Cohen Naturalisations first names J-P

Submitted by Gaby Laws.

"I wrote these naturalisations out during the same visit to PRO (now National Archives) someone on the list had mentioned they were trying to complete their list of Cohen's and had got up to 'J' I copied out J to P."

Name   country date of cert place residing cert no HO no
Cohen Jacob Prussia 8/2/1845   46  
Cohen Jacob Prussia 14/2/1856   2204  
Cohen Jacob Russia 13/8/1886 Leeds a4757 a44228
Cohen Jacob Russia 7/9/1886 Leeds a4852 a44508
Cohen Jacob Russia 5/1/1887 London a5146 a45771
Cohen Jacob Germany 27/6/1890 Devonport a6420 b8634
Cohen Jacob Russia 6/10/1891 Kingston upon Hull a6859 b11316
Cohen Jacob Russia 26/12/1894 Manchester a8153 b16996
Cohen Jacob Russia see Roguginski Jacob      
Cohen Jacob known as Barnett Germany 11/2/1895 Manchester a8229 b17340
Cohen Jacob Russia 21/5/1895 London a8349 b18196
Cohen Jacob Russia 10/7/1895 Leeds a8421 b16809
Cohen Jacob Russia 14/8/1895 Birmingham a8483 b18986
Cohen Jacob Russia 1/1/1896 Leeds a8674 b19672
Cohen Jacob Russia 21/6/1897 Leeds a9698 b23582
Cohen Jacob Russia 16/8/1898 London a10417 b27466
Cohen Jacob Russia 10/05/1900 Manchester a11491 b31899
Cohen Jacob Barnett Germany 11/2/1895 see Cohen Jacob    
Cohen James Algiers 6/3/1846   336  
Cohen John Russia 20/8/1883 London a3959 a30304
Cohen John Evangelist Constantinople 13/3/1845   88  
Cohen Joseph Prussia 16/8/1847   657  
Cohen Joseph Poland Russia 14/2/1870   6435  
Cohen Joseph Russia 9/8/1886 London a4745 a44091
Cohen Joseph Russia 19/8/1886 London a4803 a44298
Cohen Joseph Russia 27/7/1891 London a6779 b10960
Cohen Joseph Russia 1/7/1895 Dublin a8401 b18507
Cohen Joseph Russia 27/7/1895 London a8448 b18560
Cohen Joseph Russia 30/7/1896 London a9142 b21407
Cohen Joseph Russia 16/6/1897 Leeds a9691 b24010
Cohen Joseph Philip Prussia 16/7/1869   6254  
Cohen Joshua Greece 11/1/1894 Manchester a7762 b15504
Cohen Julius Holstein 26/7/1860   3302  
Cohen Julius Prussia 13/4/1861   3513  
Cohen Julius Germany 12/9/1898 Manchester a10469 b27603
Cohen Julius Russia 26/03/1900 London a11406 b31566
Cohen Magnus Arthur Prussia 8/10/1887 Liverpool a5581 b2132
Cohen Moses  Arbut Morocco 16/5/1850   1120  
Cohen Moses  Russia 28/2/1860   3165  
Cohen Moses  Russia 15/5/1869   6194  
Cohen Moss Bavaria 10/7/1865   4755  
Cohen Myer Russia 29/7/1886 London a4700 a44014
Cohen Myer Russia 19/4/1887 Darlington a5376 a46142
Cohen Mylius Germany 7/9/1897 London a9834 b24651
Cohen Nathan Russia 23/12/1891 Dublin a6953 b11043
Cohen Nathan Russia 13/5/1896 Dublin a8995 b20517
Cohen Nathan Russia 12/10/1897 London a9886 b24508
Cohen Nathan Russia 14/10/1899 London a11123 b30320
Cohen Noah Russia 15/10/1896 London a9280 b21708
Cohen Philip Russia 17/11/1896 Newcastle upom Tyne a9334 b22496
Cohen Philip Russia 15/11/1900 London a11727 b19581
Cohen Philip Russia 29/7/1887 London a5490 b1701
Cohen Philip Russia 5/11/1897 London a9934 b25102
Cohen Philip Russia 4/10/1899 London a11107 b30164
Cohen Philip Emanuel Prussia 2/9/1852   1437  
Cohen Pinkus Russia 5/12/1898 Glasgow a10589 b27886

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