Newcastle, Northumberland



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM Annie  Abt 1863Newcastle, Northumberland I0021003
2 ABRAHAM Augusta  Abt 1859Newcastle, Northumberland I0001922
3 ABRAHAM Isabella  Abt 1857Newcastle, Northumberland I0021001
4 ABRAHAM Jennetta  Abt 1854Newcastle, Northumberland I0021000
5 ARONS Phillip  Abt 1882Newcastle, Northumberland I0020620
6 BARNETT Dora  6 Sept 1884Newcastle, Northumberland I0027212
7 BELCHER David Levi  Abt 1867Newcastle, Northumberland I0027374
8 BELCHER Lewis Levi  Abt 1862Newcastle, Northumberland I0027375
9 BELCHER Mary  Abt 1865Newcastle, Northumberland I0027381
10 COHEN Hannah  Abt 1850Newcastle, Northumberland I0000907
11 COWEN Ada  Abt 1884Newcastle, Northumberland I0002849
12 COWEN Ada  Abt 1884Newcastle, Northumberland I0030493
13 DEUTCHSMAN Leonora  17 Mar 1850Newcastle, Northumberland I0000974
14 FRANKLIN Dinah  Abt 1860Newcastle, Northumberland I0014857
15 HYAMS Dorothy  Abt 1847Newcastle, Northumberland I0020125
16 KOSSICK David  Abt 1864Newcastle, Northumberland I0020048
17 KOSSICK Jacob  Abt 1859Newcastle, Northumberland I0020083
18 KOSSICK Louis  Abt 1854Newcastle, Northumberland I0020074
19 KOSSICK Louis  Abt 1896Newcastle, Northumberland I0020105
20 KOSSICK Minnie  Abt 1892Newcastle, Northumberland I0020104
21 KOSSICK Rose  Abt 1899Newcastle, Northumberland I0020106
22 KOSSICK Samuel  Abt 1856Newcastle, Northumberland I0020081
23 LEVENTHALL Cissy  Abt 1895Newcastle, Northumberland I0018211
24 LEVENTHALL Pearly  Abt 1899Newcastle, Northumberland I0018212
25 REUBEN Cecilia  Abt 1876Newcastle, Northumberland I0023988
26 REUBEN Esther  Abt 1882Newcastle, Northumberland I0023991
27 REUBEN Julius  Abt 1877Newcastle, Northumberland I0023989
28 REUBEN Samuel  Abt 1880Newcastle, Northumberland I0023990
29 SILVERSTONE Joseph  Abt 1871Newcastle, Northumberland I0005755
30 SILVERSTONE Joseph  Abt 1871Newcastle, Northumberland I0033127
31 SILVERSTONG? Charlina  Abt 1867Newcastle, Northumberland I0021004
32 TURNER Dinah  Abt 1866Newcastle, Northumberland I0016191
33 TURNER Esra or Israel  Abt 1865Newcastle, Northumberland I0016190
34 TURNER Esther  Abt 1863Newcastle, Northumberland I0016189
35 TURNER Julius  Abt 1872Newcastle, Northumberland I0016192
36 TURNER Rebecca  Abt 1862Newcastle, Northumberland I0016188
37 TURNER Solomon  Abt 1862Newcastle, Northumberland I0002049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fanny/Feigl Leah  1919Newcastle, Northumberland I0018677

Residence at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence at marriage    Person ID 
1 CLAYMAN Harry  1924Newcastle, Northumberland I0016881


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DRAPKIN / HENDERSON  Apr-Jun 1937Newcastle, Northumberland F00013587
2 GRUNTHAL / BERNSTEIN  1865Newcastle, Northumberland F00000033
3 LEVENTHAL LOVEDALE / BARNETT  Apr-Jun1908Newcastle, Northumberland F00009965