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This is a selection of recipes submitted by members. We want to preserve them for future generations and to share them with you.

Recipes are in their original units of measure, with "translations" for those using a different system. As they say, don't mix the systems!

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Recipe 1:

Stan's Chopped Liver

Recipe 2:

Stan's Chopped Herring

Recipe 3:

Jackye's Chopped Herring

Recipe 4:

Jackye's Chopped Liver

Recipe 5:

Jackye's Meatless Tzimmes

Recipe 6:

Jackye's Beef Brisket

Recipe 7:

Jackye's Potato Latkes

Recipe 8:

Jackye's Fried Matzo

Recipe 9:

Jackye's Sauerkraut Borscht

Recipe 10:

Stan's Hummus

Recipe 11:

Brookdale Apple Strudel

Recipe 12:

Pat's Honey Cake

Recipe 13:

Stan's Chollah

Recipe 14:

Laurence's Mandelbrot

Recipe 15:

Laurence's Egg & Onions

Recipe 16:

Jackye's Chopped Eggplant

Recipe 17:

Laurence's Matzo Brei

Recipe 18:

Sarah's Mandarin Salad

Recipe 19:

Aziade's Limoncino

Recipe 20:

Merle's Stuffed Monkey

Recipe 21:

Robert's Kipferis

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