Hackney, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNETT Dawson  Abt 1883Hackney, London I41565
2 BERNSTEIN Davies L  Abt 1901Hackney, London I29699
3 BIRD Samuel Simon  08 Jan 1929Hackney, London I36227
4 DRAPKIN William  Abt 1894Hackney, London I36127
5 DRUIFF William Jessel  18 Mar 1868Hackney, London I18101
6 ENDERS Violet May E  Abt 1897Hackney, London I43077
7 GOLDBERG Eva May  Abt 1892Hackney, London I41826
8 GOLDBERG Harold  Abt 1897Hackney, London I41827
9 GOLDBERG Isidore  Abt 1891Hackney, London I41825
10 GOLDBERG Jack  30 Nov 1912Hackney, London I42592
11 GOLDENSON Abraham  Apr-Jun 1911Hackney, London I41568
12 GOODMAN Isidor  Abt 1895Hackney, London I19937
13 HALMER Bernard  30 Apr 1917Hackney, London I35099
14 JACOBS Hannah  Abt 1853Hackney, London I35932
15 KAY Grace G  Abt Sep 1900Hackney, London I34727
16 KRONMAN Cisy Rachel  Abt 1892Hackney, London I21482
17 LEVENE Jack  13 Jul 1926Hackney, London I40813
18 LEVI Frederick  25 Dec 1911Hackney, London I40790
19 LINDENF(I)ELD Max H  Abt 1923Hackney, London I38930
20 MARCUS Martin Moss  Abt Mar 1891Hackney, London I38422
21 MENGITZ Miriam Rachel  Abt 1912Hackney, London I25566
22 MENGITZ Solly  29 Jun 1911Hackney, London I25552
23 RUSKOWSKI Alfred  Abt 1899Hackney, London I14745
24 RUSKOWSKI Dorothy Victoria  Abt 1894Hackney, London I14748
25 RUSKOWSKI Estella  Abt 1896Hackney, London I14746
26 RUSKOWSKI Hilda  Abt 1902Hackney, London I14751
27 RUSKOWSKI Jeanette Lily  Abt 1897Hackney, London I14750
28 RUSKOWSKI Leopold Woolf  Abt 1895Hackney, London I14744
29 RUSKOWSKI Theresa Violet  Abt 1897Hackney, London I14749
30 SACKER Harry Bernard  Abt 1913Hackney, London I42562


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adelaide  1897Hackney, London I42015
2 ALEXANDER Solomon  Between Oct and Dec 1909Hackney, London I459
3 AMCHEWITZ Abigail  Between Oct and Dec 1893Hackney, London I24602
4 ENDERS Violet May E  Jan-Mar 1959Hackney, London I43077
5 GERSTEIN Morris (Moses)  Oct-Dec 1974Hackney, London I41329
6 ISAACS Asher  Between Jan and Mar 1899Hackney, London I1326
7 LAMP Joseph  Oct-Dec 1936Hackney, London I45158
8 MANHAM Max  Between Jan and Mar 1905Hackney, London I31967
9 MANTUS Morris  21 Jan 1928Hackney, London I11613
10 MARCUS Martin Moss  Jul-Sep 1891Hackney, London I38422
11 MARCUS Max  Jul-Sep 1893Hackney, London I38418
12 MENGITZ Rebecca or Jennie  1979Hackney, London I41783
13 NURENBERG Leah  Apr-Jun 1913Hackney, London I41858
14 NYMAN Julius Woolf  Oct-Dec 1951Hackney, London I514
15 PALLATZ Reuben  Between Oct and Dec 1950Hackney, London I38017
16 PROBER Adel  25 Dec 1926Hackney, London I41740
17 RUSKOWSKI Dorothy Victoria  Between Jan and Mar 1895Hackney, London I14748
18 RUSKOWSKI Jeanette Lily  Between Oct and Dec 1898Hackney, London I14750
19 RUSKOWSKI Theresa Violet  Between Apr and Jun 1899Hackney, London I14749
20 SCHEIN Regina  Apr 1999Hackney, London I45153
21 SHOCK Solomon  11 Oct 1899Hackney, London I16383
22 SHORVON Iziah  28 Dec 1930Hackney, London I36518
23 WEDDON Pauline  Sept 2003Hackney, London I38387
24 WYSE Rose  Between Jul and Sep 1937Hackney, London I34123

Birth Registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registered    Person ID 
1 BLOOMAN Abraham Aaron (Alfred)  Jul-Sep 1907Hackney, London I44668
2 BLOOMAN Hannah (Nancy)  Jan-Mar 1903Hackney, London I44669
3 DRAPKIN Coleman Victor  Jan-Mar 1893Hackney, London I43479
4 DRAPKIN Edith Emilie  Jul-Sep 1888Hackney, London I43472
5 DRAPKIN Walter Elisha  Jul-Sep 1895Hackney, London I43480
6 DRAPKIN William  Oct-Dec 1894Hackney, London I36127
7 RAKISON Evelyn  Jul-Sep 1921Hackney, London I45095
8 RAKUSEN Adele  Apr-Jun 1914Hackney, London I45076
9 RAKUSEN Maurice Menasseh (later Maurice Reginald)  Jan-Mar 1908Hackney, London I45075

Death registered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registered    Person ID 
1 GROSS Leon (Leib)  Jan-Mar 1911Hackney, London I1273
2 LAMP Joseph  Oct-Dec 1936Hackney, London I45158


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 (MOGILVSKY) MILLER / DRAPKIN  Apr-Jun 1913Hackney, London F15608
2 BARNETT / MARCUS  Jan-Mar 1904Hackney, London F4766
3 BARNETT / MARCUS  Apr-Jun 1909Hackney, London F4765
4 BRECHER / LASK  Between Jul and Sep 1938Hackney, London F14206
5 BRODETSKY / LEWIS  Apr-Jun 1928Hackney, London F6402
6 COSMO (SCHNEYDEROFF) / DRAPKIN  Jan-Mar 1907Hackney, London F15605
7 CRAMMER / HYMAN  Between Jan and Mar 1918Hackney, London F12815
8 DERSCH / SIMONS  Between Jul and Sep 1931Hackney, London F10737
9 FAUST / DRAPKIN  Jan-Mar 1922Hackney, London F15607
10 FINER / BRODETSKY  Jul-Sept 1924Hackney, London F6459
11 FREEDMAN / GOODMAN  Oct 1923Hackney, London F14707
12 GOLDHILL / MARCUS  Apr-Jun 1906Hackney, London F4770
13 HYAMS / RICHTER  Apr-Jun 1940Hackney, London F15679
14 LEVENTHAL LOVEDALE / BEERE  Jul-Sep 1910Hackney, London F9964
15 LUMSDEN / WARTENBERG  Between Jul and Sep 1901Hackney, London F7522
16 LYONS / RICHTER  Between Apr and Jun 1904Hackney, London F9637
17 LYONS / RUZBIZ  Between Jan and Mar 1936Hackney, London F14213
18 LYONS / RUZBIZ  Between Jan and Mar 1936Hackney, London F14223
19 MONAET / GOODMAN  Apr-Jun 1932Hackney, London F13309
20 MYERS / MEISELS  Between Oct and Dec 1893Hackney, London F6860
21 OLIVESTONE / MARCO  05 Jul 1936Hackney, London F14191
22 PEPPERMAN later MARCUS / LEVE(N)SON  Oct-Dec 1933Hackney, London F4338
23 PERSOFF / ZIMMERMAN  Between Oct and Dec 1928Hackney, London F13439
24 POYSER / BENEDICT  Jan-Mar 1936Hackney, London F15800
25 RATHBONE / BROZEL  Oct-Dec 1910Hackney, London F15682
26 SNOWMAN / GRIEW  Jun 1913Hackney, London F8705
27 WEINTROUBE WINFIELD / BRODETSKY  Jan-Mar 1920Hackney, London F6405
28 ZACKIS / FADER  Jan-Mar 1932Hackney, London F12736

Marriage registered

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   Family    Marriage registered    Family ID 
1 ADDLEMAN / LEVY  Jan-Mar 1930Hackney, London F16039
2 BLAUMAN (BLOOMAN) / GOLDMAN  Jul-Sep 1928Hackney, London F15999
3 WASERBERGER / WEINSTEIN (WAJNSZTEJN)  Oct-Dec 1950Hackney, London F16037