BHH Cemetery, Leeds



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ARONOVITCH Dora  1967BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0024268
2 BLACK Harris  1975BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0006954
3 COBDEN Hyman  Jun 1989BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0040454
4 DEBOVITCH Jacob  1986BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0038138
5 FINEBERG Cissie Ada  1979BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0037510
6 GIBBS Eva  Sept 1970BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035101
7 GLICK Joe  1970BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0034086
8 HALMER Lewis  1958BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035133
9 KOWALSKY Emmanuel  1958BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035824
10 KOWALSKY Sophia  1954BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035821
11 NEWMAN Selina  1965BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0005166
12 PERSOFF Fanny  1964BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035825
13 PRAVIDLA Hyman  1962BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0032518
14 RUMMELSBURG Solly  1960BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0037441
15 SAKLOW DAVIS Jeffrey H  Jul 1995BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0040446
16 SHAWN Barnet Solomon  1965BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035267
17 SHOOLMAN Esther  1954BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035284
18 WEIWOW Mary  1972BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0028374
19 ZABIT Jack  Jan 1966BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0035100
20 ZORTMAN Rachel  Sept 1965BHH Cemetery, Leeds I0016780