South Shields, Durham



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FINN Adrian  Abt 1886South Shields, Durham I0017984
2 FINN Alexis Benjamin  Mar 1881South Shields, Durham I0017252
3 FINN Eugenie  Abt 1878South Shields, Durham I0027558
4 FINN Isidore H  Abt 1882South Shields, Durham I0017990
5 FINN Israel J  Abt 1875South Shields, Durham I0029361
6 FINN Matilda  Abt 1872South Shields, Durham I0029360
7 FINN Miriam  Abt 1885South Shields, Durham I0017982
8 FINN Myer Rudolph  20 Dec 1879South Shields, Durham I0017983
9 GOLDBERG Frances  Abt 1870South Shields, Durham I0016041
10 GOLDBERG Marks  Abt 1865South Shields, Durham I0016046
11 GOLDBERG Solomon  Abt 1864South Shields, Durham I0016036
12 JACKSON Jacob  Abt 1860South Shields, Durham I0027368
13 JACKSON Jenny or Jane  Abt 1851South Shields, Durham I0044213
14 JACKSON Mary  Abt 1863South Shields, Durham I0027365
15 JACKSON Mary  Abt 1863South Shields, Durham I0031409
16 JOSEPHS Beatrice  Abt 1878South Shields, Durham I0043317
17 JOSEPHS Sarah  Abt 1879South Shields, Durham I0036158
18 KOSSICK David  Abt 1895South Shields, Durham I0020100
19 KOSSICK Fanny  Abt 1872South Shields, Durham I0020084
20 KOSSICK Isaac  Abt 1882South Shields, Durham I0020090
21 KOSSICK Joseph  Abt 1881South Shields, Durham I0020089
22 KOSSICK Laurie  Abt 1897South Shields, Durham I0020073
23 KOSSICK Moses  Abt 1870South Shields, Durham I0020082
24 KOSSICK Rachel  Abt 1867South Shields, Durham I0020086
25 KOSSICK Rubey  Abt 1895South Shields, Durham I0020072
26 KOSSICK Sarah Jennie  Abt 1875South Shields, Durham I0020085
27 LEVY Jane  Abt 1862South Shields, Durham I0020096
28 MENDELSON Aaron  Abt 1888South Shields, Durham I784
29 MENDELSON Louis  Abt 1887South Shields, Durham I783
30 NETZ Isaac  Abt 1897South Shields, Durham I0043431
31 NEWDALL Mark  Abt 1893South Shields, Durham I0017369
32 REFSON Bertha or Bessie  Abt 1900South Shields, Durham I0038567
33 SALTMAN Leah  Abt 1886South Shields, Durham I0033856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MENDELSON Aaron  Jan-Mar 1888South Shields, Durham I784
2 MENDELSON Louis  Oct-Dec 1887South Shields, Durham I783

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 FINN Myer Rudolph  Jan-Mar 1880South Shields, Durham I0017983
2 FINN Norah  Oct-Dec 1906South Shields, Durham I0029358
3 FINN Samuel Rudolph  Jan-Mar 1908South Shields, Durham I0029359
4 MENDELSON Aaron  Jan-Mar 1888South Shields, Durham I784
5 MENDELSON Louis  Apr-Jun 1887South Shields, Durham I783
6 MENDELSON Phillip  Jul-Sep 1889South Shields, Durham I0018598
7 NETZ Isaac  Jan-Mar 1897South Shields, Durham I0043431

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 MENDELSON Aaron  Jan-Mar 1888South Shields, Durham I784
2 MENDELSON Louis  Oct-Dec 1887South Shields, Durham I783


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GLASS / JOSEPHS  Between Oct and Dec 1910South Shields, Durham F00013548