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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARONS Barnard Scoon?  Abt 1845Scotland I0020617
2 BARNETT Solomon  Abt Jan 1901Scotland I0038327
3 BLACK Archibald  22 Jul 1893Scotland I0038207
4 COHEN Israel  Abt 1888Scotland I0007681
5 DENSIEN Azith  Abt 1889Scotland I0008232
6 GOLDSTEIN Cissie  Abt 1893Scotland I0020742
7 JANE  Abt 1852Scotland I0000145
8 JANE  Abt 1852Scotland I0031452
9 MCHARDY James  Abt 1810Scotland I0041496
10 MENDELSON Minnie  Abt 1914Scotland I0034692
11 PHOEBE  Abt 1794Scotland I0019901
12 SAMUELS Fisher  Abt 1896Scotland I0018603
13 SAMUELS Flora  Abt 1894Scotland I0018602
14 SAMUELS Hannah Rachel  Abt 1891Scotland I0018600
15 SAMUELS Rose  Abt 1892Scotland I0018592
16 SHRENSKI Mark  Abt 1889Scotland I0008705
17 TOBIAS Jacob  Abt 1891Scotland I0016739
18 TOBIAS Jacob  Abt 1891Scotland I0033412
19 TOBIAS Leah  Abt 1890Scotland I0016738
20 TOBIAS Leah  Abt 1890Scotland I0033414

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 SUTTON Adelina  1904Scotland I0043876

Residence at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence at marriage    Person ID 
1 SAFRIN Ignacy Horaz  1942Scotland I0043627