Marylebone, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS Florence  Abt 1859Marylebone, London I0017716
2 DRUIFF Samuel Lawrence  Abt 1886Marylebone, London I0014149
3 GOLDSHEDE Matilda  Abt 1831Marylebone, London I0025926
4 GOLDSHEDE Matilda  Abt 1831Marylebone, London I0031014
5 GREEN Rose  Abt 1879Marylebone, London I0005699
6 JOSEPH Charlotte Minnie E  Abt 1871Marylebone, London I0018788
7 LUFF Brian G  Abt 1901Marylebone, London I0026004
8 LUFF Mary C  Abt 1897Marylebone, London I0026003
9 MEYERSTEIN Ethel Gladys  Abt 1882Marylebone, London I0026022
10 MEYERSTEIN William Charles  Abt 1883Marylebone, London I0026023
11 SOLOMON Birdie  Abt 1903Marylebone, London I0041976
12 SOLOMON Cissie  Abt 1905Marylebone, London I0041977
13 SOLOMON Louis  Abt 1906Marylebone, London I0041978
14 SOLOMON Muriel  Abt 1909Marylebone, London I0041980
15 SOLOMON Reginald  16 Oct 1908Marylebone, London I0041979
16 WARCHAVSKI Henry  Abt 1916Marylebone, London I0038860
17 ZOSSENHEIM Eric Joseph  Abt 1889Marylebone, London I0006123
18 ZOSSENHEIM Gladys C J  Abt 1887Marylebone, London I0018789
19 ZOSSENHEIM Stanley Douglas  Abt 1890Marylebone, London I0018790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRECHER William  Feb 1974Marylebone, London I0037731
2 DRAPKIN Major  22 Jun 1939Marylebone, London I0018481
3 GARFIELD Harry  Between Apr and Jun 1962Marylebone, London I0037802
4 ISAACS Leah  06 Nov 1958Marylebone, London I0039788
5 LANDMAN Judah or Julien  1977Marylebone, London I0010814
6 LIGHTMAN Lily  1961Marylebone, London I0004466
7 LYONS Magdalen (Peggy)  Between Oct and Dec 1961Marylebone, London I0037741
8 NEWTON Isadore  1962Marylebone, London I0004473
9 RUMMELSBURG Alex  Between Apr and Jun 1947Marylebone, London I0037452
10 SANDELSON Dennis L  Oct-Dec 1965Marylebone, London I0037371
11 SOMAN Maurice Leopold  27 Sep 1876Marylebone, London I0034544
12 WIGRAM Nathan G  Jul-Sep 1944Marylebone, London I0038312
13 ZOSSENHEIM Eric Joseph  Between Apr and Jun 1889Marylebone, London I0006123

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 FRANKENSTEIN Esther A  Apr-Jun 1918Marylebone, London I0044562
2 FRANKENSTEIN Marie  Jan-Mar 1920Marylebone, London I0044561
3 SAMUELS Morris  Oct-Dec 1886Marylebone, London I0013062

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 GILSTON Myer  Oct-Dec 1963Marylebone, London I0000786
2 MARKS Abraham  Oct-Dec 1850Marylebone, London I0044030
3 MOSES Pauline  Jul-Sept 1926Marylebone, London I0044663

Name at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Name at marriage    Person ID 
1 Muriel  1960Marylebone, London I0044119


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 (MOSES) MOSS / COHEN  Apr-Jun 1921Marylebone, London F00013652
2 ABRAHAMS / ZOSSENHEIM  Between Jan and Mar 1891Marylebone, London F00000966
3 ASH / FALCKE  Between Oct and Dec 1881Marylebone, London F00002775
4 BARNETT / PRAGER  Jul-Sept 1928Marylebone, London F00007231
5 BARON / (MOSES) MOSS  Apr-Jun 1925Marylebone, London F00013654
6 BRAHAMS / WARING  1953Marylebone, London F00015280
7 CARDIFF / FREEDMAN  19 Apr 1939Marylebone, London F00014316
8 DAVIS / JONAS  02 Jun 1880Marylebone, London F00009468
9 DE MEZA / WACHOLDER  Between Jul and Sep 1884Marylebone, London F00005719
10 DRUIFF / ABRAHAMS  Between Apr and Jun 1882Marylebone, London F00006572
11 DRUIFF / ABRAHAMS  Between Jul and Sep 1899Marylebone, London F00006583
12 DRUIFF / ELIAS  Between Jul and Sep 1899Marylebone, London F00006582
13 DRUIFF / LYONS  Between Jul and Sep 1882Marylebone, London F00005298
14 DUVEEN / FALCKE  Between Jul and Sep 1882Marylebone, London F00007105
15 GOLDSCHMIDT / DRUIFF  Between Jul and Sep 1902Marylebone, London F00013341
16 GRUNTWAG / DRUIFF  Between Jul and Sep 1898Marylebone, London F00013342
17 HOLLANDER / WOLFE  Between Jan and Mar 1895Marylebone, London F00006744
18 JACOBSON / KAHN  Oct-Dec 1931Marylebone, London F00014875
19 JONAS / GOLDBERG  Between Oct and Dec 1888Marylebone, London F00009492
20 KAHN / NATHAN  Between Jan and Mar 1909Marylebone, London F00009534
21 LANGFRIAR / SNOWMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1903Marylebone, London F00008702
22 LEVIS / KILNER  Between Apr and Jun 1893Marylebone, London F00010337
23 LIGHTMAN / LAVENDER  Between Oct and Dec 1973Marylebone, London F00013650
24 LIGHTMAN / OSTRER  Between Jul and Sep 1936Marylebone, London F00013651
25 LUFF / LEON  Between Jan and Mar 1893Marylebone, London F00009520
26 MYERS / FRANKS  Jan-Mar 1920Marylebone, London F00014910
27 NELLEN / LISTER  Between Oct and Dec 1966Marylebone, London F00014064
28 NEWGASS / PACIFICO  Between Apr and Jun 1869Marylebone, London F00009553
29 ROOKE / CASBERD-BOTELER  18 May 1915Marylebone, London F00014324
30 SANDELSON / BAGRIT  Between Oct and Dec 1975Marylebone, London F00014066
31 STERN / LAMPING  Between Jul and Sep 1918Marylebone, London F00009561
32 ZOSSENHEIM / JOSEPH  Between Apr and Jun 1885Marylebone, London F00000963

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 ERDBERG later HILTON / PEARL  Jan-Mar 1925Marylebone, London F00015883
2 GLASSMAN / RAKUSEN  Jul-Sep 1927Marylebone, London F00016149
3 GROSS / ALBERTS  Jul-Sept 1899Marylebone, London F00015898
4 MANHAM / HYMAN  Sep 1897Marylebone, London F00002104
5 MIRMANN / PARMENTIER  Oct-Dec 1938Marylebone, London F00015840
6 SPIRO / FREDMAN  Jan-Mar 1924Marylebone, London F00015596