Glasgow, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAIM Dinah or Leah  Abt 1872Glasgow, Scotland I0022344
2 BAIM Harris  Abt 1875Glasgow, Scotland I0022373
3 BARNETT Abraham  Abt 1877Glasgow, Scotland I0013060
4 BARNETT Isaac  Abt 1878Glasgow, Scotland I0010992
5 BERNSTEIN Rebecca  Abt 1877Glasgow, Scotland I0010250
6 BERNSTEIN Samuel  Abt 1874Glasgow, Scotland I0014531
7 BERRESTER Abraham  Abt 1884Glasgow, Scotland I0006789
8 BERRESTER Abraham  Abt 1884Glasgow, Scotland I0030071
9 BERRESTER Morris  Abt 1881Glasgow, Scotland I0006788
10 BERRESTER Morris  Abt 1881Glasgow, Scotland I0030074
11 BRILL Kate  Abt 1894Glasgow, Scotland I0015773
12 CAPLAN Harris  Abt 1900Glasgow, Scotland I0041060
13 CAPLAN Moses  Abt 1893Glasgow, Scotland I0041057
14 CAPLAN Philip  Abt 1896Glasgow, Scotland I0041058
15 CAPLAN Samuel  Abt 1898Glasgow, Scotland I0041059
16 COHEN Abraham Samuel  Abt 1889Glasgow, Scotland I0007559
17 COHEN Lazarus  Abt 1880Glasgow, Scotland I0007475
18 FINKLESTEIN OR FINKLESTONE OR FINLAY Philip Morris  04 Aug 1913Glasgow, Scotland I0039383
19 FINKLESTEIN OR FINKLESTONE OR STONE Annie  16 Jan 1917Glasgow, Scotland I0039384
20 FREEDMAN Alexander  Abt 1891Glasgow, Scotland I0015555
21 FREEDMAN Hyman  Abt 1887Glasgow, Scotland I0015553
22 FREEDMAN Jacob  23 Jan 1890Glasgow, Scotland I0039034
23 GOLDBERG Joseph  1906Glasgow, Scotland I0040738
24 GOLDBERG Leah  Abt 1889Glasgow, Scotland I0040725
25 GOLDBERG Marks  Abt 1882Glasgow, Scotland I0009258
26 GOLDMAN Annie  Abt 1895Glasgow, Scotland I0009043
27 GOLDMAN Isaac  Abt 1897Glasgow, Scotland I0009044
28 HARRIS Abraham  Abt 1859Glasgow, Scotland I0001281
29 HARRIS Fanny  Abt 1883Glasgow, Scotland I0009971
30 HARRIS Julius  Abt 1886Glasgow, Scotland I0004315
31 HYMAN Robert  Abt 1856Glasgow, Scotland I0026302
32 HYMAN Robert  Abt 1856Glasgow, Scotland I0031353
33 JACOBS Annie  Abt 1882Glasgow, Scotland I0027048
34 JACOBS Daniel  Abt 1883Glasgow, Scotland I0027049
35 JACOBS Harry  Abt 1881Glasgow, Scotland I0004068
36 JACOBS Mary  Abt 1876Glasgow, Scotland I0027080
37 JACOBS Michael  Abt 1874Glasgow, Scotland I0027047
38 JACOBS Sophia  Abt 1878Glasgow, Scotland I0027083
39 LEVI Michael  Abt 1881Glasgow, Scotland I0011027
40 LEWENTHAL Reuben W  Abt 1888Glasgow, Scotland I0026285
41 LURIANSKI Alexander  Abt 1886Glasgow, Scotland I0041066
42 LURIANSKI Goodman  Abt 1888Glasgow, Scotland I0041070
43 LURIANSKI Samuel  Abt 1882Glasgow, Scotland I0041069
44 MERRENS Harris  1892Glasgow, Scotland I0039021
45 MERRENS Joseph  1894Glasgow, Scotland I0039022
46 MERRENS Samuel  1902Glasgow, Scotland I0039023
47 MERRENS Woolf  1896Glasgow, Scotland I0039024
48 OPPEL Lewis  Abt 1877Glasgow, Scotland I0015088
49 PHILLIPS Hannah  Abt 1887Glasgow, Scotland I0012372
50 PINTO Flora  Abt 1882Glasgow, Scotland I0026295

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAMS Morris Samuel  10 Feb 1992Glasgow, Scotland I0024318
2 BIGGAN Louis  1919Glasgow, Scotland I0022353
3 CHARMATZ Jacob  6 Oct 1948Glasgow, Scotland I0022350
4 FINKLESTEIN OR FINKLESTONE OR FINLAY Yewdall (Julius or Jack or John)  17 Dec 1919Glasgow, Scotland I0008542
5 FRIEDMAN Annie  1936Glasgow, Scotland I0022262
6 FURST Bertha Etta  1941Glasgow, Scotland I0026355
7 GOLDBERG Joseph  1907Glasgow, Scotland I0040738
8 GOLDSTON Annie  1931Glasgow, Scotland I0031051
9 HOFFENBERG Sarah or Sadie  1978Glasgow, Scotland I0014936
10 HYMAN Amelia Emma  1932Glasgow, Scotland I0026282
11 ISAACS OR BERNSTEIN Lena  1926Glasgow, Scotland I0041064
12 LURIANSKI Harris  1899Glasgow, Scotland I0041065
13 LURIANSKI Isaac  1910Glasgow, Scotland I0041063
14 MERRENS Harris  1899Glasgow, Scotland I0039021
15 MERRENS Woolf  1898Glasgow, Scotland I0039024
16 NATHAN Zachariah  10 Apr 1941Glasgow, Scotland I0005137
17 NEWDALL Betsy or Bessie  Dec 1969Glasgow, Scotland I0019346
18 PINTO Flora  1883Glasgow, Scotland I0026295
19 PINTO Israel  1890Glasgow, Scotland I0026296
20 PINTO Rachel  1886Glasgow, Scotland I0026297
21 PINTO Sarah  1919Glasgow, Scotland I0026292
22 PLOTZKER May  1943Glasgow, Scotland I0018627
23 SALBERG Abraham Highman  1950Glasgow, Scotland I0032816
24 SALBERG Emma  1968Glasgow, Scotland I0032817
25 SALBERG Jacob Samuel  1946Glasgow, Scotland I0032820
26 SALBERG Leah Rachel  1955Glasgow, Scotland I0032821

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 FRAIS Bella  23 Oct 1901Glasgow, Scotland I0018501
2 FRAIS Louis  04 May 1903Glasgow, Scotland I0018502
3 WEINER Nathan  24 Apr 1903Glasgow, Scotland I0021885

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 FRAIS Nettie Frederica  15 Apr 1901Glasgow, Scotland I0018500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 WINETROBE Akiva (Keevie)  1920Glasgow, Scotland I0041092

Residence 1908

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence 1908    Person ID 
1 COHEN Rebecca  Glasgow, Scotland I0000343
2 MOSES Annie  Glasgow, Scotland I0011891
3 MOSES Cecilia  1908Glasgow, Scotland I0011889


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIGGAN / BAIM  1900Glasgow, Scotland F00007987
2 CLAPHAM / RODGSTEIN  1911Glasgow, Scotland F00010268
3 RIFFKIN / MILROY  1921Glasgow, Scotland F00007958
4 SALBERG / KAPLAN  1911Glasgow, Scotland F00011743