jan 1983Manchester, Lancs.  I1195
8 COHEN Joseph  23 Mar 1920Manchester, Lancs.  I1198
9 DAVIDOFF Barnet  20 Mar 1953Manchester, Lancs. I0040127
10 DAVIDOFF Hannah  25 Jul 1949Manchester, Lancs. I0040134
11 DAVIDOFF Rose  11 Mar 1952Manchester, Lancs. I0040135
12 DAVIES Esther E  3 Dec 2003Manchester, Lancs.  I0044431
13 DONIGER Henry  24 Jan 1941Manchester, Lancs.  I0006108
14 DRAPKIN William  24 May 1949Manchester, Lancs. I0018480
15 FRANKS Adolph  24 Aug 1990Manchester, Lancs.  I0040163
16 GARB Celia  29 Apr 2009Manchester, Lancs.  I0038094
17 GOLDIE Fanny later Rita  15 Sep 1994Manchester, Lancs.  I0043397
18 GOLDIE Harry (Hyman)  23 Jul 1974Manchester, Lancs.  I0023832
19 GOLDING Pheobe  24 Oct 1921Manchester, Lancs.  I0045319
20 HOFFENBERG Barnet  14 Jul 1944Manchester, Lancs. I0014917
21 HOFFENBERG Fanny  06 Nov 1943Manchester, Lancs. I0014935
22 HOFFENBERG Jacob  30 Oct 1946Manchester, Lancs. I0006908
23 HOLDER Gitel  27 May 2010Manchester, Lancs. I0039966
24 KAHANE Amelia  11 May 1951Manchester, Lancs. I0040276
25 KAHANE Selig  19 Jan 1894Manchester, Lancs. I0040274
26 LEACHMAN Maurice  10 Aug 1984Manchester, Lancs.  I0044864
27 LEVY (KUTSYNSKY) Isaac (Hyam)  7 Apr 1982Manchester, Lancs.  I857
28 LIPTON Sampson  21 Jun 1995Manchester, Lancs.  I726
29 LOBEL Carl  03 Jun 1941Manchester, Lancs. I0040298
30 MENSCH Hermine  19 Jul 1934Manchester, Lancs.  I0045305
31 MENSCH Marcus Maximillian  30 Apr 1931Manchester, Lancs.  I0045316
32 NEWRICK Doris  23 Jul 1948Manchester, Lancs.  I0022101
33 PEARL Bessie  11 Mar 1985Manchester, Lancs.  I0044376
34 SHUBSACHS Woolf  29 Sep 1941Manchester, Lancs. I0040143
35 SORTMAN Mark (Mordechai)  26 Jun 1939Manchester, Lancs. I0043890
36 STERNFELD Cecilia  29 Aug 1941Manchester, Lancs.  I0045306
37 WEINBERG Nathaniel  17 Mar 1947Manchester, Lancs. I0043281
38 WEISER Beatrice  3 May 1962Manchester, Lancs.  I0045317
39 WEISER Leopold  4 Dec 1899Manchester, Lancs.  I0045318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 KAHN Isaac (Julius)  Between 1856 and 1857Manchester, Lancs. I0015684

Residence at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence at marriage    Person ID 
1 GOLDSTONE Jack  1920Manchester, Lancs. I0036260
2 PETERS Ettie  1906Manchester, Lancs. I0020449


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BECKMAN / STOLLMAN  Jan-Mar 1941Manchester, Lancs. F00013635
2 BENJAMIN / MORRIS  2 Jan 1900Manchester, Lancs. F00016027
3 BRAHAMS / CASSELL  Apr-Jun1929Manchester, Lancs. F00015278
4 GROBERMAN / GOODMAN  14 Jun 1905Manchester, Lancs. F00003905
5 ISRAEL / RACHAEL  Between Jul and Sep 1872Manchester, Lancs. F00000180
6 LIEBERMAN / BECKMAN  Jul-Sept 1942Manchester, Lancs. F00013537
7 LIPSCHITZ / CRAINGOLD  Between Jan and Mar 1926Manchester, Lancs. F00014233
8 LURIE / FRANKS  Between Apr and Jun 1925Manchester, Lancs. F00012632
9 MARKS / JORDAIN  Between Apr and Jun 1874Manchester, Lancs. F00000725
10 MERRENS / NACHMAN  Apr-Jun 1927Manchester, Lancs. F00015473
11 MYERS / MINTZ  Jan-Mar 1937Manchester, Lancs. F00002962
12 NATHAN / JACQUES  Oct-Dec 1942Manchester, Lancs. F00014851
13 RITMAN / WULFSON  Between Apr and Jun 1856Manchester, Lancs. F00007545
14 SHOCK / RACHEL  Between Jan and Mar 1873Manchester, Lancs. F00005041
15 SHOEPS / WULFSON  Between Apr and Jun 1847Manchester, Lancs. F00007546
16 SHUBSACHS / BLACK  Jul-Sep 1914Manchester, Lancs. F00015125
17 SIMPSON / SHOEPS  Between Jan and Mar 1866Manchester, Lancs. F00007557
18 SLANN / KRAFT  Between Jul and Sep 1907Manchester, Lancs. F00014131
19 SMOLANSKY / ROSENBERG  Between Oct and Dec 1903Manchester, Lancs. F00012896
20 STEINART / GOLDSTEIN  Between Jul and Sep 1869Manchester, Lancs. F00007523
21 STOLLMAN /   Jan-Mar 1941Manchester, Lancs. F00013556
22 STONE / SHALKS  01 Jun 1975Manchester, Lancs. F00011269

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 BENJAMIN / MORRIS  1900Manchester, Lancs. F00016027
2 COHEN / GINSBURG  1905Manchester, Lancs.  F00015871
3 COHEN / GINSBURG  1909Manchester, Lancs.  F00015872
4 GINSBURG / RAISNOR  1912Manchester, Lancs.  F00015873
5 GINSBURG / WEINER  1905Manchester, Lancs.  F00015870
6 GONDOLPHIN / MILLS  Jul-Sep 1947Manchester, Lancs. F00015728
7 HUDDLESTON / GINSBERG  Apr-Jun 1910Manchester, Lancs.  F254
8 PLAGERSON / FAINER  Oct-Dec 1941Manchester, Lancs.  F251
9 RUDOFSKI later RUDDICK / FRANKS  Oct-Dec 1920Manchester, Lancs.  F00016115