Middlesbrough, Yorks.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BHARIER Harry  1914Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041722
2 BHARIER Joshua  1911Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041721
3 BHARIER Nathan  1907Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041719
4 CHARMAK James  1913Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0031735
5 CRASTER Cowley Colin  Abt 1900Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028618
6 CRASTER Daniel  Abt 1902Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028650
7 CRASTER Dinah  Abt 1913Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028658
8 CRASTER Esther  Abt 1912Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028659
9 CRASTER Hilda  Abt Feb 1911Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028652
10 CRASTER Nathan  Abt 1901Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028653
11 CRASTER Rosie  1 Oct-1 Dec 1908Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028670
12 FINBERG Sarah  Abt 1876Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0045338
13 FINBURGH Alexander or Alec  4 Feb 1873Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0018231
14 MARKS Yetta Minnie  10 Oct 1908Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0016939
15 MONAET Louis  Abt Jan 1891Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042747
16 MONAET Minnie  Abt 1920Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042740
17 MONET Abraham  Abt 1895Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042749
18 MONET Elias  13 May 1913Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0038941
19 MONET Ella  Jan-Feb 1907Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042739
20 MONET Rachel  Abt 1915Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042741
21 MONET Rosie  Abt 1892Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042748
22 NIMAN Freda Rebecca  Abt 1909Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032338
23 NIMAN Nathan  Abt 1906Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032350
24 NIMAN Philip  24 Mar 1915Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032352
25 NIMAN Rachel  26 Oct 1913Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032353
26 NIMAN Samuel  1916Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0031199
27 PINTO Abraham  Abt 1885Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0026271
28 PINTO Joseph  Abt 1883Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0026272
29 PINTO Julius  Abt 1887Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0026273
30 PINTO Rebecca  Abt 1889Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0026274
31 REUBENS Cyril  Abt 1906Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005933
32 REUBENS Ellis  14 Aug 1904Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0040992
33 REUBENS Ethel  Abt 1908Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005940
34 REUBENS Moses  Abt 1901Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0040991
35 REUBENS Rudolph Isaac  Abt 1902Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005932
36 SIMON Cissy  Abt 1896Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043248
37 SIMON Jacob  Abt 1887Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043245
38 SIMON Joseph  Abt 1883Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043244
39 SIMON Max  Abt 1894Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043247
40 SIMON Rosie  Abt 1901Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043249
41 SIMON Sydney Julian  29 Apr 1920Middlesbrough, Yorks. I66
42 SMOLLAN Barnett  Abt 1894Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041001
43 SMOLLAN Benjamin  Abt 1897Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041002
44 SMOLLAN Betsy  Abt 1886Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0040999
45 SMOLLAN Henrietta  Abt 1890Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041000
46 SMOLLAN Nathan  Abt 1898Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041003
47 SMOLLAN Rachel  Abt 1892Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0040997
48 SMOLLEN Rachel  Abt 1874Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028655
49 SOLBERG Mark  Abt 1873Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BHARIER Harry  8 May 1914Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041722
2 BHARIER Jacob S  23 May 1943Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041715
3 BHARIER Nancy  21 Aug 1910Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042279
4 CRASTER Nathan  19 May 1947Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028653
5 CRASTER Rosie  01 Dec 1908Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0028670
6 CRASTER Samuel Goldstein  Between Oct and Dec 1898Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0035079
7 FASS Bertha  6 Mar 1921Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042722
8 GALEWSKI Rose  5 Mar 1930Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0041716
9 MARKS Yetta Minnie  25 Jun 1965Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0016939
10 MONET Ella  3 Oct 1907Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0042739
11 NIMAN Eli  12 Jan 1957Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032335
12 NIMAN Nathan  30 Nov 1966Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032350
13 REUBENS Rudolph Isaac  Jul-Sep 1903Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005932
14 ROSENSHINE Hilda Rachel  25 Nov 1938Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032723
15 SIMONS Isadore Lionel  2001Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0032827
16 SMOLLAN Hyman  30 Dec 1924Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0040998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MARKS Yetta Minnie  25 Jun 1965Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0016939
2 RICHMAN Percy Ephraim  01 Apr 1969Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0016907

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 FINBERG Sarah  Oct-Dec 1876Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0045338
2 REUBENS Cyril  Oct-Dec 1906Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005933
3 REUBENS Ellis  Jul-Sep 1904Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0040992
4 REUBENS Ethel  Jul-Sep 1908Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005940
5 REUBENS Moses  Jul-Sep 1901Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0040991
6 REUBENS Rudolph Isaac  Jan-Mar 1903Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005932
7 SIMON Cissy  Jan-Mar 1897Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043248
8 SIMON Jacob  Jul-Sep 1887Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043245
9 SIMON Joseph  Jul-Sep 1883Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043244
10 SIMON Max  Jul-Sept 1894Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043247
11 SIMON Rosie  Jan-Mar 1902Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0043249

Census 1921

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1921    Person ID 
1 TAYLOR Minnie  1921Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0011915

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 FINBERG Sarah  Jul-Sep 1877Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0045338
2 MOSES OR MOSS William  Jul-Sep 1925Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0011914
3 REUBENS Rudolph Isaac  Jul-Sep 1903Middlesbrough, Yorks. I0005932


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GILBERT / LEVY  Between Oct and Dec 1949Middlesbrough, Yorks. F00013107
2 LEVY / NIMAN  1930Middlesbrough, Yorks. F00000735
3 LEWI / NIMAN  Jul-Sep 1939Middlesbrough, Yorks. F00000769
4 MASKELL / GREENBERG  Jul-Sep 1936Middlesbrough, Yorks. F627
5 REUBEN / GREENBERG  Jul-Sep 1900Middlesbrough, Yorks. F00015455
6 RICHMAN / MARKS  03 Sep 1930Middlesbrough, Yorks. F00006300

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 CHRISTIE / MOSS  Apr-Jun 1940Middlesbrough, Yorks. F495
2 MASKELL / GREENBERG  Jul-Sep 1936Middlesbrough, Yorks. F627