Prestwich, Lancs.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGULSKY Mendel  Abt 1914Prestwich, Lancs. I0029843
2 BECKMAN Jack  10 Nov 1917Prestwich, Lancs. I0042793
3 COHEN Morris Barnett  1894Prestwich, Lancs. I0044780
4 CROMPTON George  Abt 1850Prestwich, Lancs. I0043509
5 FAUST Peter L D  5 Jun 1923Prestwich, Lancs. I0043496
6 GANDZ Barnet  Abt 1918Prestwich, Lancs. I561
7 GANDZ Hyman  12 Mar 1912Prestwich, Lancs. I560
8 ISENBERG Julius Lewis  1894Prestwich, Lancs. I0019445
9 ISENBERG Sarah  1890Prestwich, Lancs. I0019446
10 LEWIN Adelaide Ruth  28 Mar 1919Prestwich, Lancs. I0035053
11 LOOF Sidney  Abt 1925Prestwich, Lancs. I0016641
12 LOOFE Sidney  19 Nov 1924Prestwich, Lancs. I0031589
13 MAURER Abraham I  Abt 1912Prestwich, Lancs. I0040046
14 OLEESKY Samuel  Abt 1921Prestwich, Lancs. I0038457
15 PINKER Joseph  Abt 1888Prestwich, Lancs. I0037822
16 PLAGERSON Elsie  Abt 1912Prestwich, Lancs. I0032491
17 PLAGERSON Isaac  Abt 1916Prestwich, Lancs. I0032492
18 RIVLIN (Moses) Allenby  5 Dec 1917Prestwich, Lancs. I0043658
19 RIVLIN Matthias  5 Sept 1916Prestwich, Lancs. I0043675
20 RIVLIN Michael Zerubabel  25 Apr 1915Prestwich, Lancs. I0043674
21 RUDOFSKI David  23 Feb 1888Prestwich, Lancs. I0044984
22 RUDOFSKI Leah  12 Mar 1899Prestwich, Lancs. I0044987
23 RUDOFSKI LATER RUDDICK Isaac  25 May 1892Prestwich, Lancs. I0044973
24 RUDOFSKI LATER RUDDICK Reuben Lewis  4 Oct 1897Prestwich, Lancs. I0044986
25 SATTENTAU Levi  Abt 1900Prestwich, Lancs. I0018989
26 SHLOSBERG STONE Samuel  19 Jun 1914Prestwich, Lancs. I0037420
27 SPIRO Sophia  Abt 1909Prestwich, Lancs. I0039821
28 SUGARMAN Eva  10 Nov 1904Prestwich, Lancs. I0043193
29 WEINBERG Godfrey  Abt 1922Prestwich, Lancs. I0043289
30 WEINBERG Montague Jack  21 Jan 1921Prestwich, Lancs. I0043287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Kitty or Kate  Oct-Dec 1911Prestwich, Lancs. I0044989
2 Rachael  Apr-Jun 1922Prestwich, Lancs. I0039393
3 Sarah  Oct-Dec 1883Prestwich, Lancs. I0041992
4 BARNETT Kate  Jan-Mar 1917Prestwich, Lancs. I0039369
5 BERNSTEIN Jane  Between Jan and Mar 1903Prestwich, Lancs. I0016048
6 BIGIO Saul Benjamin  Jun-Sep 1908Prestwich, Lancs. I0039368
7 CALLEN Leah  Between Oct and Dec 1891Prestwich, Lancs. I0015160
8 CRAINGOLD Louis  Between Oct and Dec 1920Prestwich, Lancs. I0037772
9 GLASS Louis  Between Jan and Mar 1912Prestwich, Lancs. I0036134
10 GOLDBERG Esther  Oct-Dec 1918Prestwich, Lancs. I0029149
11 GOLDSTONE Dora  Between Apr and Jun 1906Prestwich, Lancs. I0015514
12 GOODENDAY Joseph  Between Jan and Mar 1917Prestwich, Lancs. I0024103
13 ISENBERG Julius Lewis  Between Jul and Sep 1894Prestwich, Lancs. I0019445
14 ISENBERG Sarah  Between Jul and Sep 1890Prestwich, Lancs. I0019446
15 KAUFMAN Herman  Between Jan and Mar 1898Prestwich, Lancs. I0018916
16 KAUFMAN Jonas  Jan-Mar 1898Prestwich, Lancs. I0018918
17 KAUFMAN Solomon  Between Jan and Mar 1897Prestwich, Lancs. I0018950
18 LABOVITCH Samuel  Between Jul and Sep 1879Prestwich, Lancs. I0015628
19 LABOVITCH Samuel  Between Jul and Sep 1879Prestwich, Lancs. I0031613
20 LUBIN Hyman Elcin  Between Apr and Jun 1891Prestwich, Lancs. I0031916
21 MAURER Michael  Jul-Sep 1906Prestwich, Lancs. I0040041
22 MAURER Raphael  Oct-Dec 1921Prestwich, Lancs. I0029147
23 MEISELS Samuel Lemuel  Between Jul and Sep 1886Prestwich, Lancs. I0018639
24 MILLER Rachel Bella  Apr-Jun 1910Prestwich, Lancs. I0043891
25 MINNIE  30 Aug 1901Prestwich, Lancs. I0015698
26 NYMAN Harris  Apr-Jun 1883Prestwich, Lancs. I0019059
27 PEARL Esther  29 Sep 1909Prestwich, Lancs. I0018547
28 RIBATZKIE Hyman  09 Feb 1921Prestwich, Lancs. I0036617
29 ROSENZWEIG Judah Leib  Between Oct and Dec 1888Prestwich, Lancs. I0019568
30 SAMUEL Rose  Between Jan and Mar 1891Prestwich, Lancs. I0021083
31 SATTENTAU Levi  Between Jan and Mar 1901Prestwich, Lancs. I0018989
32 SINGERMAN Solomon  Between Apr and Jun 1894Prestwich, Lancs. I0015513
33 SOPHIA  Between Oct and Dec 1887Prestwich, Lancs. I0015960
34 SPILLER Esther  Between Jul and Sep 1899Prestwich, Lancs. I0016392
35 SPIRO Sophia  Jan-Mar 1910Prestwich, Lancs. I0039821
36 STEINART Barnet  Between Apr and Jun 1892Prestwich, Lancs. I0021041
37 STEINMARK Louis  Between Oct and Dec 1895Prestwich, Lancs. I0019989
38 STEINMARK Solomon  Between Jan and Mar 1895Prestwich, Lancs. I0020005
39 SUNDERLAND Aaron  19 Dec 1921Prestwich, Lancs. I0037626
40 WULFSON Betsey  Between Oct and Dec 1892Prestwich, Lancs. I0021093
41 YETTA Etty or  Between Jan and Mar 1901Prestwich, Lancs. I0018917
42 ZACKLIN Isaac  Apr-Jun 1876Prestwich, Lancs. I408
43 ZELINA Joe  Between Oct and Dec 1905Prestwich, Lancs. I0025328

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 BECKMAN Jack  Dec 1917Prestwich, Lancs. I0042793
2 BECKMAN Rachel  Apr-Jun 1915Prestwich, Lancs. I0041732
3 COHEN Morris Barnett  Jul-Sep 1894Prestwich, Lancs. I0044780
4 DA COSTA Michael  Apr-Jun 1884Prestwich, Lancs. I0004318
5 DRAPKIN Eva Bertha Vera  Apr-Jun 1899Prestwich, Lancs. I0014579
6 DRAPKIN Isidore Abraham  Oct-Dec 1893Prestwich, Lancs. I0014577
7 GANDZ Barnet  Apr-Jun 1918Prestwich, Lancs. I561
8 GANDZ Hyman  Apr-Jun 1912Prestwich, Lancs. I560
9 GOLDBERG Charles  Apr-Jun 1912Prestwich, Lancs. I232
10 GOLDSTONE Samuel  Oct-Dec 1892Prestwich, Lancs. I0045183
11 HUDDLESTON John  Apr-Jun 1881Prestwich, Lancs. I0020698
12 HUDDLESTON Rebecca  Jan-Mar 1877Prestwich, Lancs. I0020696
13 INGLEBERG Henry  Jul-Sep 1885Prestwich, Lancs. I543
14 INGLEBERG Marks  Jul-Sep 1883Prestwich, Lancs.  I540
15 JACKLIN Norman Moxey  Oct-Dec 1900Prestwich, Lancs. I0004902
16 KALINSKI Rachel  Apr-Jun 1905Prestwich, Lancs. I0043933
17 LEWIN Adelaide Ruth  Apr-Jun 1919Prestwich, Lancs. I0035053
18 LOOFE Sidney  Oct-Dec 1924Prestwich, Lancs. I0031589
19 MARKS Amelia  Apr-Jun 1878Prestwich, Lancs. I254
20 NEWRICK Doris  Jul-Sep 1908Prestwich, Lancs. I0022101
21 PINKER Joseph  Apr-Jun 1888Prestwich, Lancs. I0037822
22 PINKER Lena  Jan-Mar 1887Prestwich, Lancs. I0037825
23 RIVLIN (Moses) Allenby  Jan-Mar 1918Prestwich, Lancs. I0043658
24 ROSENBERG Bathsheba  Jan-Mar 1899Prestwich, Lancs. I0043824
25 ROSENBERG Freda  Jul-Sep 1900Prestwich, Lancs. I0043825
26 ROSENBERG Joseph  Oct-Dec 1875Prestwich, Lancs. I0014266
27 ROSENBERG Joseph  Jul-Sep 1885Prestwich, Lancs. I0045227
28 ROSENBERG Lazarus  Oct-Dec 1889Prestwich, Lancs. I0043819
29 ROSENBERG Lily  Apr-Jun 1897Prestwich, Lancs. I0043823
30 ROSENBERG Mary or Miriam  Oct-Dec 1891Prestwich, Lancs. I0043820
31 ROSENBERG Rachael  Oct-Dec 1887Prestwich, Lancs. I0043818
32 ROSENBERG Rachel  Apr-Jun 1877Prestwich, Lancs. I0005371
33 ROSENBERG Rebecca  Oct-Dec 1895Prestwich, Lancs. I0043822
34 ROSENBERG Sarah  Apr-Jun 1883Prestwich, Lancs. I0043816
35 RUDOFSKI David  Jan-Mar 1888Prestwich, Lancs. I0044984
36 RUDOFSKI Leah  Apr-Jun 1899Prestwich, Lancs. I0044987
37 RUDOFSKI LATER RUDDICK Isaac  Jul-Sep 1892Prestwich, Lancs. I0044973
38 RUDOFSKI LATER RUDDICK Reuben Lewis  Oct-Dec 1897Prestwich, Lancs. I0044986
39 STROSS Ruth  Apr-Jun 1906Prestwich, Lancs. I0043925
40 SUGARMAN Eva  Oct-Dec 1904Prestwich, Lancs. I0043193
41 WEISER Alfred  Apr-Jun 1878Prestwich, Lancs. I0045324
42 WEISER Sidney Jacob  Jul-Sep 1882Prestwich, Lancs. I0045325

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 Kitty or Kate  Oct-Dec 1911Prestwich, Lancs. I0044989
2 Sarah  Dec 1883Prestwich, Lancs. I0041992
3 DRAPKIN Charles  Jun 1911Prestwich, Lancs. I0017933
4 INGLEBERG Henry  Jul-Sep 1885Prestwich, Lancs.  I543
5 JACQUES OR JACKSON Benjamin  Jul-Sep 1918Prestwich, Lancs. I153
6 MILLER Rachel Bella  Apr-Jun 1910Prestwich, Lancs. I0043891
7 SOLOMON Rachel  Jan-Mar 1909Prestwich, Lancs. I0042515
8 ZACKLIN Isaac  Apr-Jun 1876Prestwich, Lancs. I408

Poss Birth Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Poss Birth Registration    Person ID 
1 ROSENBERG Maurice  Jan-Mar 1884Prestwich, Lancs. I0045212
2 WHITE Reuben  Jan-Mar 1905Prestwich, Lancs. I0045039


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ? / ZACKRUNSKIE  Between Jul and Sep 1886Prestwich, Lancs. F00005884
2 ? / ZACKRUNSKIE  Between Jul and Sep 1886Prestwich, Lancs. F00010797
3 ALBAN / PAYMAN  Between Oct and Dec 1883Prestwich, Lancs. F00005823
4 ANGEL / STEINART  Between Jul and Sep 1898Prestwich, Lancs. F00007527
5 BLOND / LASKI  Between Jan and Mar 1893Prestwich, Lancs. F00006838
6 BLUMENTHALL / HUDDLESTON  Between Oct and Dec 1886Prestwich, Lancs. F00007428
7 ESTRY / MARY  Between Jul and Sep 1891Prestwich, Lancs. F00008129
8 ESTRY / PRICE  Between Apr and Jun 1907Prestwich, Lancs. F00008133
9 FRAIS / GOTTBERG  08 Aug 1899Prestwich, Lancs. F00000458
10 GANDZ / COHEN  Jan-Mar 1919Prestwich, Lancs. F187
11 GOODFIELD / ISRAEL  Between Jan and Mar 1897Prestwich, Lancs. F00000537
12 JACOBS / PLOTZKER  Between Jul and Sep 1895Prestwich, Lancs. F00006733
13 LASKI / GOTLIFFE  Between Jan and Mar 1899Prestwich, Lancs. F00006837
14 LEVY / KAUFMAN  Between Apr and Jun 1893Prestwich, Lancs. F00006914
15 MENTEL / BENJAMIN  Jul-Sep 1915Prestwich, Lancs. F00009639
16 MORITZSKIE / RUDOVSKY  Jan-Mar 1889Prestwich, Lancs. F00016114
17 MYRON / HARRIS  Between Jul and Sep 1911Prestwich, Lancs. F00009987
18 NEALES / KAUFMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1882Prestwich, Lancs. F00006913
19 NEWRICK / LIPSHAW  Apr-Jun 1894Prestwich, Lancs. F00007894
20 NIMAN / LEVI or LEVY  Apr-Jun 1924Prestwich, Lancs. F00015300
21 PEARL / GANDZ  Jan-Mar 1924Prestwich, Lancs. F189
22 PLAGERSON / REUBEN  Between Jan and Mar 1911Prestwich, Lancs. F00012148
23 RABINOWITZ / DONIGER  Between Jan and Mar 1890Prestwich, Lancs. F00005976
24 SAMUELS / ROSENZWEIG  Between Oct and Dec 1888Prestwich, Lancs. F00007112
25 SHOCK / SPILLER  Between Jan and Mar 1882Prestwich, Lancs. F00006130
26 SINGERMAN / LABOVITCH  Between Jul and Sep 1898Prestwich, Lancs. F00004272
27 SINGERMAN / ROSENZWEIG  Between Jan and Mar 1891Prestwich, Lancs. F00005835
28 STEINART / ANTICK  Between Oct and Dec 1898Prestwich, Lancs. F00005596
29 SUSMAN / DONIGER  Between Jul and Sep 1896Prestwich, Lancs. F00005974
30 WANSKER / SUSMAN  Between Oct and Dec 1889Prestwich, Lancs. F00005985
31 WHYMAN / BERNSTEIN  Between Jul and Sep 1887Prestwich, Lancs. F00003751
32 ZABLUDOW / ISAACS  Between Oct and Dec 1893Prestwich, Lancs. F00006757
33 ZELICOVITZ / HARRIS  Jan-Mar 1920Prestwich, Lancs. F00015083

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 COHEN / CASKET  Jan-Mar 1914Prestwich, Lancs. F00016054
2 COHEN / GINSBURG  Jan-Mar 1905Prestwich, Lancs. F00015871
3 COHEN / GINSBURG  Apr-Jun 1909Prestwich, Lancs. F00015872
4 COHEN / HUDDLESTON  Jan-Mar 1895Prestwich, Lancs. F253
5 GILBERT / ROSENBAUM  1919Prestwich, Lancs. F00015857
6 GILBERT / ROSENBAUM  Apr-Jun 1919Prestwich, Lancs. F00015857
7 GINSBURG / RAISNOR  Oct-Dec 1912Prestwich, Lancs. F00015873
8 GINSBURG / WEINER  Jul-Sep 1905Prestwich, Lancs. F00015870
9 HART / BESSO  Jan-Mar 1890Prestwich, Lancs. F00016204
10 HUDDLESTON / SPILLER  Jul-Sep 1897Prestwich, Lancs. F00007431
11 KAMON (KAMINSKY) / GOLDBERG  Jan-Mar 1916Prestwich, Lancs. F00015906
12 LEWIN / BRODIE  Apr-Jun 1918Prestwich, Lancs. F00016123
13 MARKS / HARRIS  Jan-Mar 1877Prestwich, Lancs. F00002150
14 MORITZSKIE / RUDOVSKY  Jan-Mar 1889Prestwich, Lancs. F00016114
15 PEARL / GANDZ  Jan-Mar 1924Prestwich, Lancs. F189
16 REWDAFSKIE / AGULSKI  Jan-Mar 1887Prestwich, Lancs. F00016112
17 RUDDICK / SILVERMAN  Apr-Jun 1917Prestwich, Lancs. F00016110
18 WHITE / JACKSON  Apr-Jun 1901Prestwich, Lancs. F00016127