British Jewry Databases

British Jewry databases are for personal use only and cannot be sold on. They may not be reproduced in any form withoutprior written permission from the contributor AND British-Jewry.

The databases are submissions by list members of sets of data that they own and which they wish to share in a free-to-view format. They retain all rights to their databases. British-Jewry holds copyright on the format of the data as presented on this website.

British-Jewry takes its responsibility to the submitters of the databases very seriously.

By using our website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you wish to cite a reference the correct way to do it is this:

Source: Name of submitter and British-Jewry plus the URL where the data is given. The name of the submitter is given on each page. If you are in any doubt please contact us using the link below.

Enjoy our databases!

If you wish to gain permission to reproduce the data in some way, please click here.

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