Nottingham, Notts.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGULSKY Ada Kate  Abt 1882Nottingham, Notts. I0006322
2 AGULSKY Israel  Abt 1884Nottingham, Notts. I0006323
3 AGULSKY Sarah  Abt 1887Nottingham, Notts. I0006324
4 BALDOCK Hilda  29 Apr 1895Nottingham, Notts. I0036423
5 BENEDICT Abraham  1 May 1881Nottingham, Notts. I0001889
6 BENEDICT Beatrice  10 Jan 1891Nottingham, Notts. I0012355
7 BENEDICT Fanny  Abt 1879Nottingham, Notts. I0012350
8 BENEDICT Joseph Hyman  6 Mar 1887Nottingham, Notts. I0012353
9 BENEDICT Leah  8 Dec 1898Nottingham, Notts. I0012354
10 BENEDICT Minnie  Abt 1882Nottingham, Notts. I0012347
11 BENEDICT Rachel  24 Nov 1885Nottingham, Notts. I0012352
12 BENEDICT Sarah  12 Jun 1884Nottingham, Notts. I0012351
13 BLASHKEY Anne  Abt 1894Nottingham, Notts. I489
14 BLASHKEY Eva  Abt 1900Nottingham, Notts. I492
15 BLASHKEY Leah  Abt 1897Nottingham, Notts. I490
16 BLASHKEY Lottie  Abt 1892Nottingham, Notts. I488
17 BLASHKEY Rachel  Abt 1899Nottingham, Notts. I491
18 BLAUGRANT Jacob  Abt 1903Nottingham, Notts. I0033932
19 BLAUGRANT Shephard  Abt Dec 1900Nottingham, Notts. I0023436
20 DAVIS Jacob  Abt 1842Nottingham, Notts. I0021111
21 GOTTBERG David  Abt 1883Nottingham, Notts. I0018512
22 GOTTBERG Eliezer  Abt 1873Nottingham, Notts. I0018509
23 GOTTBERG Leah  Abt 1878Nottingham, Notts. I0018511
24 GOTTBERG Rosa  Abt 1874Nottingham, Notts. I0018499
25 GOTTBERG Simon  Abt 1875Nottingham, Notts. I0018510
26 HARBOUR Lewis  Abt 1889Nottingham, Notts. I0018524
27 HARBOUR Samuel  Abt 1894Nottingham, Notts. I0018525
28 JACOBSON Annie  Abt 1883Nottingham, Notts. I0010342
29 JACOBSON David  Abt 1887Nottingham, Notts. I0010348
30 JACOBSON Morris  Abt 1881Nottingham, Notts. I0010347
31 JACOBSON Sheba  Abt 1886Nottingham, Notts. I0010345
32 KING Frank  Abt 1894Nottingham, Notts. I0012369
33 KING Joseph  Abt 1890Nottingham, Notts. I0012367
34 KING Leah  Abt 1892Nottingham, Notts. I0012368
35 KING Sarah  Abt 1888Nottingham, Notts. I0012366
36 LAZARUS Daniel  Abt Jul 1900Nottingham, Notts. I0040866
37 LAZARUS Isaac  Abt 1893Nottingham, Notts. I0040862
38 LAZARUS Joseph  Abt 1895Nottingham, Notts. I0040863
39 LAZARUS Leah  Abt 1898Nottingham, Notts. I0040865
40 LAZARUS Rachel  Abt 1897Nottingham, Notts. I0040864
41 LEIBERMAN Israel  Abt 1897Nottingham, Notts. I0027092
42 LEWIS Abram  Abt 1886Nottingham, Notts. I0011322
43 LEWIS Rosie  Abt 1884Nottingham, Notts. I0011325
44 POYSER Gertrude  Abt 1888Nottingham, Notts. I0018241
45 POYSER Minnie  Abt 1890Nottingham, Notts. I0018242
46 POYSER Nathan  Abt 1883Nottingham, Notts. I0018239
47 POYSER Selina  Abt 1885Nottingham, Notts. I0018240
48 PRITCHETT Annie  Abt 1875Nottingham, Notts. I0043609
49 PRITCHETT Elizabeth  Abt 1878Nottingham, Notts. I0043611
50 ROSENBLOOM Harry  Abt 1885Nottingham, Notts. I0039158

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margolia  15 Aug 1950Nottingham, Notts. I0040508
2 BAGGS Lionel Henry  Feb 1992Nottingham, Notts. I0041101
3 BALSHAM Harry  Oct-Dec 1919Nottingham, Notts. I1512
4 BLASHKEY Eva  Jan-Mar 1901Nottingham, Notts. I492
5 CLARA  Between Jan and Mar 1897Nottingham, Notts. I0018520
6 GINSBERG Isaac  Jul-Sept 1937Nottingham, Notts. I0004016
7 GOLDBERG Esther  1978Nottingham, Notts. I0009264
8 GOLDFADER Israel or Sidney  19 Sept 1960Nottingham, Notts. I0039244
9 MADOLNEY Leah  05 Feb 1989Nottingham, Notts. I0036562
10 NEWDALL Phyllis  Aug 2000Nottingham, Notts. I0041100
11 NIMAN Bernard  1970Nottingham, Notts. I0040462
12 NYMAN Wolfe  1962Nottingham, Notts. I0012115
13 PAULINE  Between Oct and Dec 1844Nottingham, Notts. I0021129
14 RASKIN Jack  Oct-Dec 1975Nottingham, Notts. I0032563
15 SAKOSHANSKY Alexander  Jul-Sep 1949Nottingham, Notts. I0040528
16 SAKOSHANSKY Iechiel  19 Nov 1923Nottingham, Notts. I0040507
17 SAKOSHANSKY Joseph  Jan-Mar 1966Nottingham, Notts. I0040529
18 SAKOSHANSKY Julius  Apr-Jun 1902Nottingham, Notts. I0040533
19 SALZEDO Simeon LOPES  Between Jul and Sep 1941Nottingham, Notts. I0037054
20 SAYGOL Rebecca  Between Jan and Mar 1882Nottingham, Notts. I0007417
21 SHOOMAN Lawrence Louis  Oct-Dec 1970Nottingham, Notts. I0025285
22 SLOMAN Ralph Tremayne  Jan-Mar 1990Nottingham, Notts. I0042211
23 SPIER Ludwig Lewis  Between Jan and Mar 1969Nottingham, Notts. I0038200

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 BLASHKEY Eva  Jul-Sep 1900Nottingham, Notts. I492
2 BLASHKEY Leah  Jan-Mar 1897Nottingham, Notts. I490
3 BLASHKEY Lottie  Jul-Sep 1892Nottingham, Notts. I488
4 BLASHKEY Rachel  Jan-Mar 1899Nottingham, Notts. I491
5 STOKES Simon  Jul-Sep 1897Nottingham, Notts. I740

Census 1921

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1921    Person ID 
1 BLOOMBERG Hettie  1921Nottingham, Notts. I1511

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 BALSHAM Harry  Oct-Dec 1919Nottingham, Notts. I1512
2 BLASHKEY Eva  Jan-Mar 1901Nottingham, Notts. I492
3 RASKIN Jack  Oct-Dec 1975Nottingham, Notts. I0032563

Name at death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Name at death    Person ID 
1 NYMAN Wolfe  1962Nottingham, Notts. I0012115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ALTMAN Dinah  4 Jun 1980Nottingham, Notts. I0021605
2 BERNSTEIN Ethel  7 Jan 1981Nottingham, Notts. I0010282
3 GINSBERG LATER MYERS Joseph  2 Nov 1946Nottingham, Notts. I0004838
4 GOLDSTONE Daniel  27 Oct 1980Nottingham, Notts. I0045176
5 WEINSTEIN Morris  6 Sept 1977Nottingham, Notts. I0038095

Residence 1908

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence 1908    Person ID 
1 COHEN Matilda  Nottingham, Notts. I0000342


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BICKLER / BLOOMBERG  Jan-Mar 1923Nottingham, Notts. F545
2 BRAHAMS / BARNETT  1936Nottingham, Notts. F00015281
3 DAVIS / SAKOSHANSKY  Oct-Dec 1929Nottingham, Notts. F00015269
4 FINEBERG / BERNSTEIN  Between Oct and Dec 1887Nottingham, Notts. F00006740
5 GOTTBERG / ANSCHELL  Between Oct and Dec 1871Nottingham, Notts. F00006822
6 HOFFENBERG / SAKOSHANSKY  Jul-Sep 1923Nottingham, Notts. F00015257
7 LUBELSKI / HOLLANDER  Between Apr and Jun 1898Nottingham, Notts. F00002063
8 PYZER / PYZER  Jul-Sep 1884Nottingham, Notts. F00001390
9 SAKOSHANSKY / MERRY  Oct-Dec 1929Nottingham, Notts. F00015268
10 TRIBER / JANE  Between Jul and Sep 1901Nottingham, Notts. F00005501

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 BICKLER / BLOOMBERG  Jan-Mar 1923Nottingham, Notts. F545
2 PYZER / PYZER  Jul-Sep 1884Nottingham, Notts. F00001390