Contacting Us

From this page you can contact us in a variety of ways.

Error Reporting: Contact the webmaster to report an error on the website or a broken link.

Making Donations: Contact the webmaster to offer a donation to ensure that this website can keep running. This website is renewed each June. Donations are collected in the middle of May. You can pledge at any time and confirm your continued agreement to donate at donation time.

Submitting Material: Please contact the webmaster initially outlining the database contents, you will then be advised how to send your material. Please note that you MUST have ownership of any materials you offer us.

Submitting Surnames: As members of British Jewry you can submit a list of surnames and places that you are researching. We will process them as quickly as possible. Please see our surnames page.

Volunteering your time: If you want to volunteer, please see our Look Up Exchange page.

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