UHC, Gildersome, Leeds



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLASS Morris  1983UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0025788
2 DOVE Minnie  1965UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0019978
3 FRINKLE Selina  03 Jan 1919UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0001110
4 GINSBERG Julius Lewis  1974UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0030917
5 KATZ Harry Isaac  1985UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0025813
6 MARCUS Lily  1976UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0025833
7 YEWDALL Fanny  1980UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0025789
8 YEWDALL Rebecca  1956UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0025799

Tombstone Erected

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tombstone Erected    Person ID 
1 DEUTCHSMAN Solomon  24 Apr 1904UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0000972
2 FRIEND Herman  18 Mar 1906UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0000383
3 FRIEZ Levy  08 Aug 1907UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0003277
4 LEVENTHALL Joseph  07 Dec 1902UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0007800
5 SAFFER Nathan  18 Oct 1903UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0005551
6 SMYLSICK Malka or Amelia  18 Mar 1906UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0000384
7 WOLFE Samuel or Solomon  26 Jul 1903UHC, Gildersome, Leeds I0000605