Wolverhampton, Staffs.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADDLEMAN Barney  4 Jan 1901Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024065
2 ADDLEMAN Eli  18 Apr 1902Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0044775
3 ADDLEMAN Esther  1903Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0044776
4 ADDLEMAN Rose  Abt 1898Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0013083
5 BARNETT David  Abt Feb 1880Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024080
6 BARNETT Harry  Abt 1877Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024078
7 BARNETT Rebecca  Abt 1875Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024079
8 COHEN Rebecca  Abt 1874Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0016282
9 GOLDENBERG Bertha  Abt 1878Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0027277
10 GOLDENBERG Eli  Abt 1883Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0027275
11 GOLDENBERG Miriam  Abt 1886Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0027276
12 GOLDENBERG Raie  Abt 1881Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0027273
13 GOLDSTONE Alexander  Abt 1851Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024081
14 GOLDSTONE Amelia  Abt 1854Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024070
15 GOLDSTONE Emma  Abt 1849Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024076
16 GOLDSTONE Hannah  Abt 1867Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024073
17 GOLDSTONE Harris  Abt Nov 1860Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024066
18 GOLDSTONE Isaac  Abt 1853Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024068
19 GOLDSTONE John  Abt 1863Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024075
20 GOLDSTONE Kate  Abt 1854Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024071
21 GOLDSTONE Rebecca  Abt 1864Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024072
22 GOLDSTONE Solomon  Abt 1855Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024074
23 HART Hart Emanuel  Abt 1846Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0018262
24 HART Isaac  Abt 1857Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0018270
25 HART Jonas  Abt 1851Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0018261
26 HART Sophia  Abt 1848Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0018255
27 MORRIS David Raphael  Abt 1865Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0018452
28 MORRIS Sarah  Abt 1848Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0041777
29 MOSS Rosetta  Abt 1896Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0011948
30 MOSTYN David O  Abt 1879Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0026339
31 NATHAN LATER LAWSON Victor Edward  Abt Sept 1872Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0041829
32 RUDELSHEIM Albert  Abt 1889Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019648
33 RUDELSHEIM Amelia H  Abt 1894Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019654
34 RUDELSHEIM Caroline Josephine  Abt 1874Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019638
35 RUDELSHEIM Emil  Abt 1887Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019647
36 RUDELSHEIM Fanny Janet  Abt 1892Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019649
37 RUDELSHEIM Isaac  Abt 1873Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019651
38 RUDELSHEIM Isabella  Abt 1878Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019642
39 RUDELSHEIM Joseph Zevi  Abt 1875Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019650
40 RUDELSHEIM Leon Wilfred  Abt 1884Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019645
41 RUDELSHEIM Leopold H  Abt 1885Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019646
42 RUDELSHEIM Nennie May  Abt 1883Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019644
43 RUDELSHEIM Phillip  Abt 1880Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019643
44 RUDELSHEIM Rebecca  Abt 1877Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ester  7 Feb 1941Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019372
2 ADDLEMAN Esther  1903Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0044776
3 AUGUSTA  Between Oct and Dec 1893Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024069
4 FREEDMAN Abraham Isaac  03 Feb 1950Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0015552
5 GOLDENBERG Bertha  Between Jul and Sep 1879Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0027277
6 RATHBONE Myrtle  Apr-Jun 1964Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0043711
7 RUDELSHEIM Amelia H  Between Oct and Dec 1895Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019654

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 ADDLEMAN Barney  Jan-Mar 1901Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0024065
2 ADDLEMAN Eli  Apr-Jun 1902Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0044775
3 ADDLEMAN Esther  Jul-Sep 1903Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0044776
4 ADDLEMAN Rose  Jan-Mar 1899Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0013083

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 Ester  Jan-Mar 1941Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0019372
2 ADDLEMAN Esther  Jul-Sep 1903Wolverhampton, Staffs. I0044776


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNETT / GOLDSTONE  Between Jul and Sep 1875Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00008683
2 COTTON / RUDELSHEIM  Between Jan and Mar 1896Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00007130
3 LESSER / GOLDSTONE  Jan-Mar 1871Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00008685
4 NATHENSON / GOLDSTONE  Between Jul and Sep 1891Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00008684
5 RUDDICK / COHEN  Apr-Jun 1934Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00016111
6 SIMONS / RUDDICK  Apr-Jun 1923Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00016107

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 RUDDICK / COHEN  Apr-Jun 1934Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00016111
2 SIMONS / RUDDICK  Apr-Jun 1923Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00016107

Possible Marriage

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   Family    Possible Marriage    Family ID 
1 GOLDSTONE / SCHWARTZBERG   Jul-Sep 1888Wolverhampton, Staffs. F00016181