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This page is designed to help those with ancestors in the legal professions.

The Inner Temple Admissions Database.

The Inner Temple Admissions Database is a unique resource providing online biographical information about past members of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, one of the four London-based Inns of Court. The Inner Temple's members have included courtiers, politicians, writers, adventurers and overseas students, as well as barristers and the judiciary.

The database covers admissions to the Inner Temple between 1547 and 1920. It may be searched without charge and individual entries can be printed out.

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History of the Metropolitan Police: Book of Remembrance.

As a tribute to officers who died before the Roll of Honour started in 1920, and in recognition of other officers who have died in the course of their duties but whose names have not been formally recorded, a new Roll of Honour has been compiled and is contained in a Book of Remembrance which will be displayed within the entrance of Simpson Hall at the Peel Centre, Hendon.

The Book of Remembrance has five chapters covering 1829-1899; 1900-1949; 1950-1999; 2000-2009 and 2010 onwards. Officers are listed in chronological order but names can be searched using ctrl+f in the usual way.

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