Whitechapel, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leah  Abt 1832Whitechapel, London I0040071
2 ANN  Abt 1812Whitechapel, London I0025939
3 ANN  Abt 1812Whitechapel, London I0029874
4 BARNETT Amelia  Abt 1887Whitechapel, London I0042582
5 BARNETT Philip  Abt Mar 1891Whitechapel, London I0042583
6 BARNETT Samuel  Abt 1863Whitechapel, London I0042016
7 BEERE Elizabeth P (Bessie)  Abt 1887Whitechapel, London I0027211
8 BENJAMIN Julia  Abt 1874Whitechapel, London I0024200
9 BLUMENTHAL Alec  Abt 1885Whitechapel, London I0040878
10 BLUMENTHAL Isaac  Abt 1878Whitechapel, London I0040875
11 BLUMENTHAL Nathan  Abt 1889Whitechapel, London I0040879
12 BRODETSKY Barnett  Abt Jan 1901Whitechapel, London I0041764
13 BRODETSKY David  13 May 1904Whitechapel, London I0041759
14 BRODETSKY Isaac  Abt 1898Whitechapel, London I0041763
15 BRODETSKY Israel  Abt 1906Whitechapel, London I0041761
16 BRODETSKY Moses  Abt 1902Whitechapel, London I0041754
17 CHERCHIK Abraham  Abt 1904Whitechapel, London I0043131
18 COHEN Abraham  Abt 1815Whitechapel, London I0035911
19 COHEN Catherine  Abt 1838Whitechapel, London I0035914
20 COHEN Rose  Abt 1865Whitechapel, London I0029698
21 CROOK Augusta  Abt 1885Whitechapel, London I0040881
22 DRUIF(F) Catherine  Abt 1876Whitechapel, London I0043164
23 DRUIF(F) Henry  Abt 1878Whitechapel, London I0043165
24 DRUIF(F) Rebecca  Abt 1873Whitechapel, London I0017715
25 ENGLANDER Abraham  Abt 1879Whitechapel, London I0018179
26 ENGLANDER George Isidore  9 Sept 1883Whitechapel, London I0018180
27 ENGLANDER Pauline  Abt 1881Whitechapel, London I0018176
28 FRANKS Sarah  Abt 1863Whitechapel, London I0015486
29 FRIEDLANDER Abraham Harris  Abt 1882Whitechapel, London I0041904
30 GOLDSTEIN Marks or Max  1899Whitechapel, London I0043170
31 HAFT Rebecca  Abt 1904Whitechapel, London I0043988
32 HARRIS Betsy  Abt 1863Whitechapel, London I0014778
33 HARRIS Dora  1856Whitechapel, London I0001877
34 HARRIS Esther  Abt 1865Whitechapel, London I0014779
35 HARRIS Fanny  Abt 1857Whitechapel, London I0014776
36 HARRIS Hannah (Annie)  Abt 1850Whitechapel, London I0001316
37 HARRIS Hyman  Abt 1871Whitechapel, London I0014782
38 HARRIS Jane  Abt 1867Whitechapel, London I0014780
39 HARRIS Kate  Abt 1862Whitechapel, London I0014777
40 HARRIS Sarah  Abt 1870Whitechapel, London I0014781
41 HYMAN Asher Simons  Abt 1883Whitechapel, London I0029077
42 ISAACS Elisha  Abt 1860Whitechapel, London I0014735
43 ISAACS Fanny  Abt 1863Whitechapel, London I0014736
44 ISAACS Hyman  Abt 1857Whitechapel, London I0014734
45 ISAACS Isaac Asher  Abt 1851Whitechapel, London I0001325
46 ISAACS Jane  Abt 1852Whitechapel, London I0014732
47 ISAACS Leah  Abt 1865Whitechapel, London I0014737
48 ISAACS Susan  Abt 1854Whitechapel, London I0014733
49 JESSEL Nathaniel Aron  Abt 1785Whitechapel, London I0034940
50 KOSSICK Henry Colman  Dec 1890Whitechapel, London I0020095

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Deborah  17 Apr 1900Whitechapel, London I0040088
2 Minnie  Oct-Dec 1924Whitechapel, London I0039119
3 BARON Louis  26 Feb 1898Whitechapel, London I0040087
4 BENJAMIN Simon  Jan-Mar 1876Whitechapel, London I0022865
5 BRODETSKY Barnett  Apr-Jun 1902Whitechapel, London I0041764
6 BRODETSKY Isaac  6 Oct 1901Whitechapel, London I0041763
7 COHEN Rachel  Between Apr and Jun 1895Whitechapel, London I0004848
8 HARRIS Simon  Jan-Mar 1896Whitechapel, London I0014774
9 KYROVER Polly  Between Oct and Dec 1915Whitechapel, London I0034583
10 MENGITZ Michael  Jul-Sept 1901Whitechapel, London I0041782
11 PULVER Eleanor  Jan-Mar 1882Whitechapel, London I0041547
12 RUSKOWSKI David  Between Oct and Dec 1892Whitechapel, London I0014747
13 SIMMONDS Jenny  Jul-Sep 1916Whitechapel, London I0042589

Age at death (Facts Pg)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Age at death (Facts Pg)    Person ID 
1 BENJAMIN Simon  Jan-Mar 1876Whitechapel, London I0022865

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 FREJDENBERG OR FRIEDENBERG Josh or Joseph  Jul-Sept 1878Whitechapel, London I0032999
2 FREJDENBERG OR FRIEDENBERG Josh or Joseph  Sept 1878Whitechapel, London I0032999
3 FREJDENBERG OR FRIEDENBERG Josh or Joseph  Sept 1878Whitechapel, London I0032999
4 MARCUS Emanuel  Apr-Jun 1906Whitechapel, London I0013155
5 MARCUS Freda Elaine  Oct-Dec 1904Whitechapel, London I0013153
6 MARCUS Jacob (John) Samuel (Spenser)  Oct-Dec 1907Whitechapel, London I0037754
7 MENGITZ Rebecca or Jennie  Mar 1899Whitechapel, London I0041781

Possible Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possible Death    Person ID 
1 Rachel  Jul-Sept 1903Whitechapel, London I0025564


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLUMENTHAL / CROOK  Jul-Sep 1905Whitechapel, London F00015404
2 COHEN / ZINKIN  Between Jul and Sep 1907Whitechapel, London F00012874
3 COHEN JEDWAB / STROSS  Jul-Sept 1910Whitechapel, London F00015753
4 GAFTARNICK / GOLDFADER  Jan-Mar 1920Whitechapel, London F00014765
5 GIESEHEN / MUNCHOW  Between Apr and Jun 1876Whitechapel, London F00001493
6 GREW / BECKERMAN  Between Jul and Sep 1900Whitechapel, London F00010054
7 KUTCHINSKY / PETRUK  Between Jan and Mar 1906Whitechapel, London F00010035
8 LINDENF(I)ELD / ROSENTHAL  Jul-Sept 1910Whitechapel, London F00014665
9 MYRON / LAZARUS  Between Jul and Sep 1895Whitechapel, London F00009984
10 NATHAN / NADEL or NARDELL  Jan-Mar 1905Whitechapel, London F00012659
11 WARCHAVSKI / HERSHKOWITZ  Jan-Mar 1914Whitechapel, London F00014644
12 WINE / KUTCHINSKY  Between Jul and Sep 1904Whitechapel, London F00002634